How to Fix Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working 2024

This post will provide you with possible reasons why instant transfers on Venmo will not be successful and ways to fix it.

Venmo is a great app for sending and receiving payments from family and businesses, it works just like PayPal.

And similar to other financial institutions, there are times when you’d want to cash out money for use and you’ll be greeted with an “Unable to complete instant transfer” error.

Venmo isn’t exempted as frequent users of the app should have encountered a scenario where instant transfers stopped working on their accounts.

Meanwhile, this issue is temporary and could resolve itself in a few days, sometimes it requires that you take certain action to resolve it.

In summary, if your Venmo instant transfer is not working, written below are possible causes and actionable steps to take in fixing the problem.

Why Won't my instant transfer work on Venmo?

Just like the popular saying, there’s no smoke without a fire. Here are possible reasons why your Venmo instant transfer won’t work or would stop responding.

1. Venmo internal security checks

Most times, performing actions that look totally different from your daily activities will trigger Venmo security checks to monitor your account.

For example, if you use your Venmo account for only sending out payments consequently for months and you immediately want to start using the transfer option.

Venmo security check will certainly delay your transfer to confirm if the withdrawal was initiated by you.

This implies that Instant transfers will not work for you if it’s your first time making a withdrawal from your Venmo account.

2. Bank support

Linking a bank that doesn’t support Venmo instant transfer technology will only lead to frustration when trying to utilize the instant transfer option.

3. The risk associated with the transfer

Venmo will block or delay a funds transfer suspected to be gotten from fraudulent activities. If you got a payment to your Venmo account and would like to immediately move out the money then you might be stopped or delayed.

4. Venmo routine checks

Also, even If you perform a task too often – instant fund transfer in this scenario – Venmo will randomly delay your transfer to confirm your authenticity.

5. A debit card or bank limit

It could also be that your debit card has run into its weekly or monthly limit and as such both instant transfer and regular transfer might not work on Venmo.

6. Venmo Limit

Venmo also places a withdrawal limit for all users depending on your KYC level. You should make sure you’re fully verified to increase your Venmo limit.

How to Fix Venmo Instant Transfer Not, Working

Just as I said earlier, you might not necessarily need to do anything to get your Venmo instant transfer to start responding.

However, from the above causes, you should have a clue on what made your Venmo instant transfers fail.

Notwithstanding, here are troubleshooting tips you can implement to fix a Venmo instant transfer that isn’t working.

1. Wait and Retry the Instant Transfer

Most times, instant transfer denials could be a result of frequently performing an action or trying to transfer flagged funds too quickly.

You can wait and Retry the Venmo instant transfer between the next 24 – 72 hours time and see if the bot checks have been completed.

2. Switch to a supported Debit Card

While some debit card supports instant transfers, yours might only allow you to link them for making payments or standard transfers.

You can contact Venmo to know their list of supported cards for instant transfers aftershock you’ll request one from your bank.

Trying initiating instant transfers once you’ve linked an authorized debit card.

3. Increase your Venmo Transfer Limit

Venmo has a weekly /monthly preset limit that is placed on unverified accounts and once you hit that amount, your transfers will likely start failing.

The best thing you can do to get rid of this error is to increase your Venmo account limit which entails submitting the required documents.

However, it’s a case where the limit is set even after verification then you’ll need to wait till the threshold is reset.

4. Make withdrawal within Venmo Instant Transfer limit

As of the time of publication, the Venmo instant transfer limit is $2,999.99 per transfer with a minimum of $0.26

So, trying to send anything higher than this will cause your payment to fail except if you use the standard transfer option.

5. Increase your debit card transfer limit

Most banks will put a preset limit on your bank account if you haven’t completed their required KYC procedure.

So, your debit card will likely stop processing instant deposits from Venmo once it reaches this limit.

This is advised for those who usually make use of the instant transfer feature but it suddenly stopped working.

Simply visit the closest branch of your bank and request an account upgrade.

6. Use Another Bank Debit Card

In the case where your bank doesn’t support instant transfer from Venmo then you can switch to an eligible visa or MasterCard bank debit card that supports instant transfers.

7. Ensure your Bank and Venmo Details Align

It is necessary to make sure that details such as your name, SSN, D.O.B, state, and the others on your Venmo account are in compliance with the ones used to register your bank debit card.

Irregularities in details will cause your transfer to fail and until you confirm your information with Venmo, your transfers won’t work.

8. Contact Venmo Support

You can reach out to Venmo to provide you with the details of your failed instant transfer. You could do this from the app or from the web.

They’ll see to it that your issue gets resolved and they provide you with the details of the money transfer denial.

9. Contact your Bank Support

Now, if the issue is bank-related then you can contact your Bank and lay complaints with them.

It could be an issue with your bank account or the bank server itself.

Also, not all banks support instant transfer technology.

10. Try the Standard Transfer

If the instant transfer doesn’t seem to be working out then you should go ahead and use the standard transfer option.

It might take a bit of your time but it’ll buy you more time while Venmo is reviewing your account.

Why is Venmo not letting me send money from my balance?

The main reason why Venmo is not letting you send money from your balance is that there’s a high risk associated with the money in your account balance. So, you’ve to wait for at least 72hours for a review to be done on the funding source before you can use the money.

Although, account closure, verification requests, and manual actions could also contribute to this.

Venmo FAQs

Q: How Does Venmo Instant Transfer work?

Venmo allows you to send money to your eligible visa or MasterCard bank account/Debit Card within 0 to 30 mins using the instant transfer feature with a 1.5% fee attached.

Q: How long does it take for Venmo instant transfer?

Venmo instant transfer takes 30 mins to reflect in your bank account.

Q: Why won't Venmo instant transfer work?

Reasons, why Venmo instant transfer won’t work, includes Venmo security checks, linking unsupported Banks/Cards, and high risk associated with the transaction.


One of the glitches you might experience while using Venmo is the “Unable to complete instant transfer” error.

While it’s disappointing, there are some measures you should take in fixing this transfer error.

Once you’ve made sure you didn’t violate any of the above-listed reasons then you can proceed with the fixes.

How helpful was this post in helping you fix the “instant transfer not working” error on your Venmo? 

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