How to Spy On Someone's WhatsApp Chat {100% Working}

Spying on someone Whatsapp chat is now easier with the new Whatsapp Spy apk which allows you closely monitor your child, spouse or victims activities on the Meta owned app.

DISCLAIMER: This post is just for educational purposes only and shouldn't be used for any illegal activity.

Just as Clone Whatsweb, we're going to see two apps that we can use to receive updates from a victim WhatsApp account without his/her notice. 

This works better since Whatsapp have improved their "linked device" features which allow those who've enrolled in their "Multi-device beta" program to have access to their linked devices for up to 14days before disconnection if the two has no prior connection. 

In summary, once you're a beta tester of the Multi-device program; you'll scan the victim QR code on your WhatsApp account and his WhatsApp chats will be transferred to the app. 

These apps allow you to run more than one account on a mobile device, simply follow the below step to get started. 


1. Access to Victims Whatsapp account 

2. Download any of the two applications into your device, 

You can download the apps from any of the below sources and proceed with the below tutorial to start spying on WhatsApp chats. 

How to Spy on Someone WhatsApp via Whats Web Tools 

For this tutorial we're going to use the Whats Web Tools from the above tools, that doesn't mean the former doesn't work fine; it does, you can give it a try too. 

Remember, you must have access to the victims' device to make this setup a success, it can be either an iOS device or Android. 

  1. Firstly, on your WhatsApp account, Click the 3 dotted icons beside the search box and select "Linked Devices". 
  2.  Now, Click on "Multi-device Beta" at the bottom to join the beta program 
  3. Download, Install and launch the Whats Web Tools on your Android 
  4. You'll see options such as - 'Whatapp Web', 'Direct Chat' and 'Fake Chat'. 
  5. Select Whatsapp Web from the option and wait for it to show to load a QR code you'll scan. 
  6. Now, open the victim's device > Whatsapp > Linked Device > "Link a Device" 
  7. Place the scanner to the QR code on the Whats Web Tools app and that's it.


Once all the above is done, you should automatically see the victim's message on the app you downloaded above for up to 14 days

You can now start monitoring and reading your victim's chats. 

How do you Know your WhatsApp chats are being Monitored? 

This is a tip for those who might want to know what to look out for to know their Whatsapp chats are been spied on. 

It's simple, if you see anything like "Whatsapp Web is currently active" or any of its sort then you should quickly sort out how to disconnect from any attachment. 

And that's it all on spying a WhatsApp chat with your android device, we'll make sure to post any updates if we get any. 

Kindly drop a comment below and tell us what you think of the Whatsapp web tools we used in the article. 

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