5 Safe Methods To Shield Your Computer Against Online Threats And Malwares

We all know the dangers and threats of computer malware's. Home users and companies are also affected by this, regardless if they're small, medium or big businesses. Investing in IT security should never be categorized has misplaced priority, because the cost and loss to get an affected system fixed is higher.

I'll try to be brief as possible stating some tools, softwares and methods to counterattack and protect your computers against online threats.
These Are :

1. Use VPN :
A Virtual Private Network, or VPN in short, should be among your first three options in the fight against cyber attacks. VPNs are known for hiding IP addresses and traffic, as well as encrypting a connection. Before you choose a Virtual Private Network, though, think of your company's needs. You could, for instance, require faster connection speeds or zero traffic logs. In each of these cases, a different VPN would be needed.

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2. Encrypt Data :
We previously mentioned "encrypting a connection" via VPNs. Hackers all around the world love to look around for company-held data lying around unprotected. This can range from social security numbers belonging to employees to their home address and so much more. To avoid all that, businesses must enable their devices' full-disk encryption tools if they aren't already turned on. These tools keep crucial information very well-protected against malware attacks. As soon as they're enabled, an employee should also do this: set their PC to log out automatically after 5-10 minutes of not being used.

3. Educate Your Workers On The Benefits Of IT Security :
You must take every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of both you and your business. Hackers generally steal data with the unwilling help of employees. Apps and email servers are two of the ways malware can affect a device. If, for example, you notice something suspicious about one of your emails, tell your IT department about it.It's strongly recommended that you send your employees emails frequently, detailing types of cyber-attacks and how to keep them from happening. Better yet: prevent the people who work for you from using your business's Wi-Fi to open their personal emails.

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4. Secure Your Computer's Hardware :
Computer systems aren't the only routes used by a hacker to do damage. Server room doors must be kept locked and closed at all times. The majority of desktops and laptops use Kensington lock ports. These exist so that your work device is tied up to your desk. To make things even more secure, use cloud computing software.

5. Install An Efficient Security Solution / Antivirus :
Malicious threats won't be gone if you, as a business, only use your PC's firewall. Security solutions are more than recommended for companies. The market is very well stocked with these tools, so you don't have to worry about choosing one that fits your needs.

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