How to Open the Calculator Vault App Without a Password

Do you want to learn how to open a calculator vault app without the right password?

Well, This article will teach you how to open a calculator vault app without the password on your android and iPhone devices.

If you aren't familiar with the fake calculator app, it's a security app on smartphones that enables you to restrict access to certain videos, images (photos) and important files. All you need to do is download, run and select the desired password.

All the selected media are protected with a password, sometimes in the form of calculations or digits and can only be accessed when the correct password is provided.

Luckily, there's a trick you can use to crack or hack the fake calculator app and that's what I'll be showing you in this article.

What does the fake calculator app look like?

The fake calculator app takes the appearance of a typical iPhone calculator app.

If you're finding it hard to locate the fake calculator vault app or you're just hearing about it, then you should look out for the above description on the device.

How to Open Calculator Vault App Without the Password

Before you proceed with the below step, you should bear in mind that the procedure might not work for you depending on the version of the calculator vault app installed on your device.

The calculator vault also gives you the option to easily recover your password by either providing answers to your secret question or getting your password via mail. This feature makes your files more secured since you don't necessarily need to memorise your password.

  1. Open the Calculator Vault App on the device
  2. Type in "11223344" and hit the Equals(=) sign
  3. The fake calculator vault-app security should be bypassed and access is given to you.

That's it.

Secondly, as I said earlier, the above step might not work depending on the version of your calculator vault app. If that's the case? then try the below:

  1. Go to the settings on the device
  2. Go to the App Manager (Applications)> Locate the Calculator Vault-App from the list
  3. Simply clear its data and Cache.

You can then proceed to launch the app and it should restart like a newly installed app and you can see all files inside without using a password.

That's it.


How can you Tell if Someone has a Secret App?

There are no two ways other than checking the play or apple store application on the device and inputting any of the keywords: "Vault App", "Secret App", "Hide Photos", "Calculator Lock" e.t.c.

If any of the apps displayed has already been installed then you can proceed with the above steps to open the vault app without a password.

How do I Reset my Secret Calculator App Password

You can retrieve your password via your mail or provide the answers to your secret questions. To display the verification methods, type the "11223344" code into the app.

That's all.


You can see how easy it is to open the calculator vault app without a password. That doesn't mean you should go about using it for fraudulent purposes as I won't be held responsible.

By the way, you can also do well to drop a comment below if you encountered issues during cracking a calculator vault password.

Kindly share.

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  1. If I clear it will i losea my files

    1. No you won't loose your files. It'll only clear the password and settings on the app.

      It might restore those hidden files back to the source in most case and you'll re-add them back to the calculator vault app with a new password.

  2. Sir when I clear clear data and clear in settings cache then where should be my hidden files would goes...

    1. it'll return to your gallery and would no longer be hidden. You'll have to add them again to the calculator vault app.