Download DSTV Cracked/Mod VTV Apk and Watch Over 2500+ DSTV Live Channels for FREE

Ever thought of accessing all DSTV channels on your android phone for free without paying a dime? well, here's a time it comes to reality as we introduce you to Dstv mod[Vtv apk] which allows you to watch over 2500+ DSTV Channels for FREE 😋

This hacked DStv app is more like the hacked Netflix app which we shared in our group earlier on, it simply lets you stream millions of HQ movies ranging from Actions, comedy, horror, Animations, scientific and series.

The DStv mod apk and its activation code is been sold on certain platforms for a token but I've decided to share it for free on this page, so do well to share this post and drop a comment after you've gotten your unlimited access to your fav DStv Channels.

HOTDownload Golds TV Apk and Watch all DSTV Live Channels for FREE

Another thing to take note is that; the DStv cracked/mod/hacked version we're going to share here is different from the official DStv app that's on play store which won't work except you have it linked to a subscribed account.

However, Installing the DStv VTV app will give you access to watching and streaming Over 2000+ DSTV Channels for FREE on the VTV Apk on your android totally free.

Without wasting much time, let's see the needed files to get before you can access your favourite DStv channels for free on your android.


Simply get the below-listed app and files before you can proceed to the tutorial section,

  • Mod DStv App
  • DStv Cracked activation codes
  • Stable 3G/4G Internet connection.


DOWNLOAD DSTV MOD Activation codes Below

Now, its time to make use of your brain and get your DStv mod connected for you, you can also follow the video guide below if you don't understand the text illustration.

How To Watch All DSTV Channels For Free via VTV Mod On Android

  1. Download the DStv cracked app from the above link and install,
  2. Launch the app and dismiss any notice of updating the app by clicking on "SKIP"

Hitting the update button will automatically deactivate the process.
  1. After hitting the skip button, you'll be requested to input an activation code 
  2. Input the activation code 293561110784274561191038 OR {One of the codes you have downloaded above.
  3. Now open the .txt file and paste any of the provided code into the space provided,
  4. Next, Tap on the "Activate button" and you'll likely receive a “CODE HAS BEEN USED” error, don’t panic. Just hit the AGAIN button, when the same message re-appear, tap on the cancel button and the message will immediately disappear. Tap on the login button and you would get logged in.

If you're successfully logged in; then you can enjoy the wonders of your fav DStv channels via the VTV app as long as you have data to stream it.

You can also check out the below video to get more understanding on how to set-up the DStv cracked apk.


That's all.

Just in case you get a message that you are kicked out or someone else has logged into the same account, simply tap on the activate button and follow the same steps to enjoy.

Also, if you are logged in watching Any of the DStv channels, no one will be able to log onto that particular channel as far as you are streaming from the hacked DStv app via VTV.

Don't forget to leave a comment... 

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  1. Replies
    1. it doesnt work on me, what app do i have to use to install it

  2. Replies
    1. Please, Specify Where are you having issues on the app

  3. Mehn I'm having issues activating. It's not even showing me if anyone is is use of the codes. Do they expire or something?

    1. Yes they do.
      If you're experiencing issues with this app the try the other app that works perfectly below.

  4. it doesnt work struggling to install it , it says theres no app required to install it

  5. what error message is it giving during installation?

  6. Work fine but I need new activation codes please

  7. the activation codes ain't working.... but i've successfully installed the app..
    i need a new activation code

  8. No even working
    I was logged in but can't see anything

  9. cant login .....telling me Aut Error, Try Again... i keep tapping again still same response...i cancelled den i logged in....Aut Erro, Try Again.... Although in the proess of logging in i saw the search, favorites and history icon but cant access it

  10. It isn't working for me
    I tap the login button but no channel pop up
    Its showing AUT Error

  11. Does this app aply to users in Kenya?

  12. It does not work,have install

  13. not working at all the whole proccess is a scam

  14. Replies
    1. Yeah, it has been blocked. I'll update the post once there is an update, kindly check back...

  15. Everything is done but am just seeing favorite and history. And long press

  16. Does it work in ugUgan?? If so please what are the valid codes because when I try to activate it shows that Auto Error

    1. You can check golds TV out, it's the newest update.

  17. It has been activated but I can't find any channel or movie it's just empty 😐

    1. If you're finding it hard to activate this one, then give Golds TV a try.

  18. Replies
    1. Yes, it has been blocked, you can try Golds TV.

  19. I have login but please is blank dark not showing nothing

    1. I think it have been blocked for free users...