How to View Your Notification History on Android

Did you miss any notification on your Android device then here’s a way to view your notification history without stress.

The notification history comes in handy when you mistakenly dismiss a notification from the notification panel and would like to get its details again.

Notification history log
Notification History Android

This latest feature on Android allows you to see old cleared notifications on Android without using any third-party app for up to 24hours.

If you didn’t find the notification history feature on your device then it’s advisable to update your device.

But most importantly, we have to activate the Notification history feature before it can start keeping track of notifications but at times it is set by default.

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Which Android version comes with the notification history feature?

Android 11 upwards. The notification history can only be used without a third-party app on Android version 11 upwards.

What if my Device doesn’t have the Notification history Menu?

Install third-party apps such as Notification history log, notification history or the likes from the play store. It does the same function.

Let’s see how to turn on the notification history on your Android device.

How to Activate the Notification History Feature on Android.

This guide was written using an illustration on a Samsung device but I’ll do my best to use the general method which will work for all devices rather than shortcuts.

  • Firstly, go to Settings
  • Type Notification in the search box (you might see notification history from the results) and click on it.
  • Scroll down to locate the “Advanced Settings” option
  • Now, click on Notification History and Toggle it ON if the slider is OFF.
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notification history

That’s it

You’ve finally enabled the notification history feature on your device.

Next, let’s quickly see how to check your notification history on your Android devices.

How to Check your Notification History on Android

To view your notification history log for up to 24hours on your Android device, kindly follow the below guide.

This guide was written using an illustration on a Samsung device but I’ll do my best to use the general method which will work for all devices rather than shortcuts.

  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  2. Search for Notification History (or you can follow the above guide to get to the notification history section.)
  3. Under the notification history tab, you should see your recently dismissed and last 24 hours notifications with their details.
  4. You can also open any missed notifications from the notification history tab.

Notification history log

That’s all.

Remember, this feature is only available for Android devices running on the latest OS and you might not find the feature on your phone.

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So, if you fall under this category; you can use third-party apps like notification history log, Notification log and the likes from PlayStore.

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