5 Easy and Effective Ways to Improve Your Laptop Battery's Life

Imagine having a laptop without enough battery life; as we all know that will be very unproductive. As a matter of fact, it defeats the main purpose of having a laptop if you have to keep it plugged in at all times. If you are reading this article, you are probably in need of ways by which you can improve your laptop battery life; we’ve got just that for you.

Tips to Improve Your Laptops Battery Life

Having your laptop to perform its full function at all times could be really cool. However, this could harm your battery’s life if you don’t apply some of these techniques to regulate your device’s functionality at some points in time.

1. You need to understand that allowing your laptop to remain connected to a power source after been full reduces the number of cycles the battery has.

  Over a period, the battery does not function properly and dies very early. Therefore, you don’t need to leave your laptop charging beyond 80%. You don’t always have to keep your laptop plugged. It’s not necessary.

2. Don’t allow it to die completely before you charge. If at all possible, never drain your laptop battery below a 20% charge.

   Allowing it to go below the stipulated percentage puts a lot of strain on the battery and kills it faster.

3. You have to rearrange your disc or run a regular cleanup of your laptop’s system if you want it to last longer.

   Try and tune-up your machine often by regular disc cleanups. This makes the laptop run faster; when it runs faster, you spend less time doing what you have to do and in the long run, it positively affects your battery life.

4. You need to keep things cool with your laptop. Heat shortens the lifespan of your battery. Try cleaning your laptop vents often and avoid putting your laptop on soft surfaces like your pillows and mattress.

   These surfaces block the air vents and thereby causing a lot of heat in the system. Allow your laptop to cool often and your battery will last longer.

5. The truth must be told! The span of a laptop battery life is not as long as the laptop itself. So you should either get a spare or buy an external power pack.

  The external power pack works like the plug but once you charge it, it charges your laptop when you are not close to a direct power source.

   Carry the spare battery along with you and change it occasionally with the old one as and when necessary.

Keeping a good and healthy battery keeps you focused on what you want to do with your laptop. Follow these tips and your laptop’s battery life will never be the same.

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