Part 2 - How To Fix All Google Play Store Error Messages And Codes

Yesterday, we saw 11 Google Play Store error codes and solutions to fix them, but there are almost 47 errors codes you can encounter Google Play. So we'll go through another set of these error messages or codes and their solutions.

Here is part two(2) of the topic, where will look at 15 Google Play Store error codes and how to fix them, but the numbering will start from 11, as the continuation of the last post. The remaining will be dropped In other parts. So let's go.

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11. Google Play Store Error – Error 20

Installing or updating an already-existing app will trigger error 20 to appear. This is how to fix it.

You have to delete a file named as ‘smd2tmp1’ found in / mnt / secure / asec / to fix this error. This file can only be accessed on rooted devices, so root your Android phone and delete it and you will never encounter this error again.

But, if you don’t want to root your device there is still one solution that you can follow to fix the problem. You have to delete the data/file of the particular app that is creating the problem. You can use file explorer to access the folder and delete them.

12. Google Play Store Error – Error -24

There is no known cause for this error, but here is the solution.

A root manager will be needed here. Kindly get one and go to Data/data. In that folder, locate the package name of the app causing trouble (this can be found by looking at the URL of the app on the Play Store website). Delete the entire folder. Try reinstalling the app.

13. Google Play Store Error – Error 101

“Can’t download the app as there are too many currently installed”. You've got this error code when trying to install an app that is already on your device

Simply uninstall the old and unused app, then re-install the particular app you want.

14. Google Play – Error 103

This problem occurs when Google Play thinks an application is supported on your phone when it's not. Then from there, the 103 error will appear on all other apps you try to download.

Stay calm, after a few hours, the error will disappear. Or contact Google support.

15. Google Play - Error 110

The application cannot be installed

Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Store > Clear cache. If the problem persists, try downloading the app from the Play Store website.

16. Google Play - Error 194

This error happens when you try to download games or apps from the Google Play Store.


  • Go to Settings > Apps or
  • Application Manager
  • Scroll across and locate Google Play Store app.
  • Open the app details and tap the Force stop button.
  • Next tap on the Clear data button.

Now repeat the process above but replace Google Play Store with
Google Play Services at step two and then attempt your download again.

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17. Google Play Error – 403

The download is impossible and the request is 'forbidden'. This usually happens when two Google accounts are used to buy applications on one device.

First Solution
Go the Google Play Store with the correct Google account. Uninstall the application in question. Try to get the app from Google Play again and click the purchase button.

Second Solution
Clear the proxy you have possibly set up, by going into the Settings, then choose Wireless and Networks (or More networks) and then Mobile Network. Select APN, and hit Clear Proxy Option. You can always reinstate the proxy afterwards.

18. Google Play Error – 406

Apps cannot be downloaded. This particular error can occur if you've reset the Google account you used to register on your phone, if you've restored your device to its factory settings, or if you've registered a new account on your phone.

Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Store > Clear cache.

19. Google Play - Error 413

Downloading applications or updates is impossible. If you use a proxy, remember that it may cause problems with the operation of the Google Play Store.

Go to settings>>Application and Scroll down to Google Services and tap on
Clear data and then Force stop. Do the same with the Google Play Store app and clear the cache from your internet browser.

20. Google Play - Error 481

This error occurs when you have an issue with your play store account.

Remove your account and login in with an alternate account.

21. Google Play - Error 491

Downloads and updates impossible.

Remove your Google account by going to the Settings for your device, then Accounts and Google. Hit Remove account. Reboot your Android and add the account once again. Next, in the Settings, go to Apps and swipe to All. Scroll down to Google Services, then click Clear data and finally Force stop.

22. Google Play - Error 492

It’s impossible to install an application because of the Dalvik cache.

Under Settings, find Apps, then swipe to
All and scroll down to Google Services. Here, select Clear data and then Force stop. Do the same on the Google Play Store app.

23. Google Play - Error 495

Problem downloading or updating apps from Play Store.

Delete your Google Play Store data in
Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > Clear data. Delete data from Google Services Framework as well (note: this will assign a new Google ID to your device, as if you had factory reset it, meaning your Google apps may temporarily act up afterwards).
Delete your Google account on the device, reboot your phone and re-add your Google account in Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google Account.

24. Google Play Store - Error 497

Difficulty updating installed apps.

Clear out your Play Store data. Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Store and hit Clear cache, Clear data and Uninstall updates.

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25. Google Play - Error 498

Interruption of downloads from the Google Play Store.

Clear your device cache, delete unused apps, files and downloads… Restart your device in recovery mode and wipe cache partition

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