How to tell if Someone Blocked you on Facebook or Deactivated their Account

Facebook users always find it hard to tell if someone on their friend list blocked them or got their Facebook account Deactivated.

This is probably because both scenarios often have the same end result, which is – a “white un-clickable profile” and sometimes chats will wipe off.

While a user can decide to remove their profile picture leaving it blank, there are cases where Facebook can decide to permanently deactivate or lock a user’s account for reasons best known to them thereby making it look as though you’ve been blocked.

Well, one of the stress-free methods you can use to know if someone blocked you or Deactivated their Facebook Account is their chats.

When a user blocks you on Facebook, their chats still remain intact alongside yours meanwhile a Deactivated or blocked Facebook account will clear off the person’s chat on your end. Understood?

In this article, I’ll be showing you other ways you can differentiate between a manual block action initiated by a Facebook friend and a Deactivated account on Facebook.

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How to Tell if Someone Deactivates their Facebook Account or Blocked you

There are a few similarities that occur when you’re blocked and when a Facebook account is Deactivated but before we dive into them, let’s help you with the differences.

1. Firstly, if someone blocks you on Facebook; you’ll still be able to view the person's profile from another Facebook account meanwhile; a Deactivated account won’t be available in Facebook search.

So, the first thing you’d do to confirm the status of an account from a different Facebook account is if the page comes up on the Facebook results then you’ve been blocked.

2 Secondly, once a person blocks you on Facebook; your chats and conversation will still be intact but you can’t reply to the chat, however, a Deactivated account will show you a “messages unavailable” notice thereby leaving just your chat on the page.

This is probably because Facebook is in the process of deleting the user's data on Facebook on request or as a result of a scheduled action.

3. Thirdly, when someone blocks you on Facebook; they won’t be visible in your friend list the same also goes for a deleted Facebook account meanwhile a deactivated Facebook account would still be visible.

Now, that we’ve seen the differences between both manual actions, let’s take a look at the similarities between them.

Similarities between someone blocking and deactivating their Facebook Account

The below table displays the common characteristics that show when someone blocks and deactivates their Facebook.

  • Profile becomes unavailable
  • The user won’t be on your friend list
  • Unable to send message to the recipient
  • White Profile Picture (Most noticed)

With the above-mentioned information, I hope you can now differentiate when someone blocks or deactivates their Account.

Reasons why people Block Facebook

This is just a bonus heading that I believe should be inserted in case you’re wondering why your supposed Facebook friend blocked you.

  1. Snubbing
  2. Privacy concerns
  3. Conflicts between both parties
  4. Unknown person
  5. An act of self-care from trolling, insults, etc.
  6. Spamming
  7. Impersonation
  8. Scam or dubious conversations
  9. Exes (to avoid distraction) and other personal reasons

Whatever the reason for the block might be which I believe you already know, it’s best advised to respect their decision and not proceed to stall them.

In case you missed it, we have a guide on how to recover a hacked Facebook account without a phone number, and it's working 100%.

I hope the above article has taught you how to tell if Someone Blocked you on Facebook or Deactivated their Account.

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