PayPal Nigeria 2022: Create PayPal Account That Sends and Receive Money In Nigeria

If you have a PayPal account that doesn't send nor receive Funds in Nigeria and you're looking forward to getting one little secret to creating one that will do all these, then you're on the right page.

If you read till the end, you'll discover

1. one simple mistake that is stopping your account from receiving payments from abroad here in Nigeria
2. A little secret you can use to create a Valid Paypal account here in Nigeria that will receive payments without adding your Mastercard or verifying anything.
3. two ways you can use to transfer PayPal funds straight into your Nigerian Bank account.

And with these simple strategy, I have been able to recieve up to $5000 and also transfer them to my bank with ease if I want to.

As we all know, many online businesses, such as Fiverr, survey website and the rest all make payments through PayPal and how would you feel if the account you have in your custody cant be able to recieve funds neither can it withdraw? Disappointed Right?

Yes! That was how I once felt when I started, ranging from Sponsored Ads,, watching videos online, online surveys, clicking on websites and so on..., but when the time for payment comes, it's either I forfeit the hard-work or I tried using someone account which most times... I got scammed 😐

I tried all my possible best to get one but my liver failed me and to be frank with you when you have a PayPal account that can't receive Payments, the sender will be shown the type of message as shown in below screen-shot.

And there's nothing you can do about it.

At this stage I was frustrated and I decided to give it one more try and Guess What?

I got the killer tips with which I was able to receive a Payment and even withdrew to my local Bank Here in Nigeria.

below was one of the first payments I received through my PayPal from a client.

You too can Get a Valid PayPal in Nigeria within Minutes...

I want you to also create a PayPal account that can send and receive money from all over the world by yourself within seconds.

It's no doubt you might have gone through a lot of tutorials on getting a valid PayPal but all in vain.

To be frank with you, I got one of my PayPal blocked after following some guides which suggest I use a VPN and i woke up one faithful morning only to find out that the account has been lost with some bucks inside.

See Screenshot below:

So, What Actually Works?

If you're really serious on getting a valid PayPal account that can send and receive Payments in Nigeria, then you've to follow my steps.

Which are:

  • I give you Instructions to follow
  • Create your account through your smartphone/PC following my guide.
  • No VPN or IP changing required
  • You can log in from any location of your choice
  • Start sending and receiving money immediately.
  • A number to call when you have any problem in your account.

So, Here's a question for you?

Would you like to get my PayPal Nigeria Strategy on How to Create an account that can sends funds and also Receive?

Great Decision!

I have created a step-by-step guide in eBook Format that will show you how to create this PayPal account and start receiving money.

It works for both Internet newbies, all you just need is Internet access to your phone.

As soon as you get the ebook, all you've to do is follow the instructions and setup your PayPal and it will start working within 5mins or less.

And NO, I am not giving this eBook Out for Free

If your're not okay with it, go and hug transformer


Because, If i share this secret for free, people will not value it and by so doing, take advantage of it to cause a headache for me and you.

People don't value free things.

So, i'll charge you so that you'll know the real value of it, you're free to resell it after making the purchase... it's a matter of choice.

Firstly, If i am to charge based on the quality, money and time i took in creating this eBook, i will take nothing less than 20,000 per copy, but that isn't cool.

So, i'll give it out for a token fee of N2000.

Interested persons only need to pay N2000 and that's only if you act fast because the price will increase soon.

And no amount of pleading will make me reduce it less than that.

To get the ebook, simply make a payment to my account.


Account Name: Egbujor Victor Chinedu


Account Number: 5001269015


When you have made the payment, just send your proof to my email: [[email protected]] and I will forward the eBook to your Mail immediately.


Send ( "PayPal Nigeria Guide", Depositor's name, AMOUNT PAID, email address, and phone number)  - to: +2349097827656. (WhatsApp Available)

The aim is not to learn how to open a paypal account in nigeria but how to actually open one that will send and also receive payments.

How to Withdraw from PayPal in nigeria 2019 after getting my eBook

If you buy the eBook and have created your PayPal account that sends and receives, you may be asking “so, Victor how do I receive the payment to my bank account

Well, It’s very simple and there are two ways to do it:

1. You can sell the funds to exchangers:
Exchangers here means when you receive any money to your paypal account, you send the funds to people who need paypal funds and they will send the naira equivalent to your Bank account immediately.

2. Or you can signup for this site called, there you register and fund the account with your paypal funds and you request payment and they will send your money to your bank account within 24 hours.

Very simple.

How to Receive Money Through PayPal in Nigeria Upon Signup.

All you need to do is just give your PayPal email to anyone that wants to send you payments. They will send it to you.

Don’t worry, as soon as you buy my PayPal eBook, you can call me and I explain things to you as well.

And Please, don't call me asking if am legit or not as i might not attend to you.

If you have your PayPal account setup, you may want to learn how to make money straight to your PayPal.

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  1. Na 1k i get ur guy oz i too av a verified nigerian paypal....just need a paypal that can receive funds without fear of being blocked due to ip issues

  2. And you say you want help us, this is not a help at all, give it for free and we pray for you, cause prayer is better Dan money, god blessed you

  3. Just got mine now... Thanks Victor for your sincerity and please don't hesitate to inform me of any business offer available so I can start earning.

    Sodeeq, Prayer + hardwork will yeild success, if you don't want to purchase the eBook; then don't make unreasonable comments.

  4. Scam, Nigeria PayPal can send money, for you to receive payment. Create business account and use USA

    1. Don't cry when your money gets stuck, as long as PayPal is concerned doing the wrong thing will block your account, you'll need a VPN for the method you just stated while for mine it's VPN free and works on all browser.

  5. Hello when can i get this my email: [email protected] and whatsapp no 08090642385

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    1. The current price is way below its worth; it's still available for sale tho