How to Scan Front and Back on the Same Page: Complete Guide

Scanning documents is a common task in both personal and professional settings. While most people are familiar with scanning one side of a page at a time, you may encounter situations where you need to scan the front and back of a document on the same page.

This can save time, reduce paper usage, and simplify document management. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through scanning the front and back of a document onto a single page.

Equipment and Preparation

Before you start, ensure you have the necessary equipment and have prepared your documents:

1. Scanner:

You'll need a scanner capable of duplex scanning, which means it can scan both sides of a page simultaneously. Most modern scanners, including many all-in-one printers, offer this feature.

2. Document Preparation:

Organize the documents you want to scan. Remove any staples, paper clips, or other obstructions. Ensure that the pages are aligned and free from folds or creases.

3. Scanner Software:

Install and open the scanner software on your computer. This software will vary depending on your scanner model, so consult your user manual for specific instructions.

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Step 1: Place the Document

Open the scanner's lid or document feeder, depending on the scanner model.

Place the first document face down on the scanner bed. Ensure the document's top edge is aligned with the edge guide or marked area on the scanner to maintain proper alignment.

If your scanner has a document feeder, you can stack multiple pages for automatic feeding. Ensure that the documents are placed face up and align the top edges again.

Step 2: Adjust Scan Settings

Open the scanner software on your computer. You should see various settings and options for your scan.

Look for the "Scan Mode" or "Document Type" option and select "Duplex," “2-sided ID,” or "Double-sided" scanning.

Adjust any other settings, such as scan resolution (usually measured in dots per inch or DPI) and file format (PDF, JPEG, etc.), according to your preferences.

Step 3: Preview Scan

Before proceeding with the final scan, it's a good practice to preview the scan to ensure the document's alignment and content appear correctly.

Click the "Preview" or "Preview Scan" button in your scanner software.

The scanner will scan the front side of the page. Once the preview is complete, you'll typically see a digital representation of the scanned page on your computer screen.

Carefully inspect the preview to ensure the content is correctly aligned and legible.

Step 4: Scan the Front and Back

Once you've confirmed that the front side of the page is scanned correctly, you can proceed to scan the backside.

If everything looks good in the preview, click your scanner software's "Scan" or "Start" button.

The scanner will pull the document through and scan the back side.

After the scan is complete, you should see a digital copy of the front and back of the document merged onto a single page in your scanning software.

Step 5: Save and Organize

Now that you have successfully scanned the front and back of your document on the same page, it's time to save and organize the file.

  • Choose a file name and location for the scanned document on your computer.
  • Select the desired file format (PDF is a common choice for multi-page documents).
  • Save the file.

Organize your scanned documents to make them easy to locate when needed. You can create folders or use document management software for this purpose.


How do I scan front and back on the same page HP?

Choose the ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Document to File’ option in HP Scan. Then click ‘Scan’. After scanning, use the plus button in the HP Scan preview to scan another item. Don’t forget to flip the page on the scanner to scan the other side of the document.

How do I scan a card front and back on the same page?

Go to the Scan tab, choose Custom in the Document Type option, and click the Custom Settings button. This action will open the Custom Scan Settings dialog box. Make sure to tick the Duplex (two-sided) Scanning check box.


Scanning the front and back of a document on the same page can streamline your document management and reduce paper clutter. With a duplex scanner and the correct settings in your scanning software, you can efficiently digitize both sides of your documents, making them easier to store, share, and access whenever needed.

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