How to Create a WhatsApp Account with a U.S Number | 100% Working 2022 Trick

How will you feel chatting up your Nigerian friends with a foreign number? it's bossy right?

Well, it doesn't come easy as most folks have searched here and there for an accurate means to get a foreign number to use for their Whatsapp to no avail.

Moreover, that shouldn't be a problem if you're on this page as we'll carefully give you a detailed guide on creating a Whatsapp account in Nigeria with a united states (U.S.A) number and its 100% working if you follow the guide provided below.

So without wasting much time, lets hit the nail to the head...

How to Create a Valid WhatsApp Account with the U.S.A number

Before you embark on this tutorial, also bear it in mind that the article might seem a bit confusing but we'll try our best to carry everyone along.

Update 4/9/2020

Important Notice:-
1. The Previous Smartline bin used in this post is not working... I have found a brand new bin for Smartline GoDaddy 655732xxxxxxxxxx
2. Users from all countries Outside Pakistan need to connect to the USA from any VPN. 
  1. Firstly, Open any browser 
  2. Search for "Smartline GoDaddy second phone number"
  3. Click on the search result which goes thus "Add a Second Phone Number to Your Smartphone ... - GoDaddy"
  4. You will receive an error message "page not found"

  5. Simply scroll to the bottom and change "Pakistan - English" to "United States - English" and wait for the page to reload.

  6. Next, click on "Start for Free" 
  7. Now, you'll be asked to input an area code; all you need to do is search for any area code in the United States but I'll recommend "402"

  8. Click on search to bring out a list of available numbers, 
  9. Copy the first suggested number and input in Whatsapp sign-in page but don't click Ok yet (just for reference)
  10. Now, go back to your browser and click "Select" in front of the preferred number
  11. Then, you'll be redirected to a "Create an account" page, simply input any random email and select your preferred password to continue
  12. Next, you'll be redirected to a payment page, simply click on "Add Payment"
  13. Now, open a new tab and go to to create a fake credit card detail, input 650170xxxxxxxxxxx 65563323xxxxxxxxxxx in BIN(just type the first 6 letters and the x's will follow suit) and click on "GENERATE"

  14. Next, copy credit card details and paste in the payment page

  15. Now, it time to add billing address, simply input any random number and address
  16. input 10004 in zip code, add "New York" in city and state; fill in your any name randomly and click "SAVE"
  17. Then click on "START FREE TRIAL"

Congrats your account has been made, now its time to link it up with Whatsapp for life and I think this is where we'll advise your pay full attention.

There are two ways to go about it and I'll post them below and you can give anyone you like a try.

How to Recieve Whatsapp Verification SMS on Godaddy Smartline

  1. Now, download and install the Smartline app from the - HERE

  2. Then, input the username and password you just created in your browser to login
  3. Now again, input any random U.S.A number and click on "Confirm"
  4. Next, go back to Whatsapp and click on "OK" to receive SMS
  5. Now, go back to the Smartline app and refresh it to get the code

  6. Copy the code and paste in your Whatsapp to verify
  7. Finally, complete setting up your account by inputting your name,
  8. Alas, you've got yourself a Whatsapp with a United states Number.

That step also works but if you don't want to download the app and would like to still get a Whatsapp account with a united states number then the below step is for you.

How to Recieve Whatsapp Verification Code via E-mail

  1. Now login to your Smartline account via web
  2. Login to your account and click on "Manage" beside the selected phone number
  3. Scroll down to "Voicemail" and input a valid mail to turn on notifications

  4. Next, go back to Whatsapp and click on "OK" and click on "Call Me" in the next dialogue
  5. Now, wait for like 2 minutes and check your Gmail to see the voicemail and the verification code been recorded for you.

  6. Simply copy the code and input in your Whatsapp to verify.

  7. Finally, complete setting up your account by inputting your name,
  8. Alas, you've got yourself a Whatsapp with a United states Number.

That's all about creating a United states Whatsapp account in Nigeria and it's 100% working for now.

Things to note about the U.S.A number

  • It's forever as long as you don't delete the Whatsapp or log out of it after the trial period is over.
  • You can link it to hangout or any other services you might be working on.
  • and more...

We'll also let you know if there's an update, so simply bookmark this page and come back to it when you forget anything.

Please we also value your comments and shares, please do well to drop a comment below if it worked for you and share Lukastech with a friend.
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  1. Thanks lukastech; it worked but I hope it won't misbehave when the trial period is over?

  2. Nice tips... I've got mine ♥️🥰

  3. Is this old trick still working? If yes, can it be used to get a google voice number? Please do a tutorial for that too

    1. Not sure... This is a smartline number