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Sunday, 11 November 2018

November 11, 2018

How to Tweak IMEI of Newest Androids to Get 100% Data Bonus

How to Tweak IMEI of Newest Androids to Get 100% Data Bonus
Tweak IMEI for 100% Bonus

100% data bonus was released officially by all telecom operators but most of us apart from those who bought some new phone have tried activating it to no avail.

But, Don't Worry;

This post is for you.

Yes, there's an info that nigeria's major networks will be giving out data bonus for purchasing the samsung s9.. (I will release the IMEI soon).

But to tweak your IMEI for 100% bonus you'll need some requirements and they're listed below.


1. A rooted Android
2. Chamelephon App
3. IMEI Generator (by Egde Dev Studio)

[ 2 & 3 can be Downloaded from playstore or google].

How to Tweak IMEI of Newest Androids to Get 100% Data Bonus

× Open the IMEI Generator app

× Under phone IMEI, click the drop down box and select either Samsung S7, S7edge, or S8+

{There is no S9 now.. but like i said earlier.. i will release the IMEI soon on this post so you could check back or join our group to be updated}

× then under the count.. can increase it to 200 and click generate.

× A list of IMEI will appear, just copy any random one.

× Open the chamelephon app and paste the copied IMEI in the sim slot (dual sim phones means copy two different IMEI from the generator app and paste them in the sim slot in chamelephon).

× Apply your new IMEI in chamelephon and restart your droid

× Wait for 5 mins... if you do not receive a message automatically,just open your sms app and send samsung to 131

NOTE: If you get a failure message in return, means the IMEI you selected may not be valid, repeat the procedure and select another random IMEI.. (there is more than enough to go round as you can generate thousands of IMEI with this app).


Tweak IMEI for 100% bonus
100% Bonus

That's all for now geeks, Don't forget to share and invite your friends to Lukastech Blog to also partake.

Hit the Share button and comment if yours is working.


Saturday, 10 November 2018

November 10, 2018

What is A Solid State Battery and Will They Solve Our Battery Life Problems?

Mobile technology is increasing in power rapidly, but battery tech isn’t keeping up. We’re reaching the physical limits of what conventional lithium-ion and lithium-polymer designs can do. The solution might be something called a solid-state battery.

Read ahead to know what we're in into.

What is a Solid State Battery??

In a conventional battery design—most commonly lithium-ion—two solid metal electrodes are used with a liquid lithium salt acting as an electrolyte.

Ionic particles move from one electrode (the cathode) to the other (the anode) as the battery charges, and in reverse as it discharges.
The liquid lithium salt electrolyte is the medium that allows that movement.

If you’ve ever seen a battery corrode or get punctured, the “battery acid” that oozes (or sometimes explodes) out is the liquid electrolyte.

In a solid-state battery, both the positive and negative electrodes and the electrolyte between them are solid pieces of metal, alloy, or some other synthetic material. The term “solid-state” might remind you of SSD data drives, and that’s not a coincidence.

Solid-state storage drives use flash memory, which doesn’t move, as opposed to a standard hard drive, which stores data on a spinning magnetic disc powered by a tiny motor.

Though the idea of solid-state batteries has been around for decades, advances in their development are just beginning, currently spurred on by investment from electronics companies, car makers, and general industrial providers.

Advantages of Solid State Batteries.

Solid-state batteries promise a few distinct advantages over their liquid-filled cousins: better battery life, faster charging times, and a safer experience.

Solid-state batteries compress the anode, cathode, and electrolyte into three flat layers instead of suspending the electrodes in a liquid electrolyte.

That means you can make them smaller—or at least, flatter—while holding as much energy as a larger liquid-based battery. So, if you replaced the lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery in your phone or laptop with a solid state battery the same size, it would get a much longer charge.

Alternatively, you can make a device that holds the same charge much smaller or thinner.

Solid-state batteries are also safer, since there’s no toxic, flammable liquid to spill, and they don’t output as much heat as conventional rechargeable batteries. When applied to batteries that power current electronics or even electric cars, they might recharge much faster, too—ions could move much more quickly from the cathode to the anode.

According to the latest research, a solid-state battery could outperform conventional rechargeable batteries by 500% or more in terms of capacity, and charge up in a tenth of the time.

Disadvantages of Solid State Batteries.

Because solid-state batteries are an emerging technology, they’re incredibly expensive to manufacture. 

So expensive, in fact, that they aren’t installed in any major consumer-grade electronics at the time of writing. In 2012, analysts writing for the University of Florida Software Analysis and Advanced Materials Processing department estimated that a typical cell phone-sized solid-state battery would cost about $15,000 to manufacture. One big enough to power an electric car would cost $100,000.

Part of this is because the economies of scale aren’t in place—hundreds of millions of rechargeable batteries are made each year right now, so the manufacturing cost of the
materials and equipment are spread out across huge supply lines.
There are only a few companies and universities researching solid-state batteries, so the cost to produce each one is astronomical.

Another issue is the materials

While the properties of various metals, alloys, and metallic salts used for conventional rechargeable batteries is well known, we don’t currently know the best chemical and atomic composition for a solid electrolyte between metallic anodes and cathodes.

Current research is narrowing this down, but we need to gather more reliable data before we can gather or synthesize the materials and invest in manufacturing processes.

When Will a Solid-State Battery Be Available for Use?

As with all emerging technology, trying to figure out when you’ll get your hands on it is guesswork at best. It’s encouraging that many enormous corporations are investing in the research needed to bring solid-state batteries into the consumer market, but shy of a major breakthrough in the immediate future, it’s hard to say whether there will be a great leap forward. 

At least one car company says it will be ready to put one in a vehicle by 2023, but doesn’t guess how much that car might cost. Five years seems overly optimistic; ten years seems more likely. It might be twenty years or more before the materials are settled upon and the manufacturing processes are developed.

ALSO READ - 7 Tips To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

But as we said at the beginning of the article, conventional battery tech is starting to hit a wall. And there’s nothing like potential sales to spur on research and development. It’s at least slightly (very, very slightly) possible that you might be able to use a gadget or drive a car powered by a solid-state battery soon.

Kindly Share and drop comments let know your take on the roll-out of Solid State Batteries.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

November 08, 2018

MTN Increases Night Data Plan Volume - Get 250MB for n25 and 500MB for n50

I don't know what MTN is up to this time but i will like to inform the night surfers that mtn has decided to increase their night plan to default.., Offering  250MB for n25 and 500mb for n50.

As it was noticed by most of us that MTN some months ago reduced their night data plans allocated volumes due to reasons best known to them and am grateful they're back to their normal self as i suppose this might have cost them a lot of subscribers.
And most of all the data is now valid through 5:00am unlike before when it stops at 3:30am and starts misbehaving.

How to Subscribe to MTN Night Data Bundles.

Don't forget that this offer is limited to those on MTN Pulse and to migrate all you need to do is dial *406# and you'll get migrated.

N.B: Migration is free for new sims or sims that have migrated to another tariff plan in not less than than 30days.

Afterwards SMS the any of the below codes to get any plan of your choice.

√ 250MB for N25 – text NT1 to 131
√ 500MB for N50 – text NT2 to 131.

Note: You must be on the MTN Pulse (Not the mPulse) to enjoy the plan. Migrate by dialing *406*1# or SMS 406 to 131.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

November 06, 2018

Glo Unleashes 4G LTE to 36 States and 206 Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

glo 4g sim
Glo 4G Coverage

Grandmasters of data - Glo telecom has decided to unleash 4G LTE Coverage in all 36 states of Nigeria and included are 209 tertiary institutions spread across the six geographical zones of the country, empowering students with the fastest, affordable and most reliable data services.

As a result of this, Glo has been declared the network with the widest 4G LTE coverage in the county, after it's introduction in October 2016.

Globacom provides its 4G service on the much sought-after 700MHz band, which gives the operator’s 4G service better coverage and penetration.

According to a press statement released from Globalcom head office during the weekend:

"The radio propagation property of the 700MHz band enables Globacom 4G signal to travel the farthest, giving the largest coverage for any site. In effect, any city where Glo LTE is present, it covers the widest area than any other network."
They also explained that the band gives indoor penetration more than other networks which are not on the bands.

Quoting the Operator Spokesperson:

"Indeed, it offers seamless 4G coverage within the major cities without the requirement of handing over to 3G or 2G while using data, whether the subscriber is indoor or outdoor. This ensures a better user experience for 4G subscribers on the Glo network"
In addition, another edge the band has is that it comes with a dedicated spectrum bandwidth of 10MHz which gives users the fastest speed required to download movies and videos or listen to music without any delay.


  1. First of all, you have to have a 4G enabled smartphone
  2. Thereafter, go to any nearby Glo office and purchase your 4G LTE sim and get it registered, Alternatively, you can swap Glo sim for a 4G LTE sim.
  3. After a successful registration/sim swap, Insert your sim and dial *777# to access any of the available 4G Plans.
Remember that Glo launched a 4G mobile for all their customers as a bonanza, However, to know if your phone is 4G enable/compatible simply text 4G to 400 and you'll receive an SMS denoting if you're eligible or not.

 I hope all is clear? Do well to drop any glitches or inquiry you may need to be clear on.

Kindly Share.

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Monday, 5 November 2018

November 05, 2018

How to Power all Your Apps on Samsung Smartphone with MTN mPulse Data Plan via Max VPN


Max VPN is a Freemium VPN launched for Samsung smart phones Users and in this article we are going to see How to Power your Mpulse Data on Samsung with Max VPN.

Most of all, the app is fast, stable and doesn't require you to import any config file, neither does it need the use of any Tunnel VPN, HTTPS injector or otherwise.
All you need to do is Just download Max VPN and blaze on.

How to Use Max VPN to Power All Apps via Mpulse Data on Samsung

First of all, Make sure you're already on Mtn mpulse or  migrate to MTN mPulse Plan by dial *344*1# from a new or existing MTN SIM.

Once you're sure that you've successfully migrated to the package, then:

> Subscribe to the mPulse Special Data bundle, a monthly bundle of 1.2GB for just N150, send 351 to 344.

> Launch the app and Turn ON Privacy Protection and Data Saving mode.

> To remove the count-down on when the protection would stop, kindly go to the menu and click on Premium Mode to enjoy a long lasting connection.

> Your mPulse data should connect after then. Keep surfing and enjoy!

Samsung Max VPN

About Samsung Max VPN

Samsung Max is a “freemium” VPN and privacy tool that Samsung launched on February 23rd, 2018. It signifies that it is free to use, but there is also a premium version. Officially, Samsung lists it as a “Data savings and privacy manager”.

The Opera browser company originally designed this app, but Samsung purchased it for exclusive use on their phones.

Kindly Share.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

November 04, 2018

DesignEvo Review - Create Unique Logos in Minutes

DesignEvo Review - Create Unique Logo in Minutes

Let's get this straight,

Making a logo for your websites, blogs, brand e.t.c is relevant but there's a major set back which is "Finding the Best Logo Maker Tool".

Although this can be solved by going to a graphics designer for help but to save you the cost [although it might take some time] we have decided to write a review on DesignEvo: Free Logo Maker, Create Custom Logo Designs Online.

In a jiffy let's see how we can successfully Create Unique Logos for Blog, Websites, Business and so on within some minutes.

Introducing DesignEVO

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker developed by PearlMountain Limited.

DesignEvo is a web-based custom logo builder that enables users to create logos for free. It is quite a useful tool for independent professionals, small business owners, and startups that are looking to have their own logo but without having to pay expensive fees to professional graphic designers for the job.

DesignEvo comes with a user-friendly interface that makes creating logos a simple task. On top of that, it offers a vast collection of icons, fonts, and pre-built logo templates, turning logo creation into a fun and exciting endeavour. DesignEvo is so easy to use that those without designing skills and expertise can build custom, professional-looking business logos in mere minutes.
According to them:
Make unique blog logo designs with DesignEvo's blog logo creator and let your blog to stand out from the crowd. Do you need logos for your food blog or fashion blog? Do you have no idea that how to make a suitable blog logo in a simple way? Come here and choose from plenty of templates from DesignEvo to get inspiration. Millions of icons, hundreds of fonts and powerful tools will help you customize brilliant blog logo easily. You don't have to learn how to design, all you need to do is choose and click. That’s so easy!
In addition, you can use Designevo online logo maker offers logo's for purposes like:

  • Website and Blog Logos
  • Company and Organization Logos
  • Social Media Profile Logos
  • Software and App Logos
  • Business Logos
  • Birthday Logos
  • Letterheads
  • E.t.c

 They have an application for Desktop and mobile which you can use instead of the online method.

We're lucky to be among one of those that tested their paid service which I am about to share with you guys.

Without Hesitating, let's proceed.

How to Make a Professional Logo with DesignEvo

Creating a Professional logo for your blog/websites requires the below procedure which must be followed acutely.

#Step 1: Create an Account with DesignEvo

This shouldn't be a big deal, Visit DesignEvo Website, once you're on the website all you need to do is create an account with them through your email; alternatively, you can sign in with your Google+ account or login with your Facebook ID.

N.B: You can as well proceed to create your logo's without signing in but you will experience some glitches when trying to save your work for further editing.

#2. Choose a Logo Template

This is what should pop up next after you might have clicked the "Make a free logo button" and in this case, you can decide if you want to create a blank document to start a fresh project.

There are over 5000 premium template [Designed Logo Templates] you can select from and edit and best of all you can search for template categories by entering some keywords in the search box.

Once you've selected a template you will be prompted to input Company name and slogan which you can skip and add later during editing.

#3. Customize Your Logo (Texts, Fonts, Color, Add Icons, Shape)

This is the part where you need to customize the logo you've selected, and in the option, you can drag and drop texts, add colour, change fonts, add icons and most of all make it unique to your taste.

Multiple Icons, Variety of fonts from different categories, Background Editing, and you can also add as many texts as suit your design is supported.

#Step 4: Preview Your Logo

As soon as you're done editing your Logo, it is advisable to preview before download, however, if you're sure of what you did then you can click the download button straight ahead.

The preview button will show you how your design will look like on a T-shirt, Website/blog, business card e.t.c

#5. Downloads and Pricing

Now, when you click on the download button, you will be redirected to a page where you can download your template either the paid or free version.


Picking the free version means you'll have to give a credit to them via your social media/ blog/websites. 

After Downloading the low-quality logo in a zip file, the images contained would be in jpg and png formats respectively but with a low resolution, restricted to some editings and it also involves copyright ownership.


As shown in the above image the paid plan comes in two packages, namely: 

  1. The Basic Package
  2. The Plus Package
The Basic Package which costs $24.99 USD and the Plus package cost $49.99 USD

Ideologically, the paid version is the best if you're really into making fully customizable, high-quality unique logos in minutes.

The paid logos have a High-quality JPG, PNG + a Transparent Design suitable to use on websites and Blogs, unlike the free version.

In addition, you'll be able to re-edit and download your logo, High-resolution files available for HD printing, without losing quality, Availability of professional customer care support after purchase e.t.c

Although there are slight differences between the basic and plus package which we'll be looking into.

Difference Between Basic and Plus Package on DesignEvo

There's just three(3) major difference from the Basic package and the Plus package, they're listed below:
  1. You can get Vector files that can be scaled without loss of quality such as SVG (editable on design Software) and PDF (easily shared with others).
  2. You can download the used font and install it on your computer for further use.
  3. You have the right to register a trademark, Click here to see FAQ about copyright usage on DesignEvo.
N.B: Both packages are a one time fee for a particular logo which signifies that you'll purchase another package to start building from scratch.

However, if you want another logo different from the one you purchased you can go to your logos and re-edit to another logo. Then you can download it for free.

DesignEvo Pros & Cons


#1. DesignEvo has a simple interface, easy to use and understand even though you're not a graphics designer; it can give you what you want within a couple of minutes.

#2. It can be accessed on any web browser on either PC or Mac, in other words, you can download the mobile app from play store on your mobile if your web browser won't give you a better editing experience.

#3. The preview button will always serve as a good option to foresee what your logo design looks like making it easier to design professional logos.

#4. Registration is not necessary before you can proceed with editing and downloading... However, an account is necessary if you intend keeping records of all your edit for future purposes.

#5. Logos are prepared in a ready-to-print format, making it easier for you to print your logos on your T-shirts, Bussiness card and other objects. [Supported Formats: PNG, JPG, Transparent PNG].


#1. You can not upload a custom image, texts, or icons, meanwhile, you're limited to the provided resources on the dashboard.

#2. All members that paid for the same subscription as yours can as well use the same design as you did, and this isn't one of the features of being unique, however, it determines the procedure you went through to achieve create the professional logo design you really aspire for.


Designevo Demo

Designevo Mobile Apps



Designevo is an easy fully customized online editing tool which allows you to create unique Logos in minutes. Even a newbie without professional designing skill can create custom logos for websites, social media, blogs, letterheads, business e.t.c in few clicks.

Kindly share and drop comments.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

November 03, 2018

Lukastech Blog Got A New Domain Name, Good or Bad?

Hello Friends,

Happy new month,

We the admins at Lukastech are saying a big thank you for staying behind with us despite the server issues we faced during the past weeks.

In case you're not aware, The site has been down for quite some weeks now and it has cost a lot on both sides which aren't friendly.

The main Issue is that we were working in getting a new domain and redirecting it to the former but the procedures became longer than we thought and there's actually nothing we can do but wait, however, we're back and stable.

We published this article to inform readers of new developments which have been made to the site.

Development is a good thing and it will be absolute ignorance if you don't know every move taken in one of your favourite tech blog in Nigeria.


The good news is that you can now visit instead of, irrespective of that, if you type in you'll be redirected to

I hope you like our new name? What's your take on this?? is a nice move?


It has come to our notice that not all of us have the android app installed on our mobile and that isn't a nice thing to hear.

Lukastech blog app will give you access to all the features you might need on the site, including Twitter integration, RSS Feed and More.

N.B: If you have the previous version of the app installed, kindly update to the latest version.

Kindly drop your reviews via comment, we'll appreciate.

Enter your email address:

Delivered by Lukastech

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

October 31, 2018

How to Get 5GB for N50, 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 on MTN

MTN has decided to put a smile on our face this week just as Airtel did in the past weeks before they started misbehaving, and this time we are going to show you a plan on MTN which will offer 5GB for N50, 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 respectively...

Meanwhile, this offer is based on eligibility, the amusing aspect is that, if gotten, it can be used to stream, download, and browse all website without any restrictions.

The eligibility, however, hasn't been confirmed yet because almost everyone that gave the offer a try is always on the lucky side so it might be your turn to get the 5GB data for N50.

How to Activate 5GB for N50 on MTN

It's ever simple to access the bonus and it can be achieved by following the below steps:
  1. Dial *662#
  2.  Select 6 for WECHAT N50
Having done that, you'll be given an additional 5GB which is valid for 7days / 1 week.

How to Activate 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 on MTN

These categories can be achieved only by accumulating the data and here's the simple logic:

Since N50 gives you 5GB, that means you'll get 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 and soon...

All we need to do is redial the above code to resubscribe to WECHAT/repeat the above steps to get 10GB and then keep on doing same till you accumulate to your satisfaction.


How to Get 5GB for N50, 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 on MTN

How to Get 5GB for N50, 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 on MTN

That's all.

You can check your data balance by dialling *131*4#.

Do well to drop a comment if you've gotten your 5GB data working and don't forget to share the post to your social media.

Warm Regards.

READ ALSO -- How To Create SSH Account For All VPN

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

October 30, 2018

How to Create SSH Account for All VPN

How to Create SSH Account for All VPN

While we still enjoyed our free browsing cheat on MTN and the rest; most of us run around looking for where to download working config files.

Therefore, we've considered these things and for this reason, we are going to teach you How to Create Your Own SSH Account for any pre-configured config file.

In addition, we are going to show you how to input your details into the VPN you're working with and as usual, this tutorial will be done in a jiffy.

However, we are only going to show you how to work with the SSH Accounts on HTTP INJECTOR and KPN REV TUNNEL alone.

Having known this, let hit the nail to the head.

READ --- How to Get 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB Data for N1000 on Airtel


To create an SSH Account, all you've to do is:

  1. Visit any of the SSH sites you know
  2. Select any Server
  3. Create a Free Account
N.B: To get a maximum experience we suggest you choose locations like  Singapore, United States, France, United Kingdom Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Europe or India.

After Successful Creation, You must copy/take note of the following Credentials:

  1. Host/IP Address:
  2. Username:
  3. Password:
  4. Port: 443.

List of Sites to Create Free SSH ACCOUNT for ALL VPN

Below are the sites you can look up to when in need of a Free SSH Account for any VPN.


How to Input SSH Credentials into HTTP INJECTOR

Just as i said earlier, take note of the following details after creating your SSH Account:

  1. Host/IP Address:
  2. Username:
  3. Password:
  4. Port: 443.
All set, Launch your HTTP injector, tap on the MENU icon, then tick SSH settings.


 In SSH Host, Input the host you just created from the site.
 In SSH PORT, use 443, [Default PORT for all SSH sites.]
 In Username and Password, Input the details you just generated.

All done?? If YES, then, Go back and CONNECT. Nothing more.

READ --- Glo Jollific8 | Get 5.2GB For ₦100 And 10.4GB For ₦200 On Glo

How to Input SSH Credentials into KPN REV TUNNEL

Nothing much, It's almost the same thing as the former; all you've to do is take note of the following after you've created your SSH account:
  1. Host/IP Address:
  2. Username:
  3. Password:
  4. Port: 443.
All set, Launch your KPN REV TUNNEL, Click the 3 dashed icons and tick the SSH Tunnel box, then, tap on SSH Tunnel and proceed to input your details.


 In SSH Host, Input the host you just created from the site.
 In SSH PORT, use 443, [Default PORT for all SSH sites.]
 In Username and password, Input the details you just generated.

All done?? If YES, then, Go back and CONNECT. Nothing further.

We hope this post helps you in creating your own SSH Account for any VPN you might come across, kindly do well to share, drop comments and most of all come back for more.


Monday, 29 October 2018

October 29, 2018

5 New Mobile Browser Alternatives to Chrome and Safari

Your smartphone comes loaded with a browser and you probably use that without ever changing it. But that might mean you are missing out on a much better web experience if you never tried other browser apps.

For a lot of people, Google Chrome is the default mobile browser. The latest Chrome 66 update has introduced a new UI and changed the media player. You can do a lot more with Chrome on Android than you think, and the iOS version is an excellent alternative to Safari.

But look beyond Chrome. There are other mobile browsers out there that can completely change your gateway to the internet.

1Cake (Android, iOS): Better Search Experience With Quick Loading

Cake reckons that the current mobile browser is a miniaturized version of the desktop browser. So, the team set out to build a browser made for the smartphone. It focuses more on helping you find and browse things easily.

Cake is unique in offering to change how search works on the browser (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or any other). Instead of the usual search results page, it opens the first organic search result automatically. Swipe right to go to the next page, already opened. Behind the scenes, Cake takes care of pre-loading the fastest sites so that it’s a smooth, fluid experience.

The browser also offers deep customization. You can use different search engines for different purposes, like Google for web search, Giphy for images, YouTube for videos, and so on. Plus it has ad-blocking, popup-blocking, and many of the other features in the best modern mobile browsers.

Download: Cake for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Smooz (Android, iOS): One-Handed Browsing With Gestures

Usually, browsing on your smartphone requires two hands. You hold your phone in one, and you swipe with the other. Most browsers don’t enable a good one-handed experience where your thumb does all the work. Most browsers aren’t Smooz either.

Smooz uses smart gestures for the most common tasks in a browser.

For example, tap and hold a link to open it in a new tab. Swipe to switch from one tab to the next. Pin tabs with a custom gesture so you don’t accidentally close it or browse away from it. It’s quite intuitive, and you’ll love the experience.

Of course, you’ll need to type with one hand too. For that, use Gboard keyboard on Android with its one-handed mode, or learn how to type with one hand on the iPhone.

Download: Smooz for Android | IOS (Free)

3. Internet by Amazon (Android): Light, Fast Browser With News Feed

Android users who run out of space and need faster lightweight apps, there’s a new browser for you. And it’s made by Amazon, of all people.

It’s called the internet and takes less than 5MB of storage space. It is quick to launch as well and behaves like most common browsers. There is even a “private mode” which some other light browsers lack. And Amazon has included something to make it feel more like Google’s Chrome: a news feed.

Open the app and you are greeted with a page that is exactly like Chrome on mobile, with your most frequently visited sites followed by recent news about topics you are interested in.

Amazon also claims this is a private browser, but it’s unclear how or why that is. The app still asks for permission to your photos/media/files, your memory storage, and full network access. Granted, it’s not as intrusive as Chrome, but take the “private” tag with a pinch of salt as
Amazon has some issues with privacy.

The browser is currently available only in India, but you can download and install the APK by side loading it.

Download: Internet for Android (Free)

4. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (Android, iOS): Privacy First, Browsing Second

This is a time when everyone is worried about how much we are being tracked online. DuckDuckGo has made a name for itself as a
privacy-focused search engine. Now it has new browsers to protect you while surfing the web.

By default, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser will ensure you are on an encrypted connection with the site, and it blocks common malicious trackers as well. Each website gets a privacy grade according to this, so you know if you’re on a site that can compromise your data. At any point, you can tap the “Fire” logo to clear all your browsing data.

Apart from that, it’s a simple web browser that offers everything that big browsers like Chrome have. If you want to know more, read about how DuckDuckGo’s new apps keep you safe.

Download: DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Samsung Internet Browser (Android): A Weird but Interesting Choice

Generally, our advice has been to
replace Samsung apps with better alternatives. But in this one case, you should consider replacing your regular browser with the Samsung internet browser instead.

Samsung internet is a Chromium-based browser, so most features are what you’d get in Google Chrome.

But use it once and you’ll immediately notice the speed difference. Samsung internet feels much faster. It is also better at a lot of the things that you might find limiting in Chrome, like the download manager. And in a surprise move, the Samsung internet browser actually uses much less battery than Chrome too.

Finally, Samsung has done something that Chrome still hasn’t: extensions. There isn’t a huge number of extensions yet, but the ones that are there prove useful.

Download: Samsung Internet for
Android (Free)

Know How Browsers Compromise Privacy

If you use the browser that came with your phone, it’s important to know that this is probably compromising your privacy. The company that sold you the phone, or the one that made the browser, or both will be tracking you across the sites you visit.

Kindly share... We will also be happy if you drop some comments.

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