How to Grow Your Instagram Page Fast in 2019

As far back as Facebook changed their strategy for businesses, Instagram is a new centre point for getting visibility online, from personal, family-run organizations to a brand or business, everybody is seeking to grow their Instagram Account.

But, the major problem becomes "How to get followers on Instagram fast and grow your IG page Fast?

There are over 600million users active users on Instagram every day. Out of this, 70-80% follow at least one business. So, it's natural that you want to grow your Instagram Page and make more sales like other marketers out there.

Which requires you to form a strong connection of followers enabling you to get more like, views, shares and engagement.

SO, how can you grow your Instagram followers fast? We've got some tips to help you get started.

How it Works?

We came up with what we call the $1.80 Instagram Strategy; which translates to:

Leave your personal $.02 on Top 9 trending Instagram Post for 10 different hashtags that are relevant to your business or brand every single day.

At the end of the day, you have not just left your personal $.02 but a full $1.80 of thought in the specific category, industry and niche you want to be part of.

Having Known how it works, let's show you 3 tested and proved ways to boost your Instagram Page With ease then back them up with 5 suggested pro tips.

1. Find the Right/Best Hashtag to Follow and Use Them

Hashtags play a major role in social media as it exposes your content to those who are non-followers thereby creating more exposure to your page.

It is therefore advised to use the right keyword so as to get noticed with the right audience for your brand/business.

Let's say you're creating content to Logo or Cartoon Arts, You shouldn't just use #Cartoon because the term is too broad. Instead, Use #ART, #LOGO, #DOPEART, #COVER and other related terms.

Also, once you type in the recommended Hashtag for your business; Instagram would bring other suggestions for you to follow, so you have to take time checking for not only popular Hashtags but Hashtags with low search volume that still relate and make a real impact.

SO, once you find a related Hashtag, post or a brand {If you're competing with a brand} all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the Post/Hashtag/brand, 
  2. identify the Account/Accounts, 
  3. Read their Bio/Bios, 
  4. Look at their profile/Profiles, 
  5. Understand their likes, dislikes, and activity. 
  6. Read the copy below and engage, even if the account only has 190 followers but every single post that the user creates has up to 60 likes and 20 comments, 
  7. REACH OUT and leave your $.02 (comments).
Remember, you can have 100,000 followers with no user interaction thereby making it useless, but with this method you'll get exposure to the right audience, therefore, creating more engagements between you and your followers.

2. Leave your Instagram $.02 for the $1.80 Instagram Strategy

Now that you've gotten your top 9 posts for your top 10 Hashtags. it is also important to leave your $.02 which means leaving your thoughts and try to provide value where you can.

Before utilizing a hashtag, additionally look at its search volume. You risk becoming mixed up in the whirlwind of posts if your hashtags have search volumes that go into the millions. Likewise, break down which hashtags are giving your posts greater engagement, and endeavour to utilize them all more regularly.

Image Via SproutSocial

Instagram permits utilization of up to 30 hashtags in one post, however, it is fitting to utilize just nine for each post. SproutSocial found in an investigation that posts with nine hashtags got the most noteworthy commitment rates. 

The correct number of hashtags to be utilized has frequently isolated advanced advertisers. Yet, everybody concurs that abusing hashtags is definitely not a decent technique.

You can also tag those who you think are related to the post, tag a friend who might like the content and also reach out to the author asking if you can help, collaborate, promote e.t.c if you really want to connect.

That is what it means to be social but while doing this also avoid spam comment as it might hurt your reputation and also be authentic with your thoughts.

3. Continue to Like, Comment and Engage on Instagram.

The process is self-explanatory, It’s $ .02, on 9 posts for 10 hashtags every day. All equals $1.80.

So, start deploying the $1.80 strategy. You’re going to drop $1.80 a day, two cents at a time, nine top posts, on ten different hashtags, every day. And that will slowly but surely build an audience that knows you and appreciates your content. 

You’re going to leave $1.80 in karma, $1.80 in a community, $1.80 in your thoughts. You’re not there to say follow, follow, follow.

The best approach to be found is to either put out incredible substance, and have one piece turn into a web sensation or the manner in which I like it, and the technique that has dependably worked for me is to wind up some portion of the network. 

You will get 30 to 40 adherents every day, which are significant. Not bots and spam, but rather important associations. That implies you'll likely get 1000 new significant devotees in a month. Which implies you'll put out a bit of substance and on the off chance that one of them is extraordinary, and one of the general population that tail you have a greater gathering of people and chose to share it, at that point away you go. 

Yet, that is not, in any case, the best part. You know what's so incredible about the $1.80 Instagram procedure? It isn't so much that you will get exposure, or you will get a few followers, or that you will contribute and be an incredible network part, but at the same time, you will learn. 

Since you're going to watch and devour, 90 bits of substance daily that are doing admirably on Instagram, which is then going to move and help you strategize the substance that you yourself are going to put out on Instagram. That is a great utilization of three hours every day.

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4. Engage With Your Followers

Your substance should draw eyeballs, yet your inscription should provoke them to connect with you. 

Your inscription gives an important space that gives you a chance to recount stories and advance your accomplices. On the off chance that you compose it well, you can even utilize it to get further commitments to your posts. 

As a rule, utilizing open-finished inquiries and utilizing emoticons can urge your supporters to engage with your post. 

You could approach how the day has been for your devotees or what are their arrangements for the end of the week. It could be anything, truly. When you urge your devotees to impart their encounters to you, you make them feel esteemed. 

The Cheesecake Factory works admirably with this. For most events, they post photographs of what their festivals resemble. At last, they request that their clients share their arrangements as well. 

It sets the tone for you to interface with your supporters. Moreover, when you begin getting remarks or individual messages, make it a propensity to react to them. 

Numerous organizations endeavour to run with mechanized messages, particularly with regards to audits and criticism. However, that is not what you ought to do. 

Welcome the excitement of every follower, and truly endeavour to have a discussion with them. In the event that they value your posts, saying a basic "thank you" can likewise enable your image to picture. 

Regardless of whether you've been criticized, be amiable and attempt to keep the tone of the discussion polite, yet easygoing. You could likewise offer a few complimentary gifts in the event that you find that there were a few inadequacies from your side. 

By reacting considerately to remarks, you can set an agreeable tone for your image. You have to make yourself look congenial. Just in the event that you do that, you can grow your Instagram followers and acquire reliability. 

An investigation by Sprout Social found that 83% of online life clients needed brands to connect with them. The examination found that being seen as legitimate, supportive, and amicable aided in boosting commitment for brands. So ensure you make a brand picture that has these attributes.

5. Post Content at The Right Time

Posting your substance at various occasions amid the day can affect your commitment levels. 

Sprout Social directed an examination to discover the best time to post content on Instagram. They found that posts ought to be distributed from Tuesday through Friday. Furthermore, they ought to be distributed between 9 am and 6 pm to boost commitment. 

It additionally demonstrated that posts distributed on Thursdays got the most commitment during the week. 

As per the examination, on Thursdays, 5 am, 11 am, and 3 pm to 4 pm are altogether appropriate timings to post content on Instagram. For Wednesdays, the prescribed posting time was at 3 pm, while on Friday, it was at 5 am. 

Images by SproutSocial

You should plan your Instagram schedule to suit the ideal timings recommended. Utilize the discoveries from this examination further bolstering your advantage to grow your Instagram account.

6. Collaborate With Influencers

In the event that you need to grow your Instagram account rapidly, you ought to inspire the correct influencers to support you. Connect with influencers in your speciality who have an enormous fan following. On the off chance that you can get highlighted on their page, you will connect with the majority of their fans without a moment's delay. 

Motivate internet-based life influencers to experiment with your items and urge them to post about them. 

Getting labelled in their posts can do something amazing for you. Furthermore, you could likewise give them promotion codes or markdown coupons that they can highlight in their inscription. Along these lines, influencers can divert their supporters to your Instagram record or site. 

Regardless of whether your very own Instagram account doesn't have numerous devotees, you can connect with a more extensive group of onlookers. Influencers can interface you with their dedicated fanbase.

7. Geo-Tag Your Posts

Geo-labelling tells your followers about the area from where you are posting a specific photograph. Its primary reason for existing is to let anybody searching for occasions or photographs from a specific area, achieve your post. 

You can either simply incorporate the name of your city or even bind the particular area that you are at. 

It's a basic element that can grow your Instagram commitment rates too. It has been discovered that posts that utilized geo-labelling got 79% more commitment than those that did not.  

Image Via  Simply Measured

In the event that you have a physical area for your business, you should utilize it to get greater attention as well. 

Urge your clients to post pictures and recordings from your store or office and ask them to geo-label the area. This system can be particularly useful to make a buzz around an item dispatch or a store opening.

8. Post At Regular Intervals

A recent report led by visual promoting tools, Tailwind, demonstrated that steady presenting is key on becoming your Instagram outreach. They investigated more than 100,000 Instagram posts for a three-month time frame. 

The examination discovered that the internet based life handles who posted all the more frequently observed a noteworthy increment in commitment rate. Furthermore, their adherent development rates additionally expanded. 

Image via Tailwind

So it's a smart thought to post in any event once consistently on your Instagram account. Try not to expect results immediately; you should be understanding.


Instagram is an extraordinary place for advertisers. In any case, simply setting up a business account and posting content isn't sufficient. You need a solid methodology set up to grow your Instagram account and get more followers. 

it's critical to post innovative substance reliably with the relevant hashtags. Along these lines, you can get greater engagements. To build commitment, work together with influencers and sort out challenges for your devotees. 

Growing your Instagram effort will require a great deal of exertion and tolerance. Results will take time to show, yet meanwhile, keep doing the work consistently. 

Need more guidance on the best way to grow your Instagram account? Connect with Us.

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