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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Things To Consider When Buying A New Phone 2018

Want to buy a new phone? You are at the right place. There are a lot of mobile phone recycling comparison websites where you can recycle your old mobile phone, but in this article, we will not talk about it. Whether you are looking to upgrade your old mobile phone to the latest one.

All you need to do is just get something you need and thank us later. But how do you know what you need? Don’t worry. We are here to help. We have sampled the basic things you should consider when
buying a new phone.

1. The Operating System.

t is one of the most obvious aspects that you must take into account when buying a new phone. The top three operating systems are iOS, Android, and Windows. All of them have their different pros and cons you should look into carefully before making your decision.

Android offers endless customisable possibilities, this is why it is gaining in popularity today. Hence, if you are craving for a sophisticated look and unique design then iOS is your best choice. Windows may be the last option to catch up with the two other operating systems, but if you love to have an effective camera feature then it can be a great choice.

2. Battery

Smartphones come with a lot of functions that affect their batteries. However, most smartphone producers have done their best to ensure that their batteries last longer. 

So if you are an average smartphone user, you can go for a phone that has at least 3000mAH. But if you like to go heavy with your usage, don’t go for a phone that has less than 4000mAH. This will help you go the whole day with a single charge.

Consider buying a phone that has the quick charging feature too. This comes in handy when you are in the hurry and still need that phone charged to a manageable percentage.

3. RAM

A phone that can help you perform more functions at the same time without having to freeze is always better. Go for a phone that has at least 2GB RAM. If you like gaming with your phone and performing a lot of graphics functions, go for 3GB RAM and above.

4. Camera

Several specifications such as camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus and more are essential and not just the pixels. So check the other features when going for a phone because of its camera, and not just the number of pixels.

5. Memory Capacity

Most phones now do not come below 16GB. However, I’ll advise that you go for a phone that has 32GB memory if you love to save a lot of stuff on your phone. Majority of the phone space in 16GB smartphones are used to save the device’s settings and OS. 

Therefore, going for 32GB means more space for your pictures and many more. For flagships, the new standard is 64 GB. Even if the phone doesn’t have enough memory, check if the device has an SD slot to help you expand its memory with an SD card instantly.

6. Reviews

What are people saying about the phone you want to buy? It may not be as perfect as you think after all. You can read from our various reviews on smartphones or check out consumer reviews online. Make sure you read well before you make that move.

Don’t just go for any phone because it looks fashionable. Know what you are buying and why you are making that choice. That is what defines true value.

The Phone Hardware Configuration

This is another significant thing that you must consider when buying a new phone. Considering the hardware configuration is what will make out your experience when watching videos, movies, or playing your favourite games.

Your documentation, music enjoyment, and browsing experience also reply on the hardware configuration of the mobile phone.

The secret to getting the best is to begin by knowing what your particular needs are so that you can opt for the best hardware specifications which include processor and RAM, as well as screen display and weight of the phone.

For example, if you love internet surfing then you should choose a mobile phone with a dual-core processor and at least 512 MB RAM and 2GB RAM to play games in HD. Additionally, if you consider display size and weight, you will definitely find a mobile phone with your ideal specifications. Nowadays, the bigger display with minimal weight is in fashion.

8. The Budget

If you start searching for new mobile blindly, it is very easy to be lost for choice because there are several smartphone options for you. It is therefore of importance to determine the price range that you can afford for buying a phone.

You don’t need to overspend to own a mobile phone of your choice. 

Sometimes all that you need is a little research to find the best deals for your desired phone.

9. Refurbished or New Phone

If you think you can’t afford your most wanted mobile phone then don’t fret. You have no need to go for another one. The reason is that mobile phones are now available in refurbished or second-hand condition for sale.

There are so many local and online smartphones stores where you can get a refurbished phone at very affordable cost. All the latest models also come in refurbished condition, so you can easily quench your thirst for buying the latest version without spending enough money on it.

10. The Seller

Last but not the least, it’s quite imperative to find the right seller when buying a mobile phone. If you are interested in purchasing a brand new handset then you can go to Mobile phone manufacturers’ centres.

They offer you different options for buying a phone, for instance, contract phones. On the other hands, if you are looking for a refurbished or second-hand mobile phone, you can approach one of the best online stores like eBay,
Amazon, or AlphaSmartPhones for grabbing the most affordable deals for your favourite handset.

All these considerations will surely assist you in getting your hands on a perfect mobile phone product. So always premeditated on them before deciding on what mobile phone you will buy for yourself.

A Helpful Tip- Don’t Miss it!

If you have decided that you will buy a new mobile phone then you should also think what you would do with your old handset. Never put it in a drawer somewhere to collect dust or throw it away in a trash can. Simply sell it using one of the mobile phone comparison websites such as Sell My Mobile. By doing so, you will not only get the most money in exchange for your old phone but also take part in promoting a greener environment.

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  1. Thnk u for the info, it will serve as guide for my new phone purchase


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