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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

February 20, 2019

Mini Importation Business Guide — How to Import Goods From China to Nigeria and Make Millions


Speaking on Mini Importation business, we mean importing goods in smaller quantities, not like those that import in mega or large quantities, especially in containers. Mini importation has to do with very small quantity and can be done by anyone, without belonging to a trade union or society.

It is simply an online method of importing in small scale,  no paperwork required and funds can be started with funds as little as N10,000 and you can earn up to 250,000 within 30 days.

Well, if you've been looking for how to start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria, Wondering what kind of goods to Import and make profits, then, today is your lucky day.

Yes! The Internet has made things beautiful in this era. what I will introduce to you will provide you with: 

  • A step-by-step guide on how to import goods from China, the USA to Nigeria
  • And the best place to import these goods at a very cheap rate, 
  • And how you can ship them to your doorsteps at a minimal cost, and lot more...


Dear friend, let me introduce you to one of the hottest and sweetest legitimate online business that you will ever find on the net. What business is that? It is the import/export business!

Some might think mini importation business requires an import license which cost several thousands of naira from the Customs Department - coupled with the bureaucracy and delays associated with the process - in order to import/export products into and from Nigeria which is nowhere close to the truth.

Things have changed and as such, you can import goods from China, USA to Nigeria in your comfort zone without stress.

But wait,

Am not sharing this Guide for Free, Never


Because this is different from the guide you read every day on the net and 100% Result is guaranteed before the next 30days if you follow the guide intensively (It has worked for me and few other persons).

Now, you can decide to know more about the importation business or not.

{Hook} 🔻

If you're running a large scale importation business, the, you'll face challenges such as:

  1. Money required to start an import business in Nigeria.
  2. Also, you still have to go through a lot of delays before you can commence the actual importation of the products in question. 
  3. Similarly, after you have succeeded in starting your import business, you still need to pay a lot of money to clear your goods at the Wharf

However, you can overcome all those discouraging barriers in the import business by engaging in small scale importation and exportation on the internet. 

For real? Yes, for real! No kidding. Believe me. 

As a matter of fact, with N10,000 or less, and effective offline marketing, you can start your import business in Nigeria and make as much as N250,000 in 30 days guaranteed. 

So, what can you import into the country? Just about anything! You can order the cheapest brand new laptops, androids, iPhone, jewellery, wrist watches, shoes, iPads and so on. The list is endless. 

Better still, apart from getting the products at the best bargains and lowest prices possible, you can have them shipped down to your residential / shipping address right here in Nigeria free of any shipping costs!

This wonderful Ebook titled "The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide" (Where and How to Import Brand New Laptops, Androids, iPhones, Shoes and Other Top Quality Products at Rock Bottom Prices!)" provides you with information on how to start an import business in Nigeria with N10,000 or less and make N250,000 within 30 days guaranteed!

To this end, this new wonderful e-book reveals another top paying home business opportunity for you to make money with ease from the comfort of your own home.

Jokes apart, what will "The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide" do for you? Frankly speaking, "The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide..." focuses 100% on helping you, the highly motivated home business enthusiast on starting a very lucrative home based business based on this hottest home business idea! 

As a matter of fact, "The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide" takes the lid off some of the most respectable companies on the internet where you will find the cheapest androids, lowest priced iPhones, mobile phones and other top quality products at rock bottom prices. 

Quite frankly, the e-book pulls no punches, holds nothing back. Filled with easy-to-understand pictorial illustration, it leads you step to step, strategy by strategy through a flawless learning process. 

To be Frank...


As I said earlier, This wonderful new e-book explains it all.

  1. It reveals the companies where you can get the cheapest products online
  2. It also reveals how to make payments for the various products online
  3. As well as how to get a MasterCard for making your purchases
  4. And, finally, how to have your products delivered to you at your shipping /residential address via DHL, Singapore Post, UPS and so on.
Trust me,

This ebook is the BEST power-packed mini importation  guide that you will read in a long time..."

As a matter of fact, if you read only one e-book on "Best Strategies To Spend Less And Get More" this year, make sure that it is this e-book: "The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide..."

Do you need to be an internet guru in order to be able to order and purchase different products from these websites? Not at all! 

All you need to do is to simply follow the step-by-step process explained in detail in the e-book and within a short time you will be ordering different products online and receiving them at your residential / shipping address like a big-time business tycoon.

Without doubt, this e-book, "The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide (Where and How to Import Brand New Laptops, Androids, iPhones and Other Top Quality Products at Rock Bottom Prices!)" will open up a viable home business opportunity for you - and your life will certainly never remain the same again.

Interested, How much is The Ultimate Mini-Importation Guide Ebook?


N50,500 ($201 USD)

But it will Cost you N3,000 ($10 USD)



MARCH 30th 2019

plus +

You also have the opportunity of downloading another e-book:  "Practical Steps To Wealth Creation" (valued at $49 USD) COMPLETELY FREE (if you order  the E-book today) 


Pay to Bank using the payment details disclosed below. You can pay by bank deposit physically at the bank or through your mobile phone (if you have mobile banking installed on your phone), or online with your ATM card. Use any of the payment options which is most convenient and suitable for you to order the Ebook.

Account Number: 5001269015
Account Name: Egbujor Victor Chinedu

After payment, send your payment notification in the following format - 

( "Mini Importer Guide", Depositor's name, AMOUNT PAID, email address, and phone number)  - to: +2349097827656 or send a mail to [email protected])

Have any questions? Drop them via comment box.
February 20, 2019

MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on KPN Tunnel Rev VPN

MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on KPN Tunnel Rev VPN

Sup hommies!

We recently updated you with mtn free browsing on http injector which works on rooted devices only but we present to you this latest one on KPNtunnel which works for both rooted and non-rooted devices although it's still capped at 1GB daily [differs on some Sims tough].

Having known this let's get straight to activating our cheat.
PAy ATTENTION - 57 Random Useful Websites That You Did Not Know Of

1. MTN 3G/4G sim without an active subscription.
2. Kpntunnel Rev VPN - DOWNLOAD HERE
3. KPNtunnel Config 0 - DOWNLOAD HERE. OR
>> Config 1 - DOWNLOAD HERE

How to Activate MTN 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat For KPN Tunnel Rev VPN

1. After you've successfully downloaded the required files [download any config of your choice to import],
2. Open KPNtunnel VPN

3. Click on Config > import and locate the file you downloaded here.

4. Tap on the file and it should show "Config successfully imported"

5. Tap on the "START" button to CONNECT.

After you've successfully connected, open any browser of your choice and start blazing for free.

NOTE: This config is valid thru ------- and will be updated when the time is due.

Kindly drop comments if you experience any glitches while activating yours, also remember to share this post to friends.

February 20, 2019

MTN 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat on HTTP Injector VPN

Latest MTN 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat on HTTP Injector VPN 2019

I have updated this post with the latest MTN 0.0kb Config file for Http Injector VPN February 2019.

Good day! This new mtn 0.0kb free browsing cheat is blazing and this time it works on HTTP injector.

Unlike the mpulse data cheat, you don't need to have an active subscription or airtime on your sim to make it work.

The only demerit is that it works only on non-rooted devices and it's capped at 1GB per day while on some Sims it's 2GB or 3GB.

Without much talk let's get the main objective of this article.
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1. MTN 3G/4G Sim without an active subscription.
2. Http Injector [Latest Version] - Download from Play store or CLICK HERE.
3. Http Injector Config - Download HERE. [Premium Config for 0.0kb]] || MTN 0.0kb Config [New]
Validity: Expires on ----

How to Activate MTN 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat on HTTP Injector

1. After you've successfully installed the VPN and its config.
2. Open the HTTP Injector and tap on the Paper icon.

3. Click on Import and Locate the file you've download and click on it.

4. After you've successfully imported the file, click on the "CONNECT" button and wait for 10mins for it to connect.

After it has connected, you can now open your browser and start surfing like never before.


NOTE 2: As I said earlier, this cheat doesn't work unlimitedly on all MTN Sims.

If yours stopped connecting, kindly force stop HTTP Injector and connect again.
Also, READ - Anonytun VPN Settings for MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing 2019

Kindly Drop comments and share.


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

February 19, 2019

Updated: Latest MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on KPN Tunnel Rev VPN

KPNREV 0.0kb cheat

Updated: Latest MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on KPN Tunnel Rev VPN


We decided to update the mtn 0.0kb config for KPN Tunnel Rev VPN which has been confirmed to be working well along side the Spark VPN so you can pick any out of them.

There's no long process to making this work, other than to download the required files, import and connect.
So, without much ado, lets forge ahead:

1. MTN sim with 0.0kb [ preferably]
2. KPN Tunnel Rev Apk - DOWNLOAD HERE

How to Activate Latest 0.0kb Cheat on KPN Tunnel Rev VPN 2018.

1. After you've downloaded the required files.
2. Launch your KPN Tunnel Rev VPN

3. Click on the Settings Icon [T middle icon found at the top
right corner of the app]
4. Now tick [✅] the SSH tunnel box and go back to the main page.

5. Click the (third) Menu icon at the top-right corner of the app >> tap Config Options >> tap IMPORT.
6. Locate the folder where you saved the Config file you downloaded earlier and tap on it to import.

Kpn tunnel 0.0kb mtn cheat

7. After successful import message, Tap on the "START" button and wait some seconds for it to connect.

Hopefully, you've activated your mtn free browsing on KPN Tunnel Rev VPN.

Drop comments in case you encounter any glitches and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.

February 19, 2019

How To Write Colored Text On Facebook

Back to our social media tips; and this time we're going to focus on how To Write Colored Text On Facebook.

Many at times we have come across post with different colors and backgrounds and we might be thinking "How can this be Possible?"
Relax, we've got you covered on this as we'll provide the codes for all the color you might need although it might be a bit stressful for those who can't memorise codes.

But, we've got an alternative; simply bookmark this page and check back whenever you need to use any color code of your choice or write it down in a jotter.

And the most amazing aspect is that this colors can be use any where on Facebook, ranging from your Timeline > Private Chat > Group Chat > Status e.t.c.

Although you can change color on messenger without using any codes but for the sake of Facebook lite and Browser Users let's look into this.

Below are the color and the specific code to implement them:


<+fg=b0ffd700> golden
<+fg=b0000000> black
<+fg=b0ff7f00> orange
<+fg=b0ffff00> yellow
<+fg=b0ff00ff> light pink
<+fg=b0ff007f> dark pink
<+fg=b0ff0000> redish pink
<+fg=b0800000> brown
<+fg=b0ffc0cb> light purple
<+fg=b06f00ff> dark blue
<+fg=b0c0c0c0> grey
<+fg=80ffffff> sky blue
<+fg=b000ffff> light blue
<+fg=b0bf00ff> purple
<+fg=b08f00ff> dark purple
<+fg=b0808000> mehandi green
<+fg=b0ba55d3> light purple
<+fg=b0f000f0> majenta
<+fg=b00000ff> blue
<+fg=b0b08080> steel grey
<+fg=b0000080> movve
<+fg=b0964b00> light brown
<+fg=f0f00f0f> red
<+fg=b000ff00> green.

NOTE 1: 
Please Ignore the Plus sign (+) from above codes.

NOTE 2: 
fg” stands for "Font Color & ”bg” for "Background Color" i.e [Fg can be interchanged by ”bg” to change the background color only]

<+b> can be Used for making the fonts Bolder

NOTE 4: 
Font Colors won't make any effect on browsers but will show the real codes, however, for a more effective outcome use any Facebook app and you'll see colorful text shining back at you.


Write in color on facebook

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Having done all these, you can now proceed to share this article  with friends, you can also drop a comment if you find it difficult implementing any of the given codes. 

Monday, 18 February 2019

February 18, 2019

mpulse Config to Power MTN mpulse Data via HTTP Injector

Good morning all!!

Let's start this new week by sharing the latest config for mtn mpulse to make it power all apps on your phone.

Few days back, we updated the  config For MTN 0.0kb free browsing and it's working hard, the only dismerit is that the data is mostly capped at 50mb daily.

However, as we promised earlier we'll provide the config to import when trying to make your mpulse data power all apps on your phone.

The requirements remains the same,


1. An MTN Sim with an active mpulse data subscription.
2. An android phone with good network signals.

3. Http Injector Apk - DOWNLOAD HERE
4. MTN mpulse config - DOWNLOAD 1 [Latest mpulse Config 2019]| DOWNLOAD 2 | DOWNLOAD 3.

How to Make mpulse Data Power all Apps on Mobile via HTTP Injector

1. After you've downloaded the required app and selected config.
2. Open your HTTP Injector and agree to any pop-up that comes up.

3. Click on the paper-like icon and tap on Import Config.
4. Locate the downloaded config and tap on it to import.

5. After successful importation, click on the START button and watch it connect with ease.

N.B: You must have an active mpulse bundle subscription before it will be able to connect.

Once You're Connected That's all; open your browser and start surfing.

Feel free to drop comments and share and difficulties you might experience.

Kindly Share.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

February 17, 2019

How to Make Your Glo Data Connection Stable and Faster 2019

Make glo network stable

How to Make Your Glo Data Connection Stable on Android

Hi there!

Have you ever subscribed to any Glo data Plan and within seconds/minutes; your data connection automatically goes off, which simplifies that all current downloads and page will have to reconnect after which you have to turn on the data again.

PAY ATTENTION - Glo Acquires The Most Innovative Brand Of The Year Award

This method you're going to read on making your glo connection stable and faster is strictly for those on the Glo network that have subscribed to a data package but is unable to browse for a long time with it [Constant Disconnection].

What I am trying to say is that whenever you turn on your data; within seconds/minutes it will turn to Edge and then go off totally which will warrant you to turn your data Off and then On again.

This scenario can be quite frustrating especially when you have queued a download on your browser.

If you're in this category then we've something in stock for you to enable you to have a stable Glo Data Connection.

Moreover, it works on both 3G and 4G Enabled devices.

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How to Make Data Connection Stable on Glo

As I said earlier, this method works on both 3G and 4G enabled device.

👉 Firstly, go to your SMS and send "Activate" to 444 to get an APN configuration sent to your phone or you can use the fastest glo APN settings for 2018.

👉 Install the Configuration,

👉 Go to your mobile network and change Network Mode to 3G Only.

How to Make Your Glo Data Connection Stable on Android

Make glo connection stable

👉 After you've done that, Put your phone on ✈ Airplane Mode and Then the phone 📱 off.

👉 Wait for at least 3-5 sec then then on your phone.

👉 Turn off ✈ Airplane Mode, then wait for your signal to come up.

👉 Now, turn on your data and experience disconnection no more while browsing with your Glo Sim.


This method has been tested and proven to be one of the best method to make your Glo connection stable, apart from using Connection Stabilizer or just APN which might not work at times.

That's all for now, you've successfully stabilized your Data Connection on the Glo Network.

PAY ATTENTION - MTN is Gifting Free 500MB to Selected Users - Check Yours

Kindly Drop Comments if you experienced difficulties or if the problem still persist [which we're sure can't be possible] we've got something for you.

Do Well to Share.

February 17, 2019

Latest MTN 0.0kb Hammer VPN Free Browsing Cheat 2019

We present to you another latest free browsing cheat on the MTN Network Via Hammer VPN for 2019.

Hammer VPN is a VPN that offer both free and premium servers and is currently available for foreign countries.

However, we have provided a modded version of the app that enables you browse for free coupled with the provided settings below.

Is the Hammer VPN cheat for 2019 Unlimited.

Actually, the answer is NO but it is capped at 100MB on some sims.

However, each sever is limited to 100mb daily, so you can switch within the 4-5 servers which equals 400MB-500MB Daily.

Hammer VPN Settings for MTN 0.0Kb Cheat 2019


1. Android Phone
2. MTN 3G/4G Sim
3. Default MTN APN Settings
4. Hammer VPN - Download HERE. | DOWNLOAD HERE (NEW)


1. After you've successfully downloaded the Hammer VPN, set it up as shown below...

> Username: Lukastechblog
> Password: Leave it as default
> Server: select Server 5 (You can switch tough but  Server 5 works best)

2. Add these two ports to the boxes.

> First port - 8080
> Second Port - 9201

Just as illustrated on the image below.

3. Now, Click on CONNECT and wait at least 10mins for it to establish a connection and finally get connected.

✅ Once it is connected, simply launch any of your browser and start surfing, downloading and streaming.

How to Utilize this Cheat on PC

Sharing your connection to a PC requires a rooted device.

However, We've written a detailed guide on how to share your connection without root for those with Unrooted device -- Click Here to See Details.

Once you get connected, you'll testify to the speed of this new Hammer VPN Cheat.

That's all friends - If you have any question kindly drop them via the comment box below.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

February 16, 2019

Google Partners With UBA to Bring Free Internet to Customers

Google Free Wi-Fi

Google and United Bank of Africa (UBA) PLC, has decided to collaborate with ISP partners to launch Google stations in 11 important UBA branches in Lagos State and it's part of the plan to roll out 200 stations in 5 cities across Nigeria by the end of 2019.

What is Google Station?

Google station is a platform that provides free, high speed Wi-Fi Hot-spots in public areas, which began last year in Lagos and is now extended to Abuja in partnership with Backbone Connectivity Network.

This Google-powered initiative would give customers Internet access within the 11 branches and it environs, thereby facilitating their daily businesses and activities, while ensuring constant connectivity.

The 11 major branches where Google station will be located are:

  1. UBA Bank Road, 810-811 Bank Road, Daleko; 
  2. UBA Matori, 21 Fatai Atere street; 
  3. UBA Surulere, 152 Ogunlana Drive; 
  4. UBA Allen, 13 Allen Avenue, Ikeja; 
  5. UBA Tisco Plaza, Alausa; 
  6. UBA Apapa, 11-13 Warehouse Road, Apapa; 
  7. UBA Marina, 55 Marina, Lagos Island; 
  8. UBA HQ, Broad Street, Marina; 
  9. UBA Lekki Admiralty; 
  10. UBA Oke Arin 
  11. and UBA Aspamda Plaza, Trade Fair.

Google Nigeria's Country director noted that the establishments remains centred to providing web services to users at no cost.

PAY ATTENTION - Datally: The new app from Google that saves you Data

According to her,
With the help of our partners, we are offering high-quality Internet access in heavily-trafficked areas like airports, markets, malls and bus stations throughout the country, especially in areas where there were no Internet connections before.
“Even with the amazing progress on expanding mobile Internet, we are finding that public Wi-Fi remains a crucial step in getting free, high quality Internet to everyone,” she explained.

Get Latest Browsing Cheats, How-to's, Technology, Tech News, Making Money Tips and Social Media Tricks Updates.
February 16, 2019

Instagram Age Checker Tool — Check Instagram Account Creation Date in Minutes

Are you at the verge of buying a new IG Instagram account and you're considerate of verifying the creation date of the account?

The tool we're going to share with you today is going to reveal the age of any IG account within minutes and guess what? It works for free.

We'll not also hesitate to provide you with the full guide on how to go about the age verification process backed up with screen shots.

Simply get your coffee, sit back, read, implement and also share your testimony via the comment box.

Before we continue, let's look at the features of this cool IG Age checker tool:

  1.  The tool is totally free
  2.  The tool doesn't zap data as some analytical sites do.
  3. Doesn't Require Installation (Online Checker tool)
  4.  Provides Fast and Accurate result
  5.  Lot more.....

How to Check Instagram Account Creation Date in Minutes

1. If you're either on PC or Mobile, simply visit - IG Age Check
2. Click on the Click here to access this tool button.

Online IG age checker
Instagram Age Checker tool

3. It will redirect you to an unsecure page - click on CONTINUE ANYWAY but if you're using Chrome Click on the ADVANCE BUTTON and click PROCEED to site link.

4. On the main page, type the username in the given box, solve the Captcha and then press the CHECK AGE button.

5. Wait for it to process your request to be processed; usually takes some seconds.

6. BOOM!! Behold the account creation month and year will be displayed to you on your screen.

Instagram Age Checker
Instagram Age Checker Tool

If pleased with the result; then you can decide to proceed with the transaction, but if otherwise; you can step back.


I hope this few guides have helped you Check the Age of any Instagram account.

Alternatively, If you don’t have the email verification date, or if the account lacks posted media to check relative age by first post (or the patience to scroll down through too many posts until the first one), 

NOTE: The above tool is the first online tool to estimate Instagram account age, this tool estimates age with an error of about +/- 1-2 months. If the tool does not load, please check in different times of the day for availability. The tool is still a work in progress.

If you're looking for a way to Grow Your Instagram Page - Click Here to Get Started