How to Record Audio Using the Samsung Voice Recorder App

You can record audio on your Samsung phone or tablet using the Samsung voice recorder. In this article, we'll show you how to do so.

The Samsung Voice Recorder is a pre-installed app on Samsung devices which enables them to record and forward Voice recordings to their family and friends.

Using the Samsung Recorder app is quite helpful as it also comes equipped with the interview and speech-to-text recorder.

This feature converts your spoken words into texts and it has a more complex feature that allows you to edit an already saved voice record. Interesting right?

You can in turn use these recordings as your notification or call tone. Other android users can download this app (play store) to their various devices and enjoy this function too.

Without wasting more time, let’s see how to use the Samsung Voice Recorder on our galaxy devices.

How to use the Voice Recorder on my Samsung Phone

The inbuilt voice recorder app can be found in the Samsung tools folder on most Samsung phones.

However, You can head to the galaxy store and search for “Voice recorder” to install it on your device if isn’t pre-installed.

Other Android users can also download the app from the play store by searching for “Samsung Voice Recorder “and then hit the install button.

  1. Go to your home menu 
  2. Click on the Samsung folder to view the tools inside
  3. Click on the Voice Recorder app – A red background with stripes of white
  4. Tap on the red dot 🔴 to start recording
  5. Also, you can select a mode – standard, interview or speech-to-text mode.
  6. Tap on the stop button ◻️ once you’re done with your audio recordings.
  7. Save the recording with a custom name.

Voice recordings on a Samsung device are saved with the .m4a extension.

You can view your record list from files > Recordings and then Voice Recorder.

Samsung Voice Recorder Settings

As I said earlier,  the Samsung Voice Recorder is quite more sophisticated than other regular recorders.

There are a few settings you can take advantage of to enhance your recording experience, all in the voice recorder app.

One of Samsung Voice Recorders set up to take advantage of is the block calls while recording feature – turning this one will divert any calls that might come in to distract your recordings in progress.

Others include changing the quality of the recordings, keeping deleted Voice tracks in the trash for a period of 30 days, using Bluetooth microphones etc.

Here’s how to use these settings for your Samsung Voice Recorder.

  • Open the Voice Recorder app
  • Click on the 3 vertical dots at the upper right corner of the application
  • Select settings from the options
  • You can now proceed to turn ON any settings you prefer.

That’s all on getting the best out of the Samsung Voice Recorder app.

How to Convert Speech to Text on the Samsung Voice Recorder

This is a great feature for writers or transcribers who would love to convert their spoken words between 10 minutes to text form.

This works in two ways, you can either convert a pre-recorded voice note or speak and let the speech-to-text convert it for you in real-time.

Let’s see how to convert audio to texts in both ways.

  1. Open the Voice Recorder app
  2. Tap on the speech-to-text Mode
  3. Click on the red dot to start recording for up to 10 minutes.
  4. Your text output will be displayed right below the audio.

It’s required that you speak clearly while making sure your device is 8cm far from your mouth in order to get the right words.

However, if you have a pre-recorded audio within 10 mins, here’s a way to convert it to text.

  1. Go to speech-to-text mode on your voice recorder
  2. Click on the list option located on the upper right-hand side to display all previous audio recordings. 
  3. Tap on a recording to select, preview and edit it
  4. Now, click on the 3 vertical lines at the top right corner of the screen
  5. Select “Convert Speech to text” from the option
  6. Finally, click on convert to start the conversion process
  7. Tap on the white square  ◻️ to stop and save the speech-to-text file.

That’s it.

How to Resume Recording on a Previous Voice Recording

If you've been interrupted while making an audio record then you can save it and continue from where you stop.

You can also use this feature to add missing information on a voice note and this gives it an edge over other voice recorder apps.

This works for both the standard recordings and the speech-to-text records.

Here’s a quick guide on how to continue Recording existing audio recordings

  1. Go to the list option inside the voice recorder app to view all your existing audio records
  2. Click on any voice recording to open it on a new page
  3. Tap on the 3 vertical dots beside the speaker icon and select Edit from the displayed options or click on the pencil-like icon
  4. Now, click on the Red dot 🔴 at the bottom left corner of the screen to continue Recording
  5. Click on the stop button ◻️ when you’re done and save
  6. You can either save it as new audio or replacement of the initial recording.

You can now go back to your recording list to preview your edited voice record.

Samsung Voice Recorder FAQs

How long Can Samsung Voice Recorder Record?

The Samsung voice recorder is built to record for as long as your strength can carry you, but you should consider the storage on your device before engaging long recordings.

However, the speech-to-text recording feature allows you to convert up to 10 mins voice records to text.

Does Samsung have a Built-in Voice Recorder?

Yes, it’s called the Voice recorder and can be located under the Samsung tools folder – it is denoted by a red background and stripped white in between.

How to Locate my Voice Recordings on Samsung.

Voice records are usually stored inside the Recording folder in your file manager by default. Although it might differ for other android devices.

Open My Files > Internal Storage > scroll to Recordings > Voice Recorder and there you’ll see all your voice records.

I don’t know yet if you can save audio recordings in a custom folder.

How to Share Voice Records on Samsung

Sharing a recorded voice with your friends and family is quite easy. It can either be done from the voice recorder app or from my files

Here’s how to share audio recordings from the Samsung Voice Recorder app.

  • Go to your list of records
  • Tap and hold on to any record you want to share
  • Select Share from the displayed options
  • Choose who to forward it to and that’s it.

They should get your audio record in no time if there’s a stable Internet connection – in the case of social media.


The Samsung voice recorder is a great tool to help save and manage important voice recordings.

Its features such as the speech-to-text, re-recording already existing audio records and blocking calls during recording helps make your life easier. 

Other Android users can also take advantage of these features by downloading the Samsung voice recorder apk or getting it from the play store instead.

How was your experience using the Samsung voice recorder?

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