Tiktok Too Many Attempt Login: 8 Fixes

If you’re trying to log in to your TikTok account and you get the “Too Many attempts. Try again later” error then this article is for you.

Tiktok as a media streaming platform is big on security so as to prevent hackers and unauthorized access to users' accounts and make them lose months or years of building followers.

For those who have been at this bridge, we all can testify that TikTok will continue showing the Too many login attempts error even after filling in the correct address.

This TikTok login error is simply an indication that TikTok has banned your IP, you’re trying to log in from an unknown location or you’ve tried an action too often than usual.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to bypass the “TikTok too many attempt login, try again later” and signed into your account.

How To Fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” On TikTok

Since the "TikTok too many sign-in attempts" revolves around a blocked IP, internet connection, or device then you should try one or all of the above guides to get it resolved.

1. Switch your Internet Connection

The first step to resolving the too many attempts to log in is by switching your network connection.

Your network provider has a specific IP that’s used to identify them. So, try switching to another network or WiFi.

2. Login using another method

If you’ve been trying to log in using your phone number and it’s giving the login error then you should try logging in using your email.

Based on personal experience, there was a time I tried getting into TikTok via phone and password but I keep getting the "too many attempt login", once I tried with my email address, it was successful.

Another reason is to make sure you link your email address to your social media profiles.

3. Connect to a VPN service

VPNs are built to hide your identity on the net by changing your IP. If after changing your network; the TikTok error still persists then you should get a VPN, connect to it and try login in again.

Windscreen and Express VPN have free trials that you can connect to and get into your account.

4. Use the Tiktok Mobile App

If you’re getting the error on the browser then you should switch to the mobile app and try signing in once more.

5. Login on a mobile browser

Navigate to chrome and go to the TikTok website and then input your details to log in.

This should also help to sort the too many attempt error.

6. Clear Data and Cache

If the error still persists after doing the above guide, then clear the cache and data of the TikTok app or browser.

You can go to the settings > App > Tiktok > storage > Clear Cache and Data.

This will clear previous bugs and history that might have been logged by the app. Try login in again with your details and see it go through.

7. Uninstall and Reinstall Tiktok App

Uninstaller apps will wipe the app's history from your phone and give it a fresh start.

Go to the play store or app store and uninstall the TikTok app then try login in once more.

8. Try again later

The “too many attempt login TikTok error” is set to reset after one hour. If any of the above fixes don’t work then you should obey the instructions and try again later.

This usually occurs when you’ve used the wrong password for up to 4 times.

Once the 1 hours period has elapsed, you can try login in again and it should go through.


Q: What Does It Mean When It Says “Too many login attempts. Try again later” Error On TikTok?

If you receive the “Too many login attempts. Try again later” error then it’s an indication that you’ve input the wrong password more than four times or TikTok has banned your IP address.

Q: How long is the "too many attempts" on TikTok?

Tiktok will block any login attempt with the “too many login attempts” message for up to 1 hour and then the login will be re-enabled.

Q: How do I clear the cache on TikTok?

To clear the cache on the TikTok app, go to settings > Apps > Tiktok > Storage and clear the cache and data.

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