How to Get Siri to Stop Reading Texts on Airpods

This article will teach you how to stop Siri from reading Texts on Airpods. 

Siri, the Apple assistant is used for many automatic functions and one of them includes reading new text messages while you’re connected to Airpods. 

Although this feature comes in most cases it can be really frustrating especially when you’re listening to your favourite song or movie and then a notification pops up. 

Also, this “announce message with Siri” works on your Airpods only if you’re running on an iOS 13.2 or above. It also read out texts from your Apple watch automatically. 

Why does Siri read my messages when I have Airpods in? 

The main reason why Siri reads all your texts when you have your Airpods connected is that you have the “announce message with Siri “ feature on your Apple device. 

This implies that any new notification that comes into your device would be read aloud to you on your Airpods by the Siri virtual assistant. 

It’s activated by default for iOS users running on iOS 13.2 upwards which almost every user is on. so it should work for iPhone 6s devices and above except in rare cases where you haven’t updated your device for some years. 

How to Stop Siri from Reading Messages on Airpods 

There are two options to select from when turning OFF the announce message feature on your Apple devices to stop Siri from reading text messages. 

  • Permanently Disable the Feature from the notification settings 
  • Temporarily disable the feature from the control centre 

So, you can either decide to permanently Disable the announce message feature or disable It temporarily to focus on some jobs or other factors. 

How to Permanently Disable the announce Messages Feature 

If you don’t fancy the Siri announce messages feature then you can permanently Disable the feature from your device from the control centre. 

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Navigate to “Siri and Search” or “Notifications”  
  3. Find an option called “Announce messages with Siri” 
  4. Toggle it OFF to stop Siri from reading text messages while you’re on Airpods. 

Once this is done then you won’t receive any readings from Siri once a notification comes into your iPhone device. 

How to temporarily disable the announce message feature 

If you’re busy with a task or in a location where you don’t want to be distracted by the voice of Siri reading your notifications then you can decide to temporarily turn OFF the feature in the meantime. 

  1. Glide down from the right-hand side of your screen to go to the control centre  
  2. Tap on the Announce messages icon (a square with rounded corners and a plus sign at the top) to disable it. 
  3. The announce message feature will be off till whenever you switch it back on from the control centre. 
  4. Also, you can set a default timer for when it should turn back on automatically, simply tap and hold on to the announce messages icon until an option appears. 

You can then choose to mute it for an hour, a day or 7 days or more after which it’ll be reactivated once the set time is up. 

How to Allow the Announce messages Feature on Certain contacts. 

If you don’t want Siri reading all of the texts that come into your device, you can choose to personalise the notification from selected persons. 

This saves you from the stress of Siri reading text messages from just any contact on your device. You can also set it to only read notifications from people you’ve recently contacted. 

  1. Open settings 
  2. Navigate to Notifications 
  3. Click on the Announce message with the Siri option 
  4. Next, select the “Announce Messages From” option and select custom persons you want Siri to read their notification through your Airpods. 

You can also choose to either disable the announce notification using the above guides. 

How to Disable Announce messages on Airpods using your Apple Watch 

Since an Apple watch Is connected to your iPhone device then you can receive and make certain changes on your device when it’s not close by. 

Just like the control centre on your iPhone, you can turn off the music, read messages and also turn off the Announce Messages with Siri feature from your Apple Watch too. 

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your Apple watch 
  2. Tap on the announce message with the Siri icon to turn it OFF  
  3. You can also press and hold to set a default timer 

That’s it. 


Getting Siri to read your notifications can be fun but at times we might want to get rid of it for privacy, concentration or other reasons. 

Asides from reading notifications out loud, Siri can also turn on or off your flashlight by just giving it a simple command. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for how to stop Siri from reading notifications then this article will help you achieve that. 

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