How to Hide Whatsapp Chats Without Archive

We all know that almost anyone can read any of your WhatsApp chats if they get access to your account which defiles your privacy and that's why it's necessary to hide important WhatsApp chats.

Although, Whatsapp has made its archive feature more advanced by moving it to a separate folder and they also stated that new messages won't move back to the main chat list once a new message comes in.

You can also check out 4 ways to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing.

Although Whatsapp has this archive chats feature, it's not a solid way to hide your private chat but at least it'll secure your privacy a bit.

We're also going to talk about hiding your Whatsapp chat with a pin or pattern without the use of a third-party application but this time it's for mod Whatsapp users. This method should be what we've been looking for as it will also enable you to hide your chats or group with a password.

Having knowing our main discus, let's briefly see some FAQS about archiving a Whatsapp chat,

  • An Archived chat will still be available and can be accessed at any time.
  • Archived chats won't be included in the local or google drive backup, you need to unarchive to back it up.

Having known this, let's hit the nail on the head.

How to Hide WhatsApp Messages without Archive

As I said earlier, this method is the most secure and it works for mod users only, you can move to the next headline if you're not a mod Whatsapp user.

  1. Firstly, download any mod Whatsapp(FMWHATSAPP, GBWHATSAPP, YOWHATSAPP e.t.c) and sign in to it with a valid number
  2. Now, select a chat you'd like to hide and long press on it
  3. Click on the  3 vertical dots at the top-right corner to expand the options
  4. Next, select "Hide chat" from the option to proceed
  5. Finally, you'll be asked to input a pattern or pin which will be inquired from anyone trying to access the Archived contacts.
  6. You can view archived contacts by clicking the WhatsApp text at the top-left side of the app and inputting your Pin/Pattern.

That's it.

You can use this method to hide your Whatsapp chats confidently without fear of intrusion except you let out your pin/password. Cool right?

Now, let's see how normal WhatsApp users can utilize the platform to hide their chats.

How to Hide Chats in WhatsApp Messenger

The below method is aimed at helping you archive all your WhatsApp messages at once, although it can be done manually per person by wish which we'll discuss after this.

  1. Firstly, Launch Whatsapp
  2. Navigate to Settings by clicking the 3 vertical dots at the top-right corner and hitting "settings" from the drop-down
  3. Now, Select Chats from the options > the "Chat History"
  4. Next, click on "archive all chats" from the list.
  5. You can equally archive a single conversation by tapping and holding on to the chat after which you'd select the icon with the down arrow to complete the process.

That's it.

You can also unarchive all chats by following the same step as highlighted above but this time, select the "Unarchive all chats" option.

The above ways are the simplest ways to hide WhatsApp chat without an archive and also hide WhatsApp chat without any third-party app.

If you have any issues while going through the post, simply drop a comment below and we'll gladly help.

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