5 Tips to Write SEO-friendly and Unique Content

Efficient content is one of the best search engine ranking factors, but many websites struggle to do so. SEO-friendly content creation is not an easy thing to do. 

No longer are the days where 300-word mediocre content can be made, circulated and ranked easily. Now only high quality & SEO optimized content is preferred by the search engine. 

With SEO-friendly content, writing is entirely configured according to the guidelines of the search engine. 

Writing the SEO-friendly material will lead to the rating on those keywords. However, if you have SEO-friendly content, then readability will also be improved, meaning that the people who access your content will provide you with a good response towards the site.

Google is constantly searching for premium content to illustrate the best user experience on the web. SEO-friendly content makes it easier for a crawler to index and rate your content over other web pages. 

If your content is optimized, identifying and ranking the website would be simpler for the spiders of the search engines.

5 tips to write SEO-friendly and unique content for your site.

1. Give Headings and Subheadings

For SEO-friendly content and for making content more visually enticing it is necessary to use heading tags (H1, H2 etc.). 

You'll find that the bounce rate is crazy high if your blog posts are just walls of texts. When appropriate, the headings should include keywords without sounding spam or super clear.
Nobody desires to read lots of text unless they are pretty much formatted. With header tags, readers can skim your blog posts and yet take the most important portion of what you mean. 
Titles are also an ideal way to set up your blog prior to writing. When you have selected your title, choose 4 or 5 subheadings to compose a few paragraphs. 

The entire page of your blogpost could be structured utilizing headings, so use them not just for reading, they are crucial for SEO. Headings also help Google understand the principal topics of a lengthy article and can therefore help with your ranking.

2. Target Audience

An effective strategy to produce SEO-friendly content is to compose it while considering the audience in mind. You must know who the target audience is and what content they would want. This would take you in the right direction in optimal content development. 

The need of your audience is critical to know and publish content focused on the appropriate and useful aspects is the most fruitful strategy. 

This is the secret to SEO-friendly writing effectively. All specialist marketers follow this trick.
It is a smart idea to use your social media analytics data to consider the needs and choices of your viewers. 

Most analytics tools provide information about the contents that your audience has been effective engaged in. Before designing a content strategy evaluate this detail so that you must be aware of your audience choices.

3. Targeted Keywords

The inclusion of your target keywords in blog posts will lead to improving the ranking of your search since Google connects your website with those phrases. 

Where appropriate, the keywords should be put into headings and subheadings but don't make it so obvious. The art of writing SEO-friendly content is complex, so stuffing keywords isn't the aim. 
This is the key component of a page classification. You would like to ensure that you choose the best keywords that users are looking for. 

However, you must also note that some of the keywords most commonly searched are some of the hardest to be ranked. 

4. Content Originality and Uniqueness

The material you create is original and unique to other available related content on the web is a major SEO-friendly strategy. 

This does not mean that you would have to be a leader in the field and propose brand new or innovative content completely. 

However, the contents which are other times SEO friendly will also crash, if you say exactly the same as all the others. Everyone has a specific spin or opinion on a topic and you should be able to share yours with good content.

Although this guidance may or may not be apparent, the argument should be emphasized. It is important to deter plagiarism for SEO-friendly content. 

In this instance, plagiarism means the copy, without proper authorization or HTML acknowledgement of significant bits of text from actual Web pages or even whole article. 
It is not only illegal for you to do this, but the platform will also be penalized by search engines for these practices.

That simply doesn’t imply that you cannot get an idea or inspiration from other sources. In fact, no one could write web content all alone without consulting any other content, surely one needs another source to get an idea or inspiration. 

In such cases where you are finding it hard to get source content extraction while avoiding plagiarism, the Paraphrase tool proves to be super helpful.

Paraphrasing Tool is a must-have tool to write SEO-friendly and unique content. Using its advanced AI algorithms it completely transforms the original content into unique and up to the mark content. 

So that you don’t have to worry about plagiarism while having completely novel and innovative content for your site.

5. Article Length

Google's older search engine algorithms have chosen shorter material of a few hundred words elsewhere. 

As a consequence, the content began to be a number game in which the more traffic you were able to gain when posting small but frequent excess articles.

New algorithms have been developed to favour longer content of higher quality. That's why most SEO-optimized websites publish less regularly these days and contain posts longer than 1500 words. 

These search engines are designed to guarantee that audiences are responded by the best possible content. They will then search for the most informative content to ensure that the user’s inquiry is adequately addressed.

Analytical tools will give you an indication of your article's optimal length. Take a look at your posts that produce the most traffic for you. 

You can test various content lengths and check for which conversions and viewership produce. You can also look for posts that take more reading time by users and articles which are more frequently and readily read. You will use this information for your website and niche.
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