Lukastech Giveaway Prt.2, Answer these Questions and Wins Freebies

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Good day readers, how is it going with you?

It’s another season of the giveaway; bearing our readers in mind; we’ve decided to appreciate y’all with the little we can afford, hoping to do more as we spend more time together.

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This site isn’t all about “me” the admin but “you” the viewers are also parts of what makes up the site because without you there’s no Lukastech, that’s why I’ve decided to make you guys happy and from now henceforth, it’ll be done frequently.

Now, the giveaways will all happen right here on the website and I don’t want anyone who didn’t participate here to chat me up for any freebies.

I’ve thought of how to carry out this giveaway and I and the team concluded it should be on Lukastech Blog just like the last giveaway we did early last year.

Well, don’t panic; it comprises of questions that’ll help determine how well you know Lukastech Blog and an honest review on which content you want us to serve you with. It’s just a test for you to prove that you’re a true follower of this blog.

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As for the prizes, they’ll come in form of Airtime, data to any network of your choice and cash prizes; Yes, you read that right.

Meanwhile, we urge interested persons to make sure he/she uses his/her real names (google account) while dropping comments and avoiding multiple trials to avoid disqualification.

How to Participate

It’s quite simple,

  • Firstly, like or Follow our Twitter/ Facebook page;
  • Download our mobile app from the Google play store – HERE

Then leave a comment in the comment box with your answer (Please indicate the number of the question), followed by your Name, Phone number, the network, or your bank details (depends on attempted questions). Then wait some time for a reply and credit if you got the answer right.

One answer per user and make sure to follow the instructions. You can be disqualified for multiple attempts or mistakes.

Now, give any of the below questions a shot, who knows? you might be among the lucky winners.

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  1. What year and month did we re-upload our app to the play-store? (N200 airtime)
  2. How many domains does Lukastech Blog have? also, list them. (200MB data)
  3. 2021 will make Lukastech how many years? (N200 airtime)
  4. When did Lukastech change its domain name? (N300 airtime)
  5. In two or more sentences, tell me what you love about Lukastech Blog. The most honest comment will get (N1000 Cash prize).
  6. What is my full name? (N300 airtime)
  7. In two or more sentences, tell me what you think we should work on the site. The most honest comment will get (N1000) airtime/cash.
  8. What is the first post on this site? (N2000 Cash prize)
  9. What is the main description of the Lukastech Blog? (N200 Airtime)
  10. What day, month and year was Lukastech Blog Created? (500MB data)
  11. What is the main colour on the lukastech Blog? (200 Airtime)

That’s it.

Make sure you share this post first before attempting to answer any question, else you’ll be disqualified.

As I said earlier, follow the instruction stated earlier and win, a little mistake might disqualify you.

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Also remember, it ain’t mandatory for everyone to win, so if you don’t win this time, you can try next time. More giveaways will be happening here anytime and any day. Please keep visiting lukastechs.com.

Although, a special giveaway will be happening for those in our groups

Good luck to you all.

This Article was Originally Posted on Lukastech Blog – We Expound Technology. If you enjoyed the post be sure to visit our site and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

© Lukastech Inc.

  1. Question 9: LucasTech Blog expounds Technology and software tweaking, softwares like
    CSS 3, Javascript
    WEB DEV, APP development as well as app cheats are all uploaded on the site regularly for free for the site users and explorers.

    Name: Daniel, 08105560749 MTN NG

  2. (Question 9) Lukastech Blog is all about free stuff like latest free Browsing Cheats, How-to's, Tech News, Online Wealth Tips And Social Media Tricks and to serve as an Information Avenue etc.
    Oluwafemi Moses

  3. (Question 7) you should work on the interface/Layout, too much pop-up and advert and the comment section should be directly below what you want to comment on.

    Odenusi Oluwafemi Moses
    0100974041 Access /07069103021 mtn

  4. Question 7: Honestly I think the developer should work on Ads placement and arrangement, it's quite uncomfortable navigating through the site and getting ads popped here and there, plus I think they can be arranged so users can get clearer view of the site contents.

    Access Bank

  5. Question 5 : The only thing I love most about this site is most of the cheats he uploads is always genuine.once the cheat is not on this site I always know it won't work.

    Name – Afolabi olajide peter
    Account number- 1224310726

  6. Question 7: To be honest I think the developer should work on Ads placement and arrangement, it's quite uncomfortable navigating the site and seeing Ads pop up everywhere and anywhere. Thanks

    Access Bank

  7. Question 5: What I love most about the site is the user friendly nature of the site and how easy it is to navigate! Plus FREE browsing and Tweaking Cheats also!

    Access Bank

  8. Madu chibuzor
    Access bank

    Question 2
    Lukastech has two domain


    Question 6
    Your real name
    Victor chinedu egbujor

    Question 3
    Lukastech blog is 4years this 2021

  9. Question: In two or more sentences, tell me what you love about Lukastech Blog.

    What I love about lukastech is
    1. There honesty.
    2. The interface of there website.
    3. There loyalty and Responds.

    Even the CEO is not feeling too bossy unlike other bloggers that feel like they are God when you contact them. ☺

    Name: Igbokwe Vincent Chimezie

    Bank Name: Fidelity Bank

    Account Number: 6080177756

  10. Question: What is the main description of the Lukastech Blog?

    No.1 Hub-Spot for Latest Free Browsing Cheat, Technology, How-to's, Tech News, Social Media Trick and Making Money Online.

    Number: 08108097105

  11. Question: What is the main colour on lukastech Blog?

    Hex Color Code #902237

    Color name: medium dark shade of pink-red.


  12. About question 5 the site is too slow and irresponsive on low end phone even on high end phone with snapdragon 888 with 8gb of ram it wount lag but scatter all over the place

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