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Saturday, 17 November 2018

November 17, 2018

Updated Airtel Night Data Plans 2018

In the past few days, Airtel has made some major changed to their night plan just as mtn did.

With the current airtel night plan you'll be able to get 500mb for N25 and 1.5GB for N200, and best of all it can be reactivated once you exhaust it.

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As we've know that airtel night data is only accessible by those subscribers on Airtel SmartTrybe.

Airtel SmartTrybe also offers 1G for N500 +  250MB for N200 + 30Min Airtel calls weekend offer and free 15mb for 7days when you recharge with N200.

How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe

As stated earlier the night plans are only accessible by those on the smart trybe plan, if aren't on the package yet simply dial *312*1# to Migrate.

How To Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for N200, 500MB for N25 and 1GB for N500

✅ Simply dial *312#
✅ For 1GB which cost N500 , reply with 2 - valid for 7 days,

✅ For Night plan - 500MB which cost N25 and 1.5GB for N200 , reply with 3 - Night plans are usable from 12am - 5am,

Updated Airtel Night Data Plan

✅ For Weekend plan - 250MB which cost N200 + 30Min call, reply with 4 - Usable from Saturday to Sunday.

That's all you need to know about the latest Airtel night data plans.

Do well to drop reviews and share.
November 17, 2018

Updated: MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on Http Injector

Updated: MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on Http Injector

Good day!

It's been a while but nevertheless we're here with the latest updated config for MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on Http Injector.

And as the Name implies, it works without any active subscription but the downside of the cheat is that it is capped at 50mb on one config, while another config is 1GB Daily [Varies tough].

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Let's get a sharp cut through it as we'll also be looking into mpulse Configs.


1. A 3G Phone + MTN Sim with no active data subscription.
2. Updated Http Injector App - Download from Play store or Click HERE.
3. MTN 0.0kb Config - LTB CONFIG 1 | LTB CONFIG 2.

How to Activate MTN 0.0kb free Browsing on HTTP Injector

1. After you've downloaded the above requirements,
2. Launch your HTTP Injector.

3. Tap on the paper-like icon on the right-hand side of the app,
4. Tap on Config

5. Click on import Config and the it will take you to your folder.
6. Locate the config you downloaded and tap on it to import to your http Injector.

7. Click on the Start Button, then
 Move to Log and watch it connect, however, you'll have to  wait for at least 2-4mins for it connect.

After it has successful CONNECTED, Open any browser or app that surfs/Downloads or streak videos until you've exhausted the caped data for that day.

NOTE: If you've finished using your daily capped data; you'll have to wait till the next day before it will connect again.

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That's all for now, mpulse users should stay glued as we'll be sharing a config you'll use to power your mpulse data.

Kindly drop comments and share.


Friday, 16 November 2018

November 16, 2018

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

This Article from Lukastech will teach you How to Recover Your Disabled Facebook Account.

Being disabled on Facebook comes in two forms, the first part is when you Intentionally disable your account for sometime due to reasons best know to you and the other part is when Facebook disable you for some reasons on their end.

As usual, the first instance can be resolved by logging into your Facebook account and on the former you will be required to submit an appeal to Facebook to get your account back, and also note that if you delete your Facebook account it can't be recovered.

Method 1 of 2
Recovering a Self Disabled Facebook Account.

1. Make sure you can still recover your account: If you've temporarily disabled your account, then, it can be recovered by inputting your details [Login to your account], however, if you scheduled your account for deletion; it can only be retrieved 30days from the day of your request.

2. Visit Facebook [] homepage on your browser preferably.

3. Input your email address or the phone number you used in opening the given account.

4. Input your password in the box below the space for the former and make sure it's accurate.

5. Click on Login: to sign in to your account.

6. Click on Cancel Account Deletion:

Facebook Account Scheduled for Deletion

If you scheduled account deletion on your Facebook account, all you need to do is click on cancel account deletion and your account will be restored only when it's not more than 30days.

However, in a case where you temporarily disabled your Facebook account, you'll be logged in to continue using your Facebook Account.

Method 2 of 2
Submitting an Appeal

Facebook account disabled
Disabled Facebook account

1. Make sure your account has been Disabled: Visit and input your email Address/Phone number to be certain your account has been disabled.
You should receive a "Your Account has been disabled" message when you click on the login button which means you can send in appeal.

2. Open the "My Facebook has been Disabled Page: Go to Do this on a Laptop/Computer.

3. Click on Submit Appeal: You'll find the button on the page that reads "If you think you account was disabled by mistake, please," that's near the bottom page, click on " Submit Appeal" and the page will open.

If you receive a prompt asking you to log out; all you need to do Is close your clear cookies then close and re-open your browser before you can continue.

Submit Appeal to Facebook
Submit Appeal form to Facebook

4. Enter your email address or phone number: on the appeal form you'll be required to input either your email address or your phone, in doing this; well suggest you use a working details or preferably the one you used on the account in question.

5. Enter your Name: Fill in the name on the account before it was disabled [You can as well use the first name you used when opening the account, if in any case you changed your name on Facebook].

6. Upload your Picture ID: The uploads can be a student ID card, drivers license, Passport, family register, National ID and so on [Click Here to See ID's that Facebook accepts]

> Scan the front and back of the Document
> Upload the file to Facebook.

7. Add details for your appeal: In the "Additional info" field near the bottom of the page, enter any extra information that you think Facebook should know. Some things to include are:

✅ If your legal name is different than your Facebook name.

✅ If you suspect that your account was hacked by someone.

✅ If you have visual evidence that someone other than you is responsible for abusive or abrasive actions on your Facebook account.

✅ If you have been harassed by someone whom you suspect is behind your account's behavior that led to it being disabled.

8. Click on Send: This option is at the bottom-right side of the form, click on it when you've provided the required Info's.

You'll be notified by Facebook through mail if they decide to revoke the ban on your account and make it accessible by you.

There is no guaranteed way to get back an account that was disabled by Facebook. The best you can do is submit an appeal, which only guarantees that Facebook will review your account.

If you deactivate your Facebook account and don't set a recovery date, it can technically remain disabled indefinitely until you log back in.

If you're having trouble accessing an account because you don't remember the password, you can reset the password.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

November 15, 2018

Facebook Rolls out "Unsend" Feature With a New Re-designed Interface

Facebook is on the verge of adding a new feature to it messenger app known as the "Unsend" Message Feature.

As the name implies, the feature allows users delete already sent messages on the platform; and if we've been conversant with WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype e.t.c you'll find out that this feature is really helpful.

And as reports may have it, the features have already been available in the messenger apps to countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Poland and Lithuania, but with time it will reach other countries.

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As i said earlier, the feature will enable you to delete messages you have sent mistakenly.

All you have to do is just press and hold on the message and then select the “ Remove for Everyone ” option. After this, the message will be deleted for both the sender and the recipient.

However, Facebook will keep the message for sometime so as to review the message and report if they find something unethical or related to harassment.

In another Development, the latest version of Facebook Messenger has been Re-designed with a new Interface and more features been added.

Do well to update your messenger App on Google PlayStore to if you haven't done so yet.

Kindly Share.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

November 14, 2018

How to Get Free 150MB on Your Airtel Sim

Airtel is giving out free 150MB [Daily] to all sims.

And to activate this offer you'll need to get hold of  2 Airtel sims and then follow the below procedure to get yours activated and as usual it is sim selective and at times it might not browse if it was at all successful.

How to Get 150MB Free Data on Airtel

✅ Dial *141#

✅ Reply with 5

✅ Select 3

✅ Reply with 2

?? Change your password to any 4 digits and use 1234 as the default pin

✔ Then your pin will be changed successfully.


✅ Redial *141#

✅ Reply with 5

✅ And then 3

✔ Now, reply with 2 again,

✔ Input the number you want to transfer the data to,

✔ Input 150 [ or 200] as the data you want to transfer to the number,

✅ Now, Input your new pin and send, then, your transaction should be successful.


Note : As i stated earlier you've to make use of two sims in order to be successful in the data transfer as it can't be done with one sim.

Did you get the free 150MB on your sim? Or Did you encounter any difficulty while getting yours?

Do well to drop a comment below and we'll assist you as soon as possible.

Kindly Share.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

November 13, 2018

How to Get 250MB for N100, 1GB for N200, 4GB for N1000 on Mtn Pulse

How to Get 250MB for N100, 1GB for N200, 4GB for N1000 on Mtn Pulse

Just like 9mobile users, we'll be able to access 250mb for N100, 1GB for N200 and 4Gb for n1000 on MTN Pulse Instabinge Bundle.

Few days back MTN reduced their mpulse data and increased the Pulse Night Bundle which caused lots of complains on users end but we suppose this mouth watering offer should clear all regrets.

The only disadvantage i can decipher about this data bundle is that it depends on eligibility, and also the fact that the validity period might not favor some people.

Below are the data caps and validity period of Mtn Pulse Instabinge Bundle:

  1. 250MB 3-Days Plan; Costs N100
  2. 1GB Weekly Plan; Costs N200
  3. 4GB Monthly Plan; Costs N1000

The advantage however is that the data can power all apps on your mobile without the use of any VPN of Config.

Without much ado let's proceed:

How to Get 250MB for N100, 1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000 on MTN Pulse.

Simply follow the below steps to activate your data:

✅ Get your Mtn Sim and migrate to Mtn Pulse [ I suggest you get a new sim if you're on mpulse and avoid the risk of not being able to port back to the mpulse package ]

✅ Dial *131*65#

✅ A prompt will appear on your screen to select which offer you can afford.

🚀 Select and Send, then, on the next page select 1 [Proceed] to activate your offer.


N.B: As i said earlier, this bundle depends on eligibility and you might as well get a"You're not eligible message after clicking on the proceed option" Message.

The best option is to try a new sim if the heavens might smile on you.

Alternatively, if your sim have been inactive for the past 30day; you can port back to it and get 2000% welcome back bonus from mtn.

That's all for now, kindly drop comments and share article even tough it didn't work for you [you might be helping a friend elsewhere].

Sunday, 11 November 2018

November 11, 2018

How to Tweak IMEI of Newest Androids to Get 100% Data Bonus

How to Tweak IMEI of Newest Androids to Get 100% Data Bonus
Tweak IMEI for 100% Bonus

100% data bonus was released officially by all telecom operators but most of us apart from those who bought some new phone have tried activating it to no avail.

But, Don't Worry;

This post is for you.

Yes, there's an info that nigeria's major networks will be giving out data bonus for purchasing the samsung s9.. (I will release the IMEI soon).

But to tweak your IMEI for 100% bonus you'll need some requirements and they're listed below.


1. A rooted Android
2. Chamelephon App
3. IMEI Generator (by Egde Dev Studio)

[ 2 & 3 can be Downloaded from playstore or google].

How to Tweak IMEI of Newest Androids to Get 100% Data Bonus

× Open the IMEI Generator app

× Under phone IMEI, click the drop down box and select either Samsung S7, S7edge, or S8+

{There is no S9 now.. but like i said earlier.. i will release the IMEI soon on this post so you could check back or join our group to be updated}

× then under the count.. can increase it to 200 and click generate.

× A list of IMEI will appear, just copy any random one.

× Open the chamelephon app and paste the copied IMEI in the sim slot (dual sim phones means copy two different IMEI from the generator app and paste them in the sim slot in chamelephon).

× Apply your new IMEI in chamelephon and restart your droid

× Wait for 5 mins... if you do not receive a message automatically,just open your sms app and send samsung to 131

NOTE: If you get a failure message in return, means the IMEI you selected may not be valid, repeat the procedure and select another random IMEI.. (there is more than enough to go round as you can generate thousands of IMEI with this app).


Tweak IMEI for 100% bonus
100% Bonus

That's all for now geeks, Don't forget to share and invite your friends to Lukastech Blog to also partake.

Hit the Share button and comment if yours is working.


Saturday, 10 November 2018

November 10, 2018

What is A Solid State Battery and Will They Solve Our Battery Life Problems?

Mobile technology is increasing in power rapidly, but battery tech isn’t keeping up. We’re reaching the physical limits of what conventional lithium-ion and lithium-polymer designs can do. The solution might be something called a solid-state battery.

Read ahead to know what we're in into.

What is a Solid State Battery??

In a conventional battery design—most commonly lithium-ion—two solid metal electrodes are used with a liquid lithium salt acting as an electrolyte.

Ionic particles move from one electrode (the cathode) to the other (the anode) as the battery charges, and in reverse as it discharges.
The liquid lithium salt electrolyte is the medium that allows that movement.

If you’ve ever seen a battery corrode or get punctured, the “battery acid” that oozes (or sometimes explodes) out is the liquid electrolyte.

In a solid-state battery, both the positive and negative electrodes and the electrolyte between them are solid pieces of metal, alloy, or some other synthetic material. The term “solid-state” might remind you of SSD data drives, and that’s not a coincidence.

Solid-state storage drives use flash memory, which doesn’t move, as opposed to a standard hard drive, which stores data on a spinning magnetic disc powered by a tiny motor.

Though the idea of solid-state batteries has been around for decades, advances in their development are just beginning, currently spurred on by investment from electronics companies, car makers, and general industrial providers.

Advantages of Solid State Batteries.

Solid-state batteries promise a few distinct advantages over their liquid-filled cousins: better battery life, faster charging times, and a safer experience.

Solid-state batteries compress the anode, cathode, and electrolyte into three flat layers instead of suspending the electrodes in a liquid electrolyte.

That means you can make them smaller—or at least, flatter—while holding as much energy as a larger liquid-based battery. So, if you replaced the lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery in your phone or laptop with a solid state battery the same size, it would get a much longer charge.

Alternatively, you can make a device that holds the same charge much smaller or thinner.

Solid-state batteries are also safer, since there’s no toxic, flammable liquid to spill, and they don’t output as much heat as conventional rechargeable batteries. When applied to batteries that power current electronics or even electric cars, they might recharge much faster, too—ions could move much more quickly from the cathode to the anode.

According to the latest research, a solid-state battery could outperform conventional rechargeable batteries by 500% or more in terms of capacity, and charge up in a tenth of the time.

Disadvantages of Solid State Batteries.

Because solid-state batteries are an emerging technology, they’re incredibly expensive to manufacture. 

So expensive, in fact, that they aren’t installed in any major consumer-grade electronics at the time of writing. In 2012, analysts writing for the University of Florida Software Analysis and Advanced Materials Processing department estimated that a typical cell phone-sized solid-state battery would cost about $15,000 to manufacture. One big enough to power an electric car would cost $100,000.

Part of this is because the economies of scale aren’t in place—hundreds of millions of rechargeable batteries are made each year right now, so the manufacturing cost of the
materials and equipment are spread out across huge supply lines.
There are only a few companies and universities researching solid-state batteries, so the cost to produce each one is astronomical.

Another issue is the materials

While the properties of various metals, alloys, and metallic salts used for conventional rechargeable batteries is well known, we don’t currently know the best chemical and atomic composition for a solid electrolyte between metallic anodes and cathodes.

Current research is narrowing this down, but we need to gather more reliable data before we can gather or synthesize the materials and invest in manufacturing processes.

When Will a Solid-State Battery Be Available for Use?

As with all emerging technology, trying to figure out when you’ll get your hands on it is guesswork at best. It’s encouraging that many enormous corporations are investing in the research needed to bring solid-state batteries into the consumer market, but shy of a major breakthrough in the immediate future, it’s hard to say whether there will be a great leap forward. 

At least one car company says it will be ready to put one in a vehicle by 2023, but doesn’t guess how much that car might cost. Five years seems overly optimistic; ten years seems more likely. It might be twenty years or more before the materials are settled upon and the manufacturing processes are developed.

ALSO READ - 7 Tips To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

But as we said at the beginning of the article, conventional battery tech is starting to hit a wall. And there’s nothing like potential sales to spur on research and development. It’s at least slightly (very, very slightly) possible that you might be able to use a gadget or drive a car powered by a solid-state battery soon.

Kindly Share and drop comments let know your take on the roll-out of Solid State Batteries.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

November 08, 2018

MTN Increases Night Data Plan Volume - Get 250MB for n25 and 500MB for n50

I don't know what MTN is up to this time but i will like to inform the night surfers that mtn has decided to increase their night plan to default.., Offering  250MB for n25 and 500mb for n50.

As it was noticed by most of us that MTN some months ago reduced their night data plans allocated volumes due to reasons best known to them and am grateful they're back to their normal self as i suppose this might have cost them a lot of subscribers.
And most of all the data is now valid through 5:00am unlike before when it stops at 3:30am and starts misbehaving.

How to Subscribe to MTN Night Data Bundles.

Don't forget that this offer is limited to those on MTN Pulse and to migrate all you need to do is dial *406# and you'll get migrated.

N.B: Migration is free for new sims or sims that have migrated to another tariff plan in not less than than 30days.

Afterwards SMS the any of the below codes to get any plan of your choice.

√ 250MB for N25 – text NT1 to 131
√ 500MB for N50 – text NT2 to 131.

Note: You must be on the MTN Pulse (Not the mPulse) to enjoy the plan. Migrate by dialing *406*1# or SMS 406 to 131.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

November 06, 2018

Glo Unleashes 4G LTE to 36 States and 206 Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

glo 4g sim
Glo 4G Coverage

Grandmasters of data - Glo telecom has decided to unleash 4G LTE Coverage in all 36 states of Nigeria and included are 209 tertiary institutions spread across the six geographical zones of the country, empowering students with the fastest, affordable and most reliable data services.

As a result of this, Glo has been declared the network with the widest 4G LTE coverage in the county, after it's introduction in October 2016.

Globacom provides its 4G service on the much sought-after 700MHz band, which gives the operator’s 4G service better coverage and penetration.

According to a press statement released from Globalcom head office during the weekend:

"The radio propagation property of the 700MHz band enables Globacom 4G signal to travel the farthest, giving the largest coverage for any site. In effect, any city where Glo LTE is present, it covers the widest area than any other network."
They also explained that the band gives indoor penetration more than other networks which are not on the bands.

Quoting the Operator Spokesperson:

"Indeed, it offers seamless 4G coverage within the major cities without the requirement of handing over to 3G or 2G while using data, whether the subscriber is indoor or outdoor. This ensures a better user experience for 4G subscribers on the Glo network"
In addition, another edge the band has is that it comes with a dedicated spectrum bandwidth of 10MHz which gives users the fastest speed required to download movies and videos or listen to music without any delay.


  1. First of all, you have to have a 4G enabled smartphone
  2. Thereafter, go to any nearby Glo office and purchase your 4G LTE sim and get it registered, Alternatively, you can swap Glo sim for a 4G LTE sim.
  3. After a successful registration/sim swap, Insert your sim and dial *777# to access any of the available 4G Plans.
Remember that Glo launched a 4G mobile for all their customers as a bonanza, However, to know if your phone is 4G enable/compatible simply text 4G to 400 and you'll receive an SMS denoting if you're eligible or not.

 I hope all is clear? Do well to drop any glitches or inquiry you may need to be clear on.

Kindly Share.

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