How to Make Money on Opera News Hub Creator 2022

We can all vividly recall when Opera News was introduced, and we all know it’s a dream come true if your product or services got featured on the Opera new platform back then; but, luckily you can now Create, Share and Earn on the Opera news hub platform.

Recently, they made it possible for everyone to share their thoughts on their platform and aside from that they pay you monthly.

Making money on Opera News Hub in 2022 will be quite stressed free after going through this article.


Before now, Every day you get to see a lot of articles being published on Opera newsfeed of which those contents are owned by site owners only, (Y’all can testify that our site was among them) which got paid monthly.

And fast forward to the end of last year; they launched Opera News Hub Creator which enables both site owners and non-site owners to earn by sharing contents on Opera newsfeed.

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Similarly, the opera news hub creator is a microblogging platform with an active audience of over 163 million users and rewards engagement with revenue exposure.

How to Signup to Opera News Creator

  1. Visit the website via https://hub.opera.com, (Now supports all device)
  2. SignUp using your Facebook account,
  3. Fill in your WEMEDIA name, Description, image and all required fields carefully,
screencapture hub opera register create 2020 01 23 01 27 40
  1. Wait for approval from Opera Admin,
  2. After Approval, click “Create” on your dashboard to add a new article,
  3. Hit the submit button and wait for your article to be approved.
Note: You can publish articles from Opera News app easily rather than having to visit the above link regularly, all you have to do is log in to Opera News with the approved Facebook account, except you are on PC.

How to Make Money with Opera News 2022

You can make money with Opera News platform by frequently posting articles on Opera News Hub Platform. After creating and publishing your first article on the opera News Hub platform, I suggest you don’t relax as you have a lot of competitors on the Opera Creator Platform.
Below is how your earnings are being calculated;
  • if your article is with 1 click, the article will get traffic bonus 0.036₦
  • if your article is with 100 clicks, the article will get traffic bonus 3.6₦
  • if your article is with 1,000 clicks, the article will get traffic bonus 36₦
  • if your article is with 10,000 clicks, the article will get traffic bonus 360₦
  • if your article is with 25,000 clicks, the article will get 2.5 * 360 = ₦ 900
  • If your article is with 20 engagements(Share + Comment), the article will not get engagement bonus
  • If your article is with 100 engagements, the article will get ₦1800 per 100 engagement.
  • If your article is with 250 engagements, the article will get 2.5 * 1800 = ₦ 4500 as engagement bonus
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Making money from Opera News 2022 is not a stressful task, it is as easy as A-B-C, keep reading this article to see all you need to get succeed.

The Secret to Succeed with Opera News 2022 Hub Creator Platform

To earn more with Opera News Hub, you must post at least 6-8 articles weekly, this will enable you to earn a fixed recurring amount of revenue.

You can also make money with Opera News when your articles reach a larger audience and when your articles perform very well. So, write intriguing articles and avoid copy and paste.


Making money with Opera NewsHub Creator is as easy as ever if you follow the above illustration; who knows if you might cash out big next month.

You’ll need to Create an Opay account to receive your Payments.

Finally, if you have any questions, contribution or suggestion regarding Opera News Hub Creator Platform, or adding your website or blog to Opera News Feed, kindly use the comment box below to reach us or send us a mail via [email protected] our team will get in touch you in a jiffy.

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