FIXED: iPhone Quick Start not Working

Here are possible ways to fix the quick start app not working error on your iPhone device. 

If you just got the latest iPhone release from Apple and would love to quickly set up your new device without any hassles then the quick start option should see to that. 

The quick-start app helps you with importing your details and contents on the former device to the new device wirelessly, all you’ve to do is import your data from iCloud backup. 

However, minor reasons such as switching off Bluetooth, differences in iOS versions and connection sources might stop the iPhone quick start app from responding. 

Why is iPhone Quick Start not working? 

As I stated earlier, there are some things that must be put in place before the quick start feature can work perfectly on your iPhone. 

Below are a few reasons why the quick start feature will not work for you. 

  • Disabled Bluetooth connection 
  • A faulty cable used for the connection 
  • Quick start only works on iOS 11 upwards 
  • Transferring data from a higher version to a lower version 
  • Poor Internet Connection  
  • Initial Misconfigurations  
  •  OS glitch 

These are some of the reasons why you might be having problems with the iPhone quick start feature. 

I don’t want to talk about each of them individually since most of the reasons are self-explanatory. 

Now, let’s see how to troubleshoot the quick start feature on your iPhone device. 

How to Fix iPhone Quick Start not Working Issue 

Here are some of the best fixes to the iPhone quick start not working you can find on the internet today. Do well to follow suit in order to successfully set up your new device. 

1. Turn on Bluetooth Connection 

The iPhone quick start utilizes Bluetooth to run its transfer services, so there would be no connection between both devices once the Bluetooth connection is turned OFF. 

You can switch on Bluetooth for both devices from the control panel or from the settings app. 

You can now try setting up a quick start and watch the connection go smoothly. 

2. Use the feature on Only iOS 11 upwards 

If your iPhone device is running on an OS below version 11 then you might have difficulty transferring data to your new device.

You can either upgrade your software version or manually set up your device after which you can restore data from iCloud. 

3. Make sure both devices are up to Date 

If you’ve got a new iPhone 11 running on version 14.4.1 and you’re trying to use the quick start feature from an old device running on version 14.4.2 then you’ll encounter problems. 

Quick start only allows you to move data from a higher iOS to a lower iOS or the same iOS version. 

If you’ve made the mistake of already trying the quickstart feature this way then you’ll have to update the iOS of the new device and reset it if you’ve already entered your Apple ID and password. 

To check for system updates on your iPhone device, 

  • Go to settings > General and click on Update to check for the new iOS version. 

Now, reset the device so that you’re taken back to the Hello Page. 

  • Follow the prompt and make sure you Join a WiFi connection 
  • It’ll ask you to set up your phone from a phone you have nearby > choose that option
  • and follow the onscreen guide to import your data.

That’s it. 

You can now try running the quick start feature and watch it work in synchronizing your data. 

4. Restart both devices 

Restarting both iPhone devices will go a long way toward fixing the quick start glitch especially when the old device hasn’t been turned off for some time now. 

It’ll help clear cache or some features and apps on your old device especially. 

5. Check your WiFi connection  

For Quick Start to successfully transfer files from one iPhone to another then you’ll need a valid network connection. 

Remember I said that the speed of the transfer is dependent on how fast the network connection is. 

6. Connect both Devices Using Lightning Cables 

If the quick start feature doesn’t come on when both devices are close to each other then you should try the wire transfer method provided by quick start. 

A lightning cable will help you create a connection between both iPhone devices.

7. Check Cables and connection 

If you used a faulty lightning cable to connect both devices and then you might encounter difficulty setting up Quick Start on your iPhone. 

You can either replace them or check if they’re properly connected. 

8. Make use of an Alternative app to Transfer your Data 

There are several online recovery and backup tools that can help you migrate data quickly from your old iPhone to a new one. 

That’s it. 

How long should Quick Start iPhone take? 

The quick start transfer usually takes up to 30 min to 1 hour (or even more) to complete depending on factors such as network conditions and the amount of data being transferred. 

During the migration process, access to both iPhone devices is limited until the process is complete. 

How to Use Quick Start to transfer data to your new iPhone 

Once you’ve got your old iPhone data backed up to either iCloud, a Mac or Windows PC, you can now follow the below guide to use the quick start feature to transfer your details to your new iPhone. 

Also, don’t forget to watch out for OS requirements and differences which were stated above as this might bring a pause to the restoration process. Also, WiFi connection is important too. 

It’s also advised to have both devices connected to a power source during the data migration process to avoid battery outage during the process. 

  • After selecting a language and country for your new device. 
  • Click on set up your phone from a phone you have nearby to start the quick start feature 
  • Bring your Old iPhone closer to the new device to proceed 
  • Authenticate Quick start by scanning an animated image that’ll come up on the screen of the new iPhone 
  • Next, input the password of your old device when prompted and click on Continue 
  • You’ll be shown data and settings that’ll be transferred within an estimated time range. 
  • Accept all apple terms and conditions 
  • Your transfer will start immediately. 

You should now see your settings, data and including apps installed on the new iPhone using a quick start. 

How to manually start Quick start on iPhone 

There’s no way to manually start the quick start except by erasing your iPhone device. 

Remember, you can choose to configure your iPhone this way or do it manually. 

What Does Quick Start Transfer to my New Device 

The quick-start feature will help you back up almost everything on your old iPhone to a new one. 

The quick-start feature will transfer:

  • Your settings 
  • Applications 
  •  Data 
  • Most recent cloud backup 
  • Messages and iMessage  
  • Contacts 
  • Photos and Videos 
  • Purchase history 
  • Apple watch backups 
  • Ringtones 
  • Home screen personalization etc. 

That’s quite a lot of transfer for a simple feature that simply allows you to scan over another phone. 

That’s it. 


iPhone quick start is the best way to hasten up the set-up of your new iPhone device especially when you’re planning of selling off the old device. 

Well, here’s a detailed guide on how to fix iPhone's quick start not working. 

Do well to drop a comment below.

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