Cheapest Data Plans for MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9mobile Users in November 2022

It's no longer encouraging the way network providers likes to increase their data price or zap their data or should we talk about the annoying eligibility status being placed on mouthwatering offers meant to be for everyone?, As a result of these issues we've highlighted cheapest data plans for MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile users for the month.

These plans are still liable to be zapped but it will cost us less giving us more data, although some might be based on eligibility, never worry, we'll give an alternative to affected users.

Aside from equipping us with cheap data plans for all networks; we'll discuss the most appropriate way to reduce data consumption of Android phones.

Recent time depending on free browsing cheats could be frustrating as server might be down and at times it might not connect due to some requirements not met with the VPN in use, therefore, in this post; we're going to focus on cheap data offers being provided by network providers although we'll still include free browsing where needed.

Without wasting much time, let's look at the Best and Cheapest data plans in 2019 – MTN | Airtel | Glo | 9mobile works on all devices/gadgets such as Android Smartphones, Laptops, iPhones, Desktop, Modem etc.

Cheapest Data Plans for MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9mobile Users


Mtn has most of the cheap data plans for this season, we'll highlight all of them below and do well to remind us of anyone we might skip via the comment section.


This offer isn't new on the service as it offers 250MB for n100, 1GB for n200 and 4GB data for N1000 on the MTN network.

All you have to do is to pick up any mtn sim that you haven't used for the past 3month and start enjoying this offer.

The trick to continue being eligible for this plan is to frequently recharge the eligible sim via bank recharge and do less of pin recharge.

To know more about this plan ⇨ Click Here Now

2. MTN 75MB For 20 Naira, 1.5GB for 400Naira and 3GB For 800 Naira

This one of the newest offer from MTN which offer 75MB for 20naira; interesting right? this offer is also based on eligibility and is valid for 7 days.

Come to think of getting 1.5Gb worth of data for n400 which is way cheaper to what other providers can offer, all you have to do is pick up your MTN sim and dial *131*10#; eligibility requirement is not known yet.

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now

3. MTN Pulse 1.5GB for N500 and 700MB for N300

This offer is strictly based for those on the Pulse Tariff, to migrate to this tariff simply dial *406*1#.

You'll get 700MB of 300naira valid for 3 days and 1.5GB for N500 valid for 7days, remember that in past times this tariff gives 1GB for N500, but recently, mtn has added new plans and improved the existing ones on the tariff (x3).

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now

4. MTN Free 2GB Data on MYMTN App

Mtn has made this offer available for those making use of their mobile app (MYMTN) for transactions on their sims; All you need to do is refer friends to also make use of the app as you do.

You'll get 200MB per referral made summing up to 2GB for 10 Referrals. Data bundle will be credited one the referred person(s) clicks, downloads and registers via your link only.

Simply download the MYmtn app and start referring.

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now

5. MTN FREE Browing on Stark VPN Reloaded

The latest free browsing on Stark VPN Reloaded is for everyone on MTN; all required of you is to download and install the required app and get the settings.

It's capped at 50MB daily usage, it also works for 9mobile Social Smartpak, it comes in handy for checking quick updates or social media users only.

To get started with Stark VPN reloaded ⇒ Click Here Now


This offer differs on all sims and might be alike in some case, MTN offer4me entitled some users to 6GB FOR N200, 10GB for 3500Naira e.t.c.

➝ Simply dial *121# and select an option from the options provided to see the offer available for you.

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now

7. MTN 1GB FOR N100

Quite cool! getting 1GB data for n100 is a must rush, however, it is made available for few persons on the MTN network.

Simply dial *131*100# to get connected.

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now

Airtel USERS

Airtel users were blessed with little offers this season; we'll take a look at each of them below.

Airtel 4GB for N1000, 2GB FOR N500 and 1GB for N200

This seems to be the only updates from Airtel but it has its own downside which is "eligibility", however, users who aren't eligible for these plans are still entitled to other interesting offers.

This plan can also be called, Airtel offer4me and they are highlighted below:

  1. 150Mb (daily) ➔ 100naira
  2. 200Mb (3-days) ➔ 100naira
  3. 300mb (3days) ➔ 100naira
  4. 1Gb (weekly) ➔ 200naira
  5. 2Gb (14days) ➔ 500naira
  6. 3Gb (monthly) ➔ 1000naira
  7. 4Gb (monthly) ➔ 1200naira
  8. 6Gb (monthly) ➔ 1500naira
  9. 9Gb (monthly) ➔ 2000naira

To get started simply dial *141*241# and select your preferred options to check eligibility.

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now

Other special data offers are:

  1. 6Gb/N1500/7days*141*1504#
  2. 1.5Gb/N1000/30days*141*1000#
  3. 2Gb/N1200/30days*141*1200#
  4. 3Gb/N1500/30days*141*1500#
  5. 4.5Gb/N2000/30days*141*2000#
  6. 6Gb/N2500/30days*141*2500#
  7. 8Gb/N3000/30days*141*3000#
  8. 11Gb/N4000/30days*141*4000#

Choose any of your choices from the special data above and enjoy.


Airtel triple data is available for either new users on the platform, users who got brand new phones and at times for users who haven't used their sims for the past 30 days.

Let's say you purchase a data bundle of N500, which gives you 750MB data, you should get 2.2GB data. That is three times the 750MB data that you purchased.

To get started, simply text 'GET' and 'MIFI' as SMS to '141'

To know more about airtel double data ⇨  Click Here Now

9mobile USERS

9mobile users were endowed with a little offer this season with the existing ones, we'll see them all in this post.

1. 9MOBILE 1GB for N200

Although it's based on eligibility it still comes in handy if you have good 9mobile coverage in your area, this offer is also known as a welcome back bonus which is been given to welcome them back to their network for the next 3 month.

The 9mobile 1GB for N200 offer last you for 3 days. But do you know that you can actually get 5GB for N1000 by re-subscribing at the end of each plan? Dial *929*10#.

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now

2. 9MOBILE 650MB for N200 on Moreblaze

The 9mobile 650MB for N200 is a newly launched plan which is available for everyone on the 9mobile network.

As we're all aware that not every user on 9mobile is eligible for the 1GB for 200 Special Offer on 9mobile; this can stand as an alternative for them.

To subscribe to this plan, simply dial  *229*3*2# and follow the prompt.

To know more about this offer ⇨ Click Here Now


There's no much change to Glo data and their data consumption rate seems a bit okay; some of their plans are highlighted below:

  1. 242mb (4days) @ 200naira
  2. 929mb (14days) @ 500naira
  3. 1Gb (14days) @ 500naira
  4. 2Gb (30days) @ 1000naira
  5. 4.5Gb (30days) @ 2000naira

2. Glo 14GB for N2500

With N2500 You can get a whopping 14GB data to browse your favourite website...

If Glo network is fast in your location and you use much data, and your sim is eligible for OgaSim bonus offer then you are good to go.

If you current sim is not eligible for OgaSim bonus offer, kindly get a new Glo sim which cost just N100/N200, register and recharge your line with N2500 and you’ll get a whopping 14GB of data + 4800 bonus airtime to call all network.

Dial *777# and follow the prompt to activate the plan. To check your data balance, dial *127*0# or

To check your bonus airtime, dial *230*1#

How to Reduce Data Consumption Rate on Mobile

At the beginning of this post, we said we're going to discuss how we can limit our data usage on our phones and make data consumption less. Yes! we're there...

It's frustrating how you'll subscribe to a monthly plan and before a day or 2 it's been exhausted, we all undergo this and in fact, I was afraid recently when I finished 4GB data just by reading an article online and downloading 2 youtube videos.

I even began to suspect that MTN and co are using my data with me because I tried it on two different sims; I know am not the only one involved in this matter.

Funny enough, data saving apps are even making the matter worse, although we've discussed ways on how to minimize data usage on android and IOS earlier this year, this will serve as a plus.

Without wasting much time, the only way to reduce data usage is by restricting background apps on your phone.

📲 ⋴ ⋻

Restricting background data app will help you monitor which app consumes most of your data. For instance, when you are on WhatsApp; only messages from WhatsApp will be received other platforms will be knocked off till you switch back to the app.

It also helps especially in the aspect of google play store auto-update and googles drive synchronization as they won't load on this restricted mode; to restrict background data, kindly follow below steps.

1. Navigate to Settings
2. Click on "Data Usage"
3. Click on the 3 icons by the right-down side (Position differs).

4. From the menu, select "RESTRICT BACKGROUND DATA"

The above tips should go a long way in reducing your data usage on iPhone and also on Android.


The above cheap data Plans for MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9mobile Users should serve you this season to get the best out of your smartphone, simply apply the method illustrated to reduce data consumption on your phone and get connected.

That's all.

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