Telegram Not Sending Code: Resolved

Telegram, just like other social media platforms, requires you to link your phone number or email before you can enjoy their services. However, there are times when you might find it difficult to sign in because Telegram is not sending a code.

This can occur due to poor internet/network coverage, wrong verification details, an issue from Telegram, or troubles from your network provider.

Telegram, in this case, primarily utilizes phone numbers to grant users access to the app, so we’ll limit our scope to issues with number verifications.

Continue reading as we expound on why Telegram is not sending code and possible fixes you can implement to resolve the problem.

What is Telegram Messenger?

Telegram Messenger is a messaging application that is widely used and also known for the fast and secure communication it offers.

To create an account on the Telegram app, or log into an existing account, you would need to enter your mobile number and wait for a confirmation code to be sent to you from Telegram.

You would be required to enter the corresponding text box in the Telegram app to complete the process of account creation or logging into your already existing account.

A verification code is a one-time password sent by Telegram to verify ownership. However, sometimes users are faced with the issue of Telegram not sending the verification code, and this can be frustrating. The code sent by Telegram is usually a five-digit number and a unique code such that it can only be used to log into an account once, after which it expires.

Why Did Telegram not send code?

One or a combination of the following could be the reason why you have requested an activation code several times on Telegram but have not received the code.

  1. Incorrect Number
  2. Code Sent to an Existing Telegram Account
  3. Network Coverage Troubles
  4. Issues with telegram servers

Incorrect Number:

Telegram sends the activation code to the mobile number you provided, which means that if you have not entered your number correctly, you will not be able to receive any code.

The message must have gone to the number you entered, which happens to be wrong or invalid. So you might want to crosscheck the number you entered before complaining of you not receiving a confirmation code.

Code sent to an existing telegram account:

This is possible if the telegram account you’re trying to log into is already active on a device. You might not receive a code because the telegram could have sent the code as a direct message to the telegram.

Coverage Troubles:

The quality of mobile coverage, maybe another possible reason why Telegram is not sending the code. If your mobile operator has a signal problem, you may not receive any code.

If the network around you is poor, then, likely, you would not receive the code as it is sent via SMS. Therefore before requesting a code, ensure your internet connection is stable and working properly.

Issues with Telegram Servers:

Telegram could encounter issues from time to time, and users trying to sign in to their accounts won’t get codes to authenticate their accounts.

The least you can do in this situation is to be patient and try login in or creating an account some other time.

How to Fix Telegram not sending code

Here are some proven solutions you can employ if Telegram is not sending code when you’re trying to log in or create a new account.

Cross-check your phone number and make sure it is correct:

Telegram, just like WhatsApp, utilizes only phone numbers to authenticate its users, so if the code isn’t coming, then you should check if your digits are complete.

Also, you can check if you’ve selected the correct country code, as you could be in Canada and will be trying to log in with the default country code (USA - +1) by mistake.

Also, make sure your phone number is supported by Telegram, as they could have blocked virtual numbers from creating an account, just like WhatsApp.

Once you’re sure that your phone number is correct and accurate, then you can try requesting a code once more and see if it works.

Use the "Call Me" Option

If you’re certain that the phone number is accurate, then you should try using the “call me” option as an alternative. Telegram will call your number to give you the verification code.

Check your Previous Device

If you’re logged into Telegram on another device then you should check your direct message since Telegram will likely send your verification code there.

This is a better option especially when the network coverage of the staff phone number is poor.

Check for better network coverage

If you’re in a location where your network is unsupported or the coverage is poor then you should encounter issues receiving verification codes to your number.

Switch Phone Number

If you’ve tried a particular number for a long time and it’s not working then you should input a number from a different network provider and see the difference.

If the code comes in then it’s a clue that the previous network provider has a temporary issue that might be resolved if a lot of complaints are rendered.

Update the Telegram App

If the issue still persists then you should check if you’re running on the latest version of the telegram app. This will require you to update the app from your app store or play store on your respective devices and then retry login in.

You can also try clearing the telegram app cache and see if that resolves the trouble.

Contact your Network Provider:

If the issue persists, you should contact your network provider and lay complaints with them. This will help them investigate the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Restart the App

Sometimes, simply restarting the app could be the solution to the issue of Telegram not sending confirmation/verification codes. To restart the app, you would have to close it and then reopen it after a few seconds.


Most of the time, the best solution is to give the process some time and retry creating or logging into your Telegram account at some other time.

The issue should have been fixed by the time you return.

Ask a Volunteer

Telegram has made it clear the app is being run by volunteers, but they’ll try their best to respond as quickly as possible.

You can try contacting them from an already existing account, but fortunately, they’ve provided a form you can fill out if you’re having trouble getting into your Telegram account.

Simply visit, fill out the form with the correct details, including the affected phone number not receiving the code, and submit.

You should get a feedback in few days on how to resolve the trouble.


What happens if Telegram does not send a verification code?

If telegram does not send a verification code, then you could be in a location with poor network coverage, or the phone number you provided isn’t accurate. Consider moving to a location with a fast network and check if your provided details are complete.

How can I get Telegram verification code?

To get the Telegram verification code, simply login to the app and select the correct country code, then type in your correct phone number and click next. A 5-digit verification code I’ll be sent to your number.

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