How to Find Someone on TikTok by Phone Number

If you’ve got a friend's contact and would like to follow up with their TikTok page, here’s a guide for you.

While TikTok allows users to select a personalized username, synchronizing your contact with TikTok will help you connect with mutual friends more.

At the time of publication, it’s impossible to type in a person's phone number to display the account linked to it.

However, the surest way to find someone on TikTok is via their TikTok handle or profile link.

Without wasting much time, let’s see how to search for someone on TikTok Using their phone number.

How to Find Someone on Tiktok Using their Phone Number

Before you can be able to search for users using the phone number, you’ve to make sure the contact is already saved to your device.

Next is to give TikTok the necessary permission it needs to access and scan your contact lists.

Here’s how to grant TikTok access to your contacts:

  • Go to your settings > Applications
  • Scroll down and tap on Tiktok from the list
  • Click on Permissions and set “Contact” to allow.

This will help TikTok search its database to know if an account is registered with any number found in your contact list.

Now, let’s get started with the finding process.

  1. Open your TikTok app and sign into your account
  2. Move to the “Now” section, which is right after the home icon
  3. Tap on the profile icon with a plus sign at the top left side of the page
  4. You’ll have the option to search for friends, connect with your Facebook friends or find your contacts.
  5. Click the “Find” button next to the contact option to proceed.
  6. Tap “allow or yes” to any other prompt asking you to provide more information.
  7. Finally, you can scan the list of available accounts TikTok provides for the person you have in mind.

Another way to do this is by asking the recipient for their TikTok username to save you the stress.

It’s also important to note that you can’t outrightly search for a TikTok user by inputting their phone number into the search box.

Instead, you’ll get a list of random users with phone numbers attached to their profiles.

Also, there could also be a case where the recipient didn’t use the phone number for registering on TikTok.

This will further make it harder to locate them even using the TikTok contact search.

You can also try using Facebook if it’ll enhance your search experience and help you connect with mutual friends.

In addition, TikTok users have the option to make their profile private, which means that only approved followers can see their content.

If you search for a phone number and the user’s profile appears in the search results, but you are unable to view their content, it is likely that their account is private. In this case, you can send a follow request.

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