How to Fix Outgoing Mail Server Not Working on iPhone

Have you ever been in a situation where you can receive but cannot send emails on your iPhone device? Here’s a guide on fixing the outgoing mail server on your device.

In most cases, the send button might be dimmed or messages will automatically revert to draft, it happens at times and a lot of factors can contribute to this.

This problem became versatile after an iOS update which was later fixed but minorities still experience the outgoing mail server issues to date.

In this post, you would learn simple troubleshooting methods to resolve problems when sending emails on your iPhone; be it on Gmail, outlook, yahoo, Yandex, e.t.c, we’ll write about the technical aspects in another post.

Without wasting much time, stay glued as I’ll guide you through the best methods to fix the outgoing mail server not working on your iPhone device.

How to Fix Outgoing Mail Server on my iPhone.

The below procedure might also work for those being unable to receive emails but this post is originally made for those unable to send emails.

  • Remove and Re-add the Email address to the Mail App

It could be that there has been an error in the configuration when setting up your email address on the mail app making it impossible for you to send out emails.

Deleting and re-adding your email address most times is the fix as the mail will be added this time with the right configurations.

You can either remove the mail from the email app or from the settings app by navigating to Accounts and Passwords, locate the mail and delete the account.

Then click on “Add account” to re-sign into the email account then test if the outgoing mail server has been fixed.

I know it should be fixed with this.

  • Check your internet connection

If you’ve probably been sending out emails and it suddenly starts returning errors then I suggest you check your internet connection.

You can either restart your WiFi, or router or even check if other devices or sites are working with the internet connection.

You can also consider turning on aeroplane mode and then turning it off to reset your connection, worst of all check if you still have a valid subscription.

If none is working then you should try another alternative to fix the mail server issues.

  • Disconnect from any active VPN

Some VPNs (e.g Express VPN) in a bid to promote privacy block internet traffic whenever they notice a network fluctuation.

So, if this is the case, I suggest you either disconnect totally or reconnect it properly.

Disconnecting a VPN can either be done from the VPN app or from the settings apps.

  • Update the Email App

Most likely not the cause but you can decide to run a quick upgrade on the email app and see if everything reverts to normal.

  • Try sending from another Platform or device.

If you’ve been trying to send from the app and it’s not working probably due to some misconfigurations then I suggest you go through the web version.

You can visit the Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail or Outlook, Yandex Mail, e.t.c dashboard by typing them into Google search and signing in to your account.

This should fix the outgoing mail server not working on your iPhone.

  • Check if the Recipient Mail is Correct

This issue might keep you wondering why your messages aren’t sent, when you omit a word from the mail then you might likely encounter issues when sending emails.

So, make sure the email address is valid before trying to send emails to it.

NOTE: this might not work if you’re using a professional SMTP server, this guide is for normal email users.

Nonetheless, If you tried any of the above-mentioned tutorials and the problem still persists then you have to contact your email support services.


Email is a big component of our day-to-day lives and it might be frustrating to find out that we can’t send out emails due to a misconfiguration on the outgoing mail servers.

Well, the outgoing mail server issue should’ve been fixed if you read the article up to this point if not then revert to contacting your email support services.

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