Zelf Review - Earn €5 Per Referral on ZELF Referral Program

You might be wondering what the zelf program is all about, but not to worry; we've got you covered as we'll show you how you can make 5€ for each person you refer to the program and also send and receive money at your convenience on zelf platform.

Zelf, in brief, is instant money on the messenger platform that allows it uses known as "Zelfers" carry out fast and easy banking services without the need to visit the bank, install any app or any other hustle.

It also offers a free atm card with which you can use to make a withdrawal on local ATM and purchase goods/services online... Interesting right?

This will favour freelancer and online entrepreneurs who wish to send/receive payments easily from their clients without stress nationwide with no extra fee.

You see? Using a bot like Zelf to make transactions without hassles shall be the order of the day.


Is Zelf Legit?

From all indications, it ain't a scam programme, according to our research; they are a limited liability company, commercially registered in Latvia under company number 40203221719 with headquarters located at Riga exercising commercial activity with commercial name SIA “ZELF” as a distributor of electronic money under articles l.525–8 following the financial and monetary code in the name and for the account of Treezor.

They even partnered with Mastercard recently in their quest to change the world financial system.

How to Join Zelf and Earn free €5

  • You'll need to be on either Whatsapp, Facebook, telegram or Viber to be able to join this platform.
  • You'll need to register via my referral code to earn free 5€ on signup.

Got the above requirements? let's get started to earning our free €5 bonus...
→ Firstly, you'll need an invite link to sign up. so use the below link to join zelf referral programme.
In this post, I'll be using Whatsapp as an illustration but I will provide twitter and Whatsapp screenshots... 

  1. Now, select Whatsapp from the listed messenger apps,
  2. You'll be redirected to Whatsapp chat with a pre-written message, simply "send it"
  3. You'll be asked to provide a valid number in international format i.e +2349097827656
  4. Check your SMS, copy the 4 digit verification code and paste it in Whatsapp chat,
  5. Now, it will ask for your full name, simply provide your first and last name i.e Victor Lukasso (This is the name that will be on the ATM card that will be delivered to you).
  6. Congrats, your account is set and you just got free 5€ on your zelf account.

How to Get Referral Link and Earn 5€ per Referral on Zelf

Zelf referral programme is quite juicy, below is a review of how it works;

  • For every new Zelfer you bring, you get 5€. And your friends get 5€ as a gift from you 😊
  • If your friends invite their friends, each will bring you another 1€. 😱 Sweet!

To grab your referral link and start referring asap, simply...
  1. Locate your chat with zelf,
  2. Reply it with "invite" to get your unique referral code.

How to Recieve Money on Zelf

There are a series of ways to go about this;

Method 1️: Send text or voice “Ask Victor Lukasso €10 for dinner” (name suggestions from phone contacts will be added soon).

Zelf generates a link for you to forward to Victor If Elliot is a zelfer, he will receive a message in his Zelf chat and a messenger’s notification. He opens the message and chooses to pay directly to you. If Victor doesn’t have Zelf yet, you can forward him the link and he can pay with any banking card.

Method 2: Create and save a recurring invoice by saying or typing e.g. “Create €500 monthly fee for Social Media Management”.

Method 3: Just show your QR code to another zelfer if you are near.

How to Send Money with Zelf

If you are both on Zelf: just say or type e.g. “Send €10 to Vitor Lukasso”. Enter the PIN code received via SMS and confirm the transaction.

If he is not in the know yet: send money by specifying card number, e.g. “Send 10€ to card XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX”. Confirm. Done.

How to Withdraw Cash from Zelf Platform

You can use (only contactless if you don’t have a physical card) ATMs to withdraw money if you’ve gone through KYC (know your customer) procedure.

How to get your Zelf Card

As far as you’ve joined Zelf, you will get your credit card sent to you — just like Payoneer. (Not available for now)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About ZELF

I think I should stop here, you can get all the questions you want on their frequently asked question page - Here

YOu can, however, check your balance by sending "My Zelf" to zelf chat and you'll be shown your balance.

That's all.

Kindly drop comments below and share the post with friends.

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  1. How can I withdraw the 5€ into my Nigeria bank account?

    1. You can only do that when you have an ATM card by sending 'Send 10€ to card XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX' as a message to the not.

  2. Have you been able to withdraw

    1. waiting till on the 31st before i can request withdrawal...

  3. Boss show us your alert proof

  4. Clearer way on how to withdraw we be appreciated than all this big English

    1. it's no big english... Type "Send 10€ to card sixteen digit' to zelf bot.

  5. No proof or whatsoever. Article too long without any point

    1. It's a newly launched platform, i bet you won't see any proof anywhere.