How to Make a Slideshow on TikTok

Have you stumbled upon a slideshow displaying several pictures in a carousel on TikTok and wondered how it is being done?

TikTok is not limited to video creation. You can create a photo template by making a swipe slideshow using still images, music, and various other effects the app offers. Imagine you want to share memories of a trip or an adventure you took on TikTok, but you don't have enough time to create a video; that is where a TikTok slideshow comes in handy.

This feature can also be helpful for those who sell products such as clothes, bags, jewelry, gadgets, etc. Aside from the ability to display images of available products, it allows buyers to make their desired selection from the variety of options.

Whether you're a business owner, an entrepreneur, a model, or an edit freak, you must learn how to create a slideshow on TikTok.

In this article, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make a slideshow on TikTok. 

How to Make a Slideshow on TikTok

TikTok's photo slideshows work the same way as the regular videos. All you need to do is choose the photos to include in your slideshow, add your favorite music, apply stickers and other effects, and publish your slideshow.

To make a slideshow on TikTok, take the following steps :

  1. Open the TikTok app on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on the "+ (Record Video)" plus sign at the center of your screen. This option is used to add new content to your page.
  3. Click on "upload," tick "select multiple," and select the pictures you wish to post (you can select up to 35 photos).
  4. Tap on "Next," and TikTok will turn your photos into a swipe slideshow.
  5. Further edit the slide show by adding texts, stickers, songs, and effects and crop the image to a particular resolution. For example, to add or change the music for a slideshow, tap the music icon and choose your favorite track. You can also add location tags and anything else you want.
  6. Then click "Next" and "Post" to publish the slideshow. Don't forget to input your caption and tags to help your video get to the right audience.

NOTE:  Always remember that TikTok will arrange the photos according to the order you choose them, which means that they will be added to your slideshow in the same order.

Also, there's an "AUTOCUT" button after selecting the images. It automatically adds effects and templates to your images, but the output is a video rather than a slideshow. You can also use this as an alternative to entice your viewers.


How do you make a TikTok slideshow?

To make a slideshow on TikTok, record a video, tap on upload, select multiple images you'd like to appear, click next, and post to publish the slide show.

What is the slideshow on TikTok called?

Photo mode. In September of 2022, TikTok released a slideshow feature known as photo mode, which is similar to that of Instagram and allows creators to post up to 35 photos in a carousel.

How many pictures in a TikTok slideshow?

35 photos, you can have as many as 35 pictures on a TikTok slide show.

How do you add multiple pictures on TikTok without a slideshow?

Photo Templates. The photo templates allow you to display pictures one after another seamlessly, without any slide transitions.

Does TikTok have slideshows?

Yes, TikTok has just released the slideshow feature. Creating slideshow photos on TikTok is simple. Simply pick your photos, add music, apply effects and stickers, and publish. It is as easy as that, just like making a regular video.


Even though slideshows are becoming popular on TikTok, users still prefer short-form videos. However, making slideshows is as easy and straightforward as creating TikTok videos.


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