57 Random Useful Websites That You Did Not Know Of

Top Useful Websites

The internet is made up of so many websites – some that you know of, many that you don’t know of; some that are useful, some that are not quite useful.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 57 random useful websites that you possibly do not know of and might start using from now on.

So without further ado, let’s review the list.

× 57 Random Useful Websites

1. Mailinator
– Ever been on a sketchy website where you needed to sign in with your email address? Mailinator is perfect for those situations as it lets you create a temporary or disposable email id which you can use to receive confirmation links without giving out your personal information.

2. Keepa
– With the help of Keepa, you can keep track of prices and discounts and get the best ongoing deals on items all over Amazon. This is a great tool if you are looking for a price fall on your favourite items or just take advantage of the best deals that are going on.

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3. Cymath

– Cymath is a problem-solving website where you can get a step by step solution to your math problem from simple equations to differentiation and integration.

They also have stand-alone apps for both iOS and Android.

4. Movie Map 
– MovieMap is a movie recommendation system which uses AI to suggest new movies to watch. You start by putting in the name of a movie that you like and it will recommend you similar movies or movies you might like based on that.

5. Music Map 
– This is just like MovieMap, but instead of movies, you can find similar songs or music to the ones you like.

6. All The Free Stock 
– Basically a huge list of websites which offer copyright-free pictures, videos, audio files, icons, mockups and even templates for websites and WordPress.
7. Cheatography
– If you are a student or just trying to learn something new, Cheatsheets are a godsend. Cheatography has cheatsheets for almost everything ranging from school subjects to applications like Photoshop and Vim.

If you don’t find one on something, you can even go ahead and create your own.

8. File.pizza
– Sending large files over the internet might be a hassle but not with file.pizza. It offers free peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser itself; just select your file and share the generated link, it’s that simple!

9. PDFescape

– PDFescape allows you to quickly view or edit your pdf documents from your browser without opening any other application like Acrobat.

10. Grammarly
– Whenever you are writing an important document or letter, not making any kind of spelling or grammatical errors is crucial.

Grammarly serves as a proofreader that will check your writing for all such mistakes.

11. Canva
– Canva is a free designing website where you can make beautiful graphics, presentations, resumes and more with readymade template designs.

12. Headspace
– Through this website, you can learn how to meditate, focus more, reduce stress and even sleep better. Headspace is like your personal meditation guide.

13. Minutes.io
– Minutes.io lets you prepare summaries or minutes of meetings that can be shared instantly with everyone. The best part about it is that it also works offline giving you access to all your minutes.

14. Radio Garden 
– Radio Garden is basically an online radio of the world, where you can tune into almost any radio station playing anywhere in the entire world!

15. Ruin My Search History
– Pretty evident from the name, this website ruins (actually modifies) your search history by searching for random things and get rid of tracking websites or services.

16. Unfurlr
– The internet is filled with fishy short URLs. Unfurl helps you to expand and analyze any short URL before or without you actually visiting it. Pretty handy!

17. QClock
– This is an interesting one. On QClock.com you can check out the local time of any place by pointing it on Google Maps.

18. Jotti
– Jotti is a free malware scanning website where you can scan any suspicious file or email attachments for viruses before opening them.

They also provide an option for searching and checking whether a particular hash is valid or not.

19. Copy Paste Character
– Might not be that useful, but it can come really handy when you need it; use this site to copy emojis, special characters that you can’t find on your keyboard and use them anywhere else on the web.

20. Egg Timer
– Just a very simple timer in your browser itself without any bloat or anything; simple and works precisely. Another thing that I like is that it has also got some special timers like Pomodoro and Tabata.

21. Print What You Like
 – How many time have you wanted to take a printout of a webpage but couldn’t as the website was completely riddled with ads? Print What You Like aims to solve that by giving them power to select what you want to print and erase aways ads and even parts of the website from the printout.

22. Random
– Random.org is a true random number generator service. Apart from generating random numbers or lists of numbers, it also has options for flipping coins, rolling die, generating random strings and a lot more.

23. CoralCDN
– If you ever feel like you’re not being able to access a site due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through CoralCDN.

24. Dictation.io
– Write notes by online dictation and email them or tweet them directly from there. Dictation.io also supports a plethora of languages and you even use voice commands.

25. Flightstats
– Flightstats is essentially simple – track the status of any flight in any airport worldwide, but incredibly useful when you need it.

26. Marker
– Although this more of an extension, it comes in extremely handy especially if you are a student. Market lets you highlight the important part of any webpage you can share instantly or view later.

27. Type With Me
– Type With Me takes online collaboration to the next level. It lets you work on the same document with multiple people with you being able to see what others are writing in real-time.

28. Online OCR 
– Online OCR is a free web service with which you can convert any scanned PDF to a text or word document. Not only that, but Online OCR also supports 46 languages and a wide variety of input and output formats.

29. Join Me
– Hosting a meeting or sharing your computer screen with another person, Join Me makes it all easy through just a single click. Just create a free account, create your link and share it!

30. Home Styler
 – Home Styler is a very extensive 3d modelling tool where you can build or plan your house and design it completely from scratch in 3d.

It also works if you are thinking of remodelling your current house, but you’ll need a digital plan of your house.

31. What The Font
– What The Font helps you identify the name of a font from an image or a website and it is great for finding similar fonts too.

32. Sizely
– If you have an online or even local clothing business, this one might be exceptionally handy for you. Sizely offers more than a 1000 templates for you to share your clothing measurements with your customers and run your business smoother.

33. Similar Sites
– Quite evident from the name and not too hard to guess, Similar Sites will give you a list of websites identical to a particular site.

It’s a great way to discover new websites that are similar to what you like.

34. Bubbl.us
– Go ahead and brainstorm ideas in your browser with the help of mind-maps and flowcharts.

35. Color Wheel 
– Color.adobe.com is a great place to find complementary colours, colour schemes for your design inspiration.

The colour wheel makes it super simple to do so and it also gives you the option to extract colours from images.

36. Privnote
– With Privnote you can create and share self-destructing text notes which will destroy themselves after being read.

37. Built With 
– Ever wondered what languages, frameworks, and technologies your favourite websites like Reddit or Twitter might be using? Built With gives you an in-depth analysis of what any website is using and honestly, it’s pretty cool!

38. Tall Tweets 
– Need to write a tweet greater than the limited 280 characters? Tall Tweets divides your whole text and labels them, so they appear to be a single long tweet. Definitely try it out!

39. Otixo
– Easily manage your team and all your online documents with Otixo. Otixo has integration with almost 30 cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

40. Mixlr
– Mixlr allows you to broadcast live audio over the web on Mixlr.com or on your own website or on any of your social media.

It also supports chatting with your listeners and seeing how many are listening to live.

41. YouTube TV 
– You must have seen YouTube’s TV app with the large thumbnails, laidback interface and devoid of descriptions and comments, but did you know you can get it on your computer too?

42. Teuxdeux
– Teuxdeux is a website with a beautiful to-do tool that looks just like your paper diary. It supports markdown, drag and drop, calendars and a lot more!

43. Noisli
– Noisli is my go-to place for background or ambient sounds when I need to relax, meditate or concentrate on anything. Mix and match the sound from that of rain, breeze, thunder, leaf rustling and even save your mix to use again with a single click.

44. Supercook
– Looking to cook a meal with the things that you already have lying in your refrigerator? Don’t worry, just put them in Supercook and you’ll get the recipe for a meal that you can cook utilizing all or some of the ingredients that you have.

45. I want My Name 
– Just a simple search engine to check the availability of any domain name and buy it directly from there.

46. Noteflight
– Noteflight is a great place to learn music and to sell your own, that also lets you print music sheets.

47. Which Date Works
 – Fixing a date which works for everyone just leads everytime to a terrible mess.

That’s where Which Date Works comes into play, where you can just simply fill out dates when you’re busy and pass it on to everyone else and the website will show you the date(s) which works for everybody.

48. Midomi
– A song or tune stuck in your head? Just go to Midomi and sing or hum it and find your song; that simple!

– IFTTT allows you to create a connection between all your online accounts and use them in conjunction with one another.

50. Nobody Here Just Me
– This one is more of a time passer for your boring times. If you want to spend some time reading and interacting with some random stuff, definitely check this weird one out!
51. DeadURL
- Have you ever tried to go to a website you saved months ago, only to learn it’s no longer available? Get access to the information you need with DeadURL, even if the website is gone forever.

- If ants travel in a straight line, expect rain. If you want a cat to jump onto your lap, don’t make eye contact with it. Learn these and other handy tidbits at Rules of Thumb.

53. BugMeNot .
- How many times have you skipped accessing a website because you didn’t want to provide your personal information?

BugMeNot shares logins so you can get what you need without exposing yourself to endless spam.

54. GetNotify.
- Do you have a friend who constantly tells you he/she never received your email? Learn the truth with GetNotify, a free service that notifies you when your email is read. The best part? It’s invisible, so your recipient doesn’t know that the email is being tracked.

- Do you hate certain websites because of all the visual clutter? Readability is a mobile and web app that gets rid of all that for you, providing you with a pleasant reading experience.

- This self-explanatory tool tells you if your favourite website is down for everyone or…well, you get the drill.

57. U-Cheat .
- Are you a big gamer and stuck on a level? Check out U-Cheat, which is full of cheat codes and hints for all your favourite games.


So these were all the random useful websites we had to share; Check or bookmark as many as you feel will be useful for you.

And if you have any more random useful websites in your list that might have slipped ours, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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