How to Make Money Online With WhatsApp - WhatsApp Affiliate Program 2019

WhatsApp Affiliate Program 2019

Whatsapp unlike just like other social platfoms allows us to send message, audio, images and videos to other users on our contact list, aside from that it also aids voice calls and video calls.

Over the years Whatsapp have been used by different individuals, companies, groups and co-operations for different purposes not excluding customer service, selling products, rendering support and the likes.

However, what most of us don't know i that we can actually earn cool cash on Whatsapp, this isn't some scam or what you think, it is known as referral programme / affiliate marketing on whatsapp.

In recent times, we've seen scam sites such as Loom and Lite.IM Btc programme which have drained us of our hard earned money and time.

Bear in mind that the info am about to convey isn't a new way of earning but rather it's an eye opener to maximize the use of your social account.

In this post, we are going to briefly talk about ways to make money from whatsapp, before i give you the available one with which you can earn from.

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This is the easiest and most popular way to make money from WhatsApp, sending short-links. Maybe you have been sent short-links before, you clicked on it and you never knew, the person is making money from it.

First, what is short link? Short links are shortened links to a website. A typical link to story will usually look vert long, short link simply shortens it. Both link will lead to same story but one is longer and one is shorter.

Using this method, all you have to do is look for news, tips or any information your contacts or group members will love to read. Copy the link, go to a Url Shortener, login, paste the link and shorten it.  Then copy the shortened one, open your WhatsApp and share it with your contacts and groups.

This will fetch you passive income if you have a large group or contacts who enjoy reading your content. You can also share this on your WhatsApp Status.

Imagine having a long list of WhatsApp contacts and belonging to lots of WhatsApp groups. Every morning, you will send links of a news headline. A lot of people read it.

Now imagine if you utilize link shortener. You will be making good money the same way you are sharing news.

Using a link shortener is very easy. Go to the website, register, copy any link you want to share, login to link shortener, past the link, shrink it. Copy the shorten link and share it with your contacts.

Here are the popular link Shorteners that pays: Link Shrink, Adfly, OUO, Shortest and you can click on any of them to register and start making money.

If you have been wondering how to earn money from WhatsApp Status, try this method. Posting short links on your Status.


Instead of sending affiliate links, you can choose to market your own products. This is one way you can make money from WhatsApp and you will be in total control. If you have products or services, you can make a business card and send to your contacts or groups and tell them how much discount you are offering them.

Always make sure that the people or groups you approach have interested in your kind of products

If you do not own any products but will love to have, all you need to do is create an online shop. Copy products from suppliers into your online store. Then send the links of these products to your WhatsApp contacts.

If any of them click on the link and go to your online shop to order, the suppliers will ship the goods to them and you get your money! It is called a drop-shipping.

You can also market your skills. If you are a web designer, share your designs to contacts and friends. Whatever skills you have, join groups that relate to it. You may just get a big contract from there.

This WhatsApp earning method is simply about making money on WhatsApp by sharing your skills and products.

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This is one method you can use to make money from WhatsApp but it is not well utilized. What happens here is that you can upload files such as pictures, videos, music, games and so on to these websites and they pay you for every download.

Crazy, isn’t it? Well, before the person gets to download, the sites will likely show them surveys or ads, after completing surveys or viewing ads, they download. That is how they make money to pay you.

So, if you will like to use this method to make money from WhatsApp, all you have to do is join groups or make contacts with people who have an interest in a particular content.

Then upload the contents to any of the sites, share the link, they download, you make money. For an instant, you can join a gaming group or a comedy video group.

Upload comedy videos to any of these sites then share the link on your WhatsApp comedy group and to contacts interested in comedy and you will get paid as they download.

Websites that offer these services include, and others.


There are apps on Play Store that will pay you a small token or offer recharge cards and different rewards if you refer a friend to use it. This is very passive, as income are small but who does not like free things?.

All you need is get the app, refer friends and earn.

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Likewise manner, There are WhatsApp TV that pays you for referrals who join their Tv programme, ranging from N4000 for 10 referrers and so on.

I will refer you to one Whatsapp TV that works for me and then we'll conclude.


These Television pays for referring your friend to them, and trust me it's quite a handful since with 10 referrals you can earn up to 10k, aside from the cash; they'll offer you funny videos, funny memes, amazing facts, entertainment news and so much more.

This ain't an advertisement, but that's just the services of most of this online WhatsApp TV's and most of us can concur.

In a bit...

You can click the link below to get started,

send the first message that comes on your screen and ask for your referral link which will be forwarded to you in a jiffy.


Why you cannot make money directly from WhatsApp,  it is a platform you can capitalize and make money. Some of the methods listed above are very passive and will only earn you little income except you get lucky.

Others like Affiliate marketing and selling your own product can get you big money if you are lucky enough to get conversions. Remember, be consistent. 

We will try to add to this list if we come across any way you can make money from WhatsApp. 

So keep in touch with this page. In the meantime, you can learn other ways to make money online by reading: How to make money online
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