MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on Stark VPN Reloaded

In past times, we've always enjoyed stark VPN free browsing on MTN to the fullest until it stopped, However, The lastest Mtn free browsing is on a new app call Stark VPN Reloaded which replaces the old stark VPN.

Stark VPN Reloaded is a simply new update of Stark VPN app, all other modded & copied version has been disconnected by Stark VPN.

This Cheat is still capped at 50MB daily, but then the importance of Stark VPN reloaded is to help fix connection issues with the servers. So in the cause of using this app, you'll likely enjoy less difficulty in getting connected.

In this post I will show you 2 Methods on how to get connected to this same cheat, so feel free to use any method that suits you.

🚥 An Android phone
🚥 MTN 3G/4G sim without data
🚥 3G or 4G network connection
🚥 Stark VPN Reloaded Apk - Download Here OR HERE

Latest Stark VPN Reloaded Settings for MTN 0.0kb Browsing

✅ After downloading and installing the Stark VPN Reloaded, launch it.

ℹ Then under Select Tweak, select MTN 50MB Daily.

✅ Tap on the Power Button to CONNECT button and wait some time for it to get you connected.

Manual Setup for MTN 0.0KB CHEAT ON Stark Vpn Reloaded.

✅ After installing the Stark VPN, launch it.

ℹ Then under Select Tweak, choose Custom.

ℹ Tap the Custom at the right corner.

ℹ Now, tap Select Connection Mode and choose HTTP

ℹ Tap Server Port and put 8080.

Click, Header Host and put or

ℹ Tap Select Header Line Type and choose SingleLine

ℹ Tap Proxy Host and input

ℹ Tap Proxy Port and put 8080

♋ Then go back to the app main page.

✅  Use the AUTO SERVER

✅ Tap on the Power Button to CONNECT.

Now, you can minimize Stark Vpn Reloaded and start surfing the internet for free.

That's all for now.

You can also give tweakware VPN cheat a try as it also works.

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  1. This is the only cheat that works for me not even tweakware works, is there any way to get more mb.

  2. I have install and i have do the necessary things but the thing doesn't connect

  3. It doesn't work at night,only in the morning
    And if its not connecting,it's not connecting there is nothing you can do It that will make It connect