3 Great Tricks for YouTube that You May Not Know

3 great tricks for Youtube that you may not know

Youtube is one of the most used and graded video platforms in the world, for this reason, we give you 3 excellent tips that you may not know about the platform.

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, and is considered the second largest social network today, just behind Facebook, and is the second largest search engine, only behind the Google search engine.

Today we use YouTube for many things, some just for entertainment, and for others, it is even a major source of revenue for advertising.

However, there are a good amount of tools and tricks that we can take advantage of on YouTube, but that many do not occupy, for this reason, we have compiled the 3 best tricks that we can take advantage of in this platform.

1. Convert any video into a GIF

GIFs have become very popular today, and we use them to express various ideas without the need to fill in the words. 

It is true that there are libraries full of these images in motion, but if you want to create a GIF directly from a YouTube video, then follow these simple steps:

× Open in the YouTube browser.
× Select the video from where you want to take GIF.

× In the Address bar place the word "gif" after the www. And before the word "YouTube". Here is an example: Https://www.gifyoutube.com/ 

At that moment you will enter a Web to create GIF.

On the left side, you will be able to see different editing tools, and you will be able to easily select the start and end time of your GIF.

It is important to mention that to access certain options you must pay, but to create the GIF and insertion code in social networks or websites is free.

2. Start playing a video from a given time

Have you ever encountered a very funny moment in a YouTube video?

Surely yes, and it is also almost a fact that you wanted to share with your friends on social networks or your favourite group of WHATSAPP, but you found the problem you should tell them at what exact time the video should begin to see it.

To not go through this again, you can choose from what moment you start playing a video on YouTube at the time of sharing, and here we tell you two ways to do it:

First Option:
× Play the video and Paúsalo the moment you want it to start.

× Right-click the mouse or touchpad on the video and select the copy the URL of the video option from the current minute.

× Share it with your friends wherever you want, and when you play it, it will start just the moment you selected.

Second option:

× Play the video you want to share.
Press the "Share" button.

× At the bottom is an option that says "start at", activate and write the moment you want to start the video.

3. Download the full audio or video without installing programs or apps

All have wanted to download music from YouTube, or even download a full video for a job or editing, and the truth is that it is possible to easily download a video or audio, but it is advisable to do it only for academic reasons because remember that Many videos have copyright.

To download a video or audio follow these simple steps:

× Enter the video you want to download.

× The address bar removes the letters "ube" from the word "Youtube". Example: Https://www.yout.com/ 

It will link you to a Web site similar to the one that works to make GIF, but here you can download the video or audio with the quality you want.


These are some of the features which we suggest you would be glad to know, moreover, if you think you have some other great tips that might help YouTubers to maximise their experience, kindly do well to drop via comment.

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