How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account Without Phone Number

Have you ever been a victim of a hacked Facebook account and would like to recover your hacked account with ease? then here’s a perfect guide to retrieving your hacked Facebook account hackers.

recover hacked facebook account without phone number
In our previous post, we saw how to recover a disabled Facebook account, however, on another look, we saw that the rate at which Facebook accounts is been hacked is getting very high and most hackers even go to the extent of changing the e-mail and phone number attached to your Facebook account.
Moreover, this facebook recovery strategy will help you retrieve your hacked Facebook account without the phone number or mail necessary attached but it will make the process faster if it’s still intact.
But if on the contrary, you would like to block the account and not recover it then we’ll drop a quick guide to that before we hit the nail on the head.

How to Block a Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook has made a report account available so that when your account or account of those close to you is been comprised you/they can easily lock the account by reporting it.
When you’ve been hacked, simply tell 5-10 of your friends to report the hacked account, doing this will loosen the hackers’ grip on the account and make recovering more easier.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account with Phone Number/Mail

Now, on getting back your compromised Facebook account back; we’ll follow just 10 steps to make our account recovery a success; don’t worry, it takes just 10mins.
  1. Firstly, launch your browser and visit Facebook Report Compromised Account Page,
  2. Click the “Your account has been Compromised
  3. Now, input either your mail, phone number or username currently on the account,
  4. Wait some moment for Facebook to search for matching users
  5. Next, is to provide Facebook with any password that you’ve used on the account before; not necessarily the current one.
  6. After inputting the old password, you would get a pop-up saying “you entered an old password
  7. Now, tap on “reset my password” button.
  8. Since your primary email would be changed as well and obviously you don’t wish your reset Facebook password link to be sent to the hackers’ account, so, Click on “no longer have access to these?” link.
  9. Almost there, Now input the new email address that you want Facebook to send the password reset link. Also, do ensure you set it as your primary email.
  10. Finally, open the mail sent by Facebook in the sent mail to complete your account recovery process.
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in step 4, If you entered your phone number and it didn’t work try entering your email or Login name.) Your email is most preferable.
report a compromised facebook account 2020recover a hacked facebook account 2020
That’s all on recovering a hacked Facebook account within minutes.
If you have difficulty recovering your hacked Facebook account with the above guide, kindly drop a comment or join our Whatsapp group chat for a fast response.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account Without Phone Number/e-mail

This applies to those who aren’t able to recover their Facebook account due to the fact that the hacker is very swift and have changed every detail pertaining to the account and there’s no way to reach it by searching for it with the previous step.
And I’ll say this to everyone, if you’ve not linked your e-mail to your Facebook account then you’re endangering your account if it gets compromised, so I will urge anyone reading this to link a valid mail to his/her Facebook account and verify to avoid complications.
This recovery guide will be useless to you if there’s no mail attached to your account, so proceed if you setup your account correctly.
  1. Firstly, open the Gmail account linked to your Facebook account,
  2. Now find the mail notifying you of the changed password,
  3. Tap on “Secure Your Account” and you’ll be redirected to a Facebook checkpoint where all recent changes to your Facebook account,
  4. After hitting the Continue button, you’ll be given 3 quick options to recover your account of which identify photos of friends is recommended.
  5. Select identify photos of friends and proceed. (Recommended) or you choose any of your choices.
  6. After successfully identifying all 5 photos of friends, you will be redirected to another screen.
  7. Select and delete the phone number and email of the hacker.
  8. On successfully doing all this, you will be redirected to a fresh page thanking you for making a review of the hacked Facebook account.
  9. Now tap on Go to the news feed and the hacked Facebook account is recovered successfully
facebook password change mail 2020
recover hacked facebook password
That’s all.
Kindly drop comments and share the post with friends to help them recover their hacked Facebook account.

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  1. was lost in hope and faith when i was unable to get into my account that i save all my document and file ,but thanks to cyberhelp company who help me get into my account and get everything back for me with no stress just give them some info and everything is done within 5hours really amazing to work with them ,thats why im so proud to recommend they to people to use them and they will never disappoint you ,,contact them on cyberhelp027 @ …gmail and you thanks me later

  2. Please,my Facebook account has been hacked which I opened with following number 07069322637,with this previous password 565444.
    But it's unfortunate the hacker has changed the number into +197069322637,pl please I need your help in order to recover my account

  3. This doesn’t work form me. The hacker has changed my email address and I don’t think I have two-factor authentication setup so can’t get password reset sms either. All facebook guidance just sends you in circles, absolutely useless. There’s no support possible for hacked accounts, so I assume you just lose your account?

  4. You can also reach out to Facebook via facebook.com/hacked and click on the “my account is compromised” option to continue with your account recovery… this should help.

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