How to Know Apps that Can Access Your Location on Android

Most apps always ask for certain permission before you can utilize them effectively; while it’s good to allow some, it’s also good you know which app is abusing the permission to protect your privacy.

In other cases, it might be that you mistakenly gave permission to the app to access your location and you’ll like to revert that access. You can also grant an app one-time access to your location making it unable to access your location whenever you launch the app next.

We’ve seen how to know when apps access your microphone and camera on your android and I think this will be an addition to enhance privacy.

In as much as you put in efforts to monitor apps that access your mic and camera; it’s also important to watch out for apps that also access our location and regularly deny access to irrelevant apps.

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How to See Which Apps that Can Access Your Location

>> Firstly, open the settings menu on your Android or Tablet Device

Screenshot 20210115 034130

>> Next, go to the “Apps & Notification” option from the list,

Screenshot 20210115 034250

>> Select the “Permission Manager.”

Screenshot 20210115 034345

>> You’ll see all permissions that apps can access ranging from body sensors, physical activity to contacts. Select “location” from the list.

Screenshot 20210115 034503

>> At the top, you’ll see the apps that can access your location “All The Time.” Under that is “Only While In Use,” and lastly, you’ll see apps that you have denied access to.

Screenshot 20210115 034648

>> You can change apps permission by clicking on the app and change its permission preference.

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That’s all.

The above method is the simplest way to change permissions for multiple apps at once.

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