MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat August 2018 With Stark VPN


Mtn Browsing Cheat

Xup Hommies, You've not been misled by the title; and Hopefully, This is another free unlimited browsing cheat on mtn we've unleashed and it's one of its kind this year.

We have have receiving a lot of mails, messages from LTB members to at least have a tweak on MTN this year as we've been dealing all through with Glo.

It wasn't easy exploting our isp loophole and among all especially MTN because it has been quite a while we have exploited their loophole. But I think we were able to write of it today and we are about to unleashed right in this article.


1. An Old MTN Sim
2. Download Spark VPN - Google Play / Google Search

3. MTN Config File - Download MTNTWEAK(LTB) svc config file right through the link below
Telegram: Contact @lukastechblog
(1 WEEK Config File)

P.S: Don't bother if you're already in our WhatsApp Group Chat; it would have been shared there aforehand.

× Now after all the above config and apk file are downloaded and installed then the only thing remain for you is to import the svc config file on spark vpn.

How Do I Import My SVC config File?

Yeah we got your back by following the steps we illustrated below with screenshot.

Launch your Spark VPN apk, then at the menu, look for (TWEAK) then click on as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Stark VPN

Now, look for the svc config you downloaded on our telegram group, select and import it.

If the config was successfully imported then your Spark VPN home menu should display our notice about the config file.

√ All you need to do now is to click on the connect button, wait for some sec for it to establish the connection then you're good to go.

Then for more download and streaming, here are some screenshot Proof;

Streaming YouTube:

Downloading file:

That's all for now niggas.

So don't forget to share this article, comment if it is working perfectly for you.

And relate any glitches with us and we will be glad to help you out.


Remember some Sim are capped and that's for new Sim, and we are also working on bypassing that bug and make it enjoyable for all.

× Solution to The MTN 10mb Capped Issue

3 of my Sims stopped connecting at 10MB.... So i noticed that it because of d previous subscription i did..... Just simply dial *131*200# and it will connect ... It worked for my 3 Sims that stopped working initially.... Godspeed.

× How To Be Eligible For The Mtn Unlimited Tweaks

✓ Firstly get any sim starting with 0814 , 0703, 0810 and 0816...

¶ Those numbers have high tendency to work unlimitedly with the tweak we unleashed.

✓ So let's say you got a new sim and the one you bought has it first four digit as 0703 just like mine.

✓ After the registration, insert the sim into your phone after 30 minite of the registration of your new sim.

✓ Then when you on your phone, you should either be greeted with their welcome message of your registered sim or even sometimes, a pop up notifaction might display about you choosing any tarrif plan of your choice.

✓ So choose mtn pulse as your tarrif plan but if you didn't receive any message as this, kindly head over to your http injector...

✓ Then open and connect it. at first try it may not connect or prove stuborn, you need not to be scare, so just on and off your data repeatedly until your http injector is connected.

✓ When the connection is finally established with http injector, go to your phone dialer and dial *406# to migrate to mtn pulse...

Now you're good to browse and download non stop...

Stay tune to LTB (Lukastech Blog) for more goodies.

Join our telegram group chat @
Telegram: Contact @lukastech


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  1. Oga you didn't add the download link

  2. The Speed is Awesome around 12-7 this morning but later become slow this morning; Nevertheless, Thanks for the update it's working flawlessly.

  3. It keeps on telling me stream corrupted

  4. It should connect without any glitches but as it seems like this you can repeat the same process on http injector; it flawless.

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  9. It worked for few minutes, I guess that's the 10mb at work then I dailed the *131*200# and it didn't connect still

    1. Make sure u have little credit like 0.50kobo to to make the network stable and also try clearing log on the app and reconnect.

  10. Bro add me to your whatsapp group

  11. It doesn't work ,even after dialling *131*200# and I had little credit on the line, any updates??

  12. If that's the case then I'll suggest you try it on another sim; as it's sim selective or

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  19. Is this cheat still working

  20. Yes for sure but the disadvantage is that it selects sim, nevertheless, if it works for you .. Enjoy

  21. bro it was working perfectly before but now it just stopped

  22. Yeah boss ... I concur to that, and then it looks like the cheat has been blocked, stay glued.

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  26. import the file and connect... it is capped at 10mb daily

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