PiggyVest Referral Program - You Can Earn Up to N30,000 Monthly on PiggyVest

Most of us should have known what PiggyVest is all about and if this is your first time of hearing about it then it's time you get connected.

Piggyvest is said to be the first online savings and investment app in West Africa which offers you interest anytime you save money on their platform.

PiggyVest is simply a saving and investment product designed to help you manage and grow your finances, providing quality services to help achieve financial freedom by merging flexibility, simplicity, discipline, and convenience, thereby taking away financial stress.

It was launched back in 2016 as piggybank.ng but later reformed to piggyVest.com, earlier on, they only help you save your money but now they have a series of services of which you can earn from.

PiggyVest Services/Products

I will quickly summarize the rest of the products and proceed to the important aspect of this post.

Listed below are services offered by piggyvest;

  1. Piggybank
  2. Safe Lock
  3. Flex Naira
  4. Target Savings
  5. Auto-Save
  6. Investify
You can CLICK HERE to know more about their products.

How Does PiggyVest Referral Work?

With as little as ₦1,000, you can now also truly invest on PiggyVest in areas that really appeal to you, like agriculture, real-estate, transportation, even commercial papers, and earn as much as 100% return on your capital, depending on the investment type/project, investment duration, etc.

Register via this referral link: https://app.piggyvest.com/?newref=1&ref=26e60044157

How to Register on PiggyVest and Start Saving

1. Visit PiggyVest Website
2. Use the above link so you'll be also be given free N1000
3. Click on "Create a Free Account"
4. Fill in the Information with your Correct details
5. Input "08178489846" in Referral Phone or Promo code.

Now, you can download the app on play store for a better experience.

Make sure you register with my referral link, else you'll miss the N1000 Bonus

After Registration, What Next?

After registering on PiggyVest Platform, you'll need to perform to tasks in order to validate your account and also to redeem your N1000 bonus, they are as follow;

  1. Transfer N100 into your flex account
  2. Try to save or invest in your account.

How to Transfer N100 into Your flex account

1. log in to your PiggyVest Account,
2. Click on "Redeem your ₦1,000.00 Bonus notification"

3. Click on Get Account Number,

4. Then, Securely add BVN
5. Add and Verify your BVN by Inputting the 5 digit pin you'll receive via SMS/call.
6. Now, you'll be given your PiggyVest account number,
7. Transfer N100 to the Provindus account via USSD to complete the task.

 How to Invest in Your Account

1. log in to your dashboard,
2. Navigate to Total Savings > Piggybank > Quick Save

3. Input amount to save > Destination "Piggy Bank" and click on proceed.
4. Select a payment method to make payments.

This will cost you a token of N1,100 in total after which you can still withdraw your money back into your bank account.

Register via this referral link: https://app.piggyvest.com/?newref=1&ref=26e60044157

How to Start Making Money from Piggyvest?

If you've successfully validated your account via the above method then it's time to start earning too

  • Login your PiggyVest account via app or browser.
  • Click the tab to open a drop-down menu
  • Scroll and locate refer & earn N1000.

  • Now, copy the link or together with text.

  • Start sharing with your friends

You get N1000 for any person you refer and the person also gets N1000 safe lock bonus; If the person doesn’t use your referral link he will not get the bonus too.

Answers to All Piggyvest Quiz to Earn Free Points

Lastly, right under the "Refer and earn" menu we have the "Take this Quiz & Get 20 Points" which is equivalent to N200, we'll provide you to the answers to all the questions on the platform to enable you to win.

1. How many products does PiggyVest have? 

PiggyVest has 6 unique products. Piggybank Savings, Flex Naira, Safelock, Target Savings, Investify & Flex Dollar

2. How many times can you fund your Flex wallet with your Flex Account Number 

You can fund your PiggyVest unlimited number of times in a day, and it’s also 100% FREE. No charges.

3. Which product can you use to automatically deposit funds daily, weekly, monthly 

Piggybank savings allows you to save automatically daily, weekly or monthly. Simply turn on Autosave within Piggybank, set the amount you want to save and the frequency. Piggybank savings is like your digital kolo. You’re the boss of your savings, save how you want.

4. How much is 10 points worth when you convert to cash? 

1 piggy point is worth ₦10. You earn Piggy points when you fund your Piggybank savings with ₦2,000 using Autosave or Quicksave.

Register via this referral link: https://app.piggyvest.com/?newref=1&ref=26e60044157

5. Which product gives you Piggy points when you deposit over ₦2,000? 

Piggybank savings is the only Product right now on PiggyVest that gives Piggy points

6. How much interest can you earn per annum with Flex Dollar? 

You earn 7% per annum with Flex dollar. Interests on your Flex Dollars are accrued daily but paid monthly. Purchasing and liquidation rates are dependent on the market.

7. Which of these products give up to 24% per annum in returns? 

You can earn up to 24% per annum with Investify. Investify allows you access pre-vetted low-medium risk primary and secondary investment opportunities easily with any amount you have. No hidden fees/charges.

8. Do you earn interests when you top up an existing Safelock greater than 90 days long? 

You can earn interests when you top up an existing Safelock that is greater than 90 days. The interest rate is prorated based on the duration left in the Safelock.

9. What is the minimum number of days you can create a “Target savings” for? 

30 days is the minimum duration for a Target Savings. You can save towards multiple goals on your own or with a group while earning 10% per annum.

10. How many times a year can you withdraw for FREE from your Piggybank Savings (Core Savings)? 

There are 4 FREE withdrawals days with Piggybank Savings by default. You can set your withdrawal days on your own or use the default withdrawal days on the app (31st of March, 30th of June, 30th of September, 31st of December annually).

↪ ↩ ↪ ↩

Register via this referral link: https://app.piggyvest.com/?newref=1&ref=26e60044157

Don’t forget to navigate through your account and get used to it

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it?

If you have any question about piggyvest please ask in the comment section below
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  1. I tried I and up t now I can no redeem my bounes together with the three hundred naira i Send into my acount

    1. Did you fund your flex account and invested to get N1000 free?

      If No, then do that; also note that the minimum you can withdraw from your flex account is N2000

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