Join Lukastech Blog Active Telegram Group If You're Yet to Join

It's some hours close to a new year (2019) and we've decided to make Lukastech Blog Telegram Group an Active One.

It has come to our notice that most people haven't connected with us socially on our Facebook Page, Twitter, Telegram Group, Channel and Even WhatsApp and we want that to be a thing of the past from next year.

If you haven't connected with us socially, then you've missed and still have more packages to miss and that's the reason why am bring up this post.

Lukastech Telegram Group has launched a few months ago and ever since then it's still active as usual.

I urge you all to join Lukastech Blog Telegram group chat and Channel and meet other Blog users there who are ready to help you on any Technical issues. You will get to meet new people, make friends and learn from other blog users.

So, What's the main Logic Behind This?

Before now, Lukastech Blog has 6 WhatsApp Groups but at a rethought we wanted to make all our readers be on one platform so the knowledge shared can be vast,

Not only that;

It will also make the management easier for the admins. { It won't be easy checking 6 WhatsApp groups and responding to all request on each group}.


We've decided to reduce the groups to 2 and therefore we urge everyone to move to telegram as soon as possible.

There are also groups guiding the telegram group and they're reviewed below:

📜Rules of Lukastech Telegram Group

☑ Majority of the issues discussed in the group will be proportional to articles posted on the site.

☑ We won't take it easy on anyone whose aim is to disorganize the group by postings ads or irrelevant stuff. This group is strictly for Free Browsing Cheats, Technology, Phones, How-to Tips, Technology News, Making Money Online and Social Media Tips.

☑ Your name must be used on your profile to make it easy for identification thereby making communication in the group easier.

☑ Racism/ethnicity difference isn't welcomed in the group because all of us will automatically be one family no matter the part of the world you are joining from.

☑ I can choose to add some active members who participate in the group, help others and read the blog regularly as group Admins and moderators to take care of the Group while I get busy on the Blog.

☑ I welcome other bloggers posting the same contents as ours to also participate in the group and share diverse ideas.

☑ You must not spam or share links to external sites, otherwise, you will be automatically restricted from performing some actions in the Group for 24hrs without notice.

☑ Members of the group should not think or expect everything on Lukastech Blog to be explained word by word on the group. Rather it is just to give you notice that such a thing is fully explained on the blog at that time. *Some premium services might be charged when you contact owner for such services*.

☑ Everyone has the right and permission to Invite other members into this Group Chat using this link

☑ Members of the group are free to share their user experience of Lukastech Blog including challenges and success stories.

☑ We do not tolerate Hurtful Comments and Insulting others.  And words like Ogun, fuc# etc are frowned at so do your best not to make attends Using those words on this platform.

☑ False/Inaccurate Information, or advertising other projects, explicit content, trading bots, or anyone trying to imitate a team member isn't accepted.

☑ No exchange speculations tolerated. It leads to a 48hours ban.

☑ Admins, Moderators or Bot will never remove any Member from this group henceforth.


Having known all these, feel free and mingle with other internet freaks like you, provided you follow the prescribed rules and regulations.

Interested in Joining Lukastech Telegram Group??

Read Ahead. ...

How to Join Lukastech Blog Telegram Group and Channel

1. Get the telegram App for Android {HERE} and IOS {HERE}.

2. Launch the app and sign up with your required details.

That's all, meet you online there, I'll always be online to attend to all your requests.

Kindly share with friend and foes and lastly; what do you think about this move??

Let's know your view below. 
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