Glo Reduces Their Data Volume by Half; Glo Reacts

Nigeria owned telecom giants, Globalcom who prides themselves as the grandmasters of data has Reduced their data volume into half and this simple means; if you are buying 2gb for N500 before, now N500 can only get you 1gb or if you are buying 4gb for N1000, now N1000 can only get you 2gb.

It seems things are getting tougher for the self-acclaimed grandmasters of data as they also stopped the YouTube free data streaming at the beginning of this year and didn’t even inform their so-called valued customers.

This is not a joke guys because I bundled last night for N500 and expected 2gb but to my surprise, I was given only 1gb.

Anyway, see a confirmation below….

What Glo doesn't understand is that the increase in subscribers they experienced was due to their cheap data plans and I trust my fellow Nigerians. We all are getting tired of their shenanigans and we won't hesitate to swap their SIM with that of another network.

I don't know if these changes were implemented because Glo reportedly lost on the acquisition of troubled telecoms company 9mobile leaving only Smile Communications and Teleology Holdings owned by Adrian Wood as the standing investors looking to buy 9mobile.

However, there's still the N500 for 3GB weekend plan and 1GB for N200 night plan so I might actually reconsider not having to dump the network totally.

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I'd really love to know what you think, are you switching to a new network or you'd stay with GLO.

Update 31/01/2018

I've seen reactions of some of our readers but it has come to our notice that Glo didn't reduce their data volume but they took up a new policy without informing their users.

Apparently, Glo has something to say about yesterday topic of reduction in its data volume which is absolutely not user-friendly.

A concerned Glo subscriber popped into Glo twitter page requesting to know why it's data volume was reduced and this is what Glo have to say, see screenshot below.

Hello, "data caps" has not been reduced. Subscriber who does not resubscribe 3 days after data expiration will get half the Plan TT"

At least for something dangerous like this, subscribers need to get informed before it's being carried out and not just after the effect.

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  1. Yes. I saw it today. I thought it was a joke or Sth. Thier "grand masters of data" was a decoy.

    I am going back to Etisalat. I don't care if it is expensive. At list they are better in terms of dependabilit.

    1. you're right bro ... 9mobile is at least more fast and reliable than Glo

  2. Lol ... who dey use Glo before self? I prefer Etisalat & Airtel to all this wasted investments.

  3. Omo na lie ooo my subscription got exhausted yesterday night and i subscribed under an hour and i still got 1k for 2Gb instead of 4Gb

    1. Read below bro Hello, "data caps" has not been reduced. Subscriber who does not resubscribe 3 days after data expiration will get half the Plan TT"

    2. False, I subscribed in time and still got half. GLO masters of falsehood.

    3. GLO is really confused ... @Micheal_Basset How come they gave you in full??

    4. i think this glo is more than confused but remember you can as well port to 9moobile or Airtel ...

    5. thats true glo still gave me half after i recharged a day after ,i prefer 750mb without bonus for 500 with airtel

    6. Like really ... Am switching to Airtel soon, GLO disappoints me very often.

  4. The date on the picture is from 2017

  5. they lied about to renew within 3days thing....i already recharge my phone with the 5K to get at least 24GB as usual...only to get, reducing their data volume is NOT a problem..but.....without announcing or notifying us the subscribers is totally wrong. for me....i'm done using glo data plan.

    will go for the SME Data plans as all Nigerian Networks are now selling datas for Individuals SMEs can get ur data cheaper there.

    with can still get 2GB for 900Naira.

    maybe these SME's things are the reasons why they reduce their subsriber's data plan without notice