First Smartphone With Diamond Screen to be Rolled-out in 2019

If dropping your phone and cracking the screen is your worst phone nightmare, you're not alone.

Akhan Semiconductors is working with a phone maker to test the first phone screen made with diamond glass.

The glass is called Mirage Diamond Glass and it will be stronger and harder than any other you've ever used.

Generally, Phonemakers use chemically strengthened Gorilla Glass, shatterproof coatings and sometimes sapphire crystal toppers to help ward off cracks should your phone take a tumble.

Mirage Diamond Glass is made of laboratory-grown diamonds and can be used together with other screen-endurance technologies like Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Apart from Diamonds being shiny and expensive, it is also the most long-lasting natural substance known to humans.

The technology is currently undergoing stress-tests to make sure diamond is capable of transmitting electric signals, so the touchscreen functionality works responsively, without lagging. The company is also conducting strength tests to determine the glass' durability, and works are in progress on reducing its light reflection rate so you can use the glass in a decent brightness level.

Since diamond is really expensive, the smartphone that'll sport the Mirage Diamond Glass will come with a heavy price tag, a flagship will be perfect. The company's CEO—Adam Khan said they will, first of all, work with a single smartphone manufacturer and screen protector maker, before spreading their service wings to other parts of the market.

2019 is a long time to wait for a phone that wants to soothe your fears of shattered glass; The countdown to diamond screens starts now, You just have to wait till 2019.

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Source: Cnet

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  1. Nigerians should go and make their own technology and they should stop using other foreigners technology. We should develop ours

  2. @AYO i don't think they copied from foreigners even if they do shebi it's for the betterment of Nigeria