Tiktok Won't Let Me Like Videos

TikTok algorithm has a way of preventing users from performing a task too fast within a short time, aimed at compacting spam and bot activities.

If TikTok won’t let you like videos, then there’s a probability that you’ve been liking videos a bit too fast.

Asides from this, there are several factors that might cause TikTok to stop you from liking a video, and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Depending on the reason for the block, you might see errors such as, “you’re going a bit too fast, slow down”, or “unable to perform the operation”.

This isn’t limited to TikTok but other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The recommended way out is to wait.

In this article, we’re going to show you potential reasons why you’re finding it tough to like a video on TikTok and how to fix it.

Why Tiktok Won’t let me like Videos

Here are some things to consider if TikTok won’t let you like videos.

1. You aren’t signed in

Make sure you’re signed into your TikTok account before you make attempts to like a video.

TikTok restricts you to a view-only mode if you aren’t signed in thus giving you errors while trying to like videos.

2. You’re liking too fast in the last hour

It’s not advisable to visit a TikTok page and start liking all the content on the page at an unusual speed, the algorithm will mistake you for a bot and place a ban on your account.

3. Account Restrictions

Tiktok can ban an account from liking videos or commenting on videos when they go against their Community standards.

4. Incorrect date and time settings

Not justified, but it’s rumored that having the incorrect date and time on your phone can cause TikTok to prevent you from engaging with videos.

This is most common with sites that use a content delivery network, this is to ensure that you aren’t a bot.

5. Poor network

In addition, a poor network connection could make you unable to like a video with the “unable to perform this operation” error.

6. Technical issues

The technical issue relates to cached files, app glitches, or issues with TikTok servers.

How to Fix TikTok won’t like videos

If you’re having trouble liking videos on TikTok, below are some fixes you can implement to resolve it

1. Wait for 24 hours or 72 hours

The ideal solution to this problem is to wait for a day or 3 days at most for TikTok to lift the ban from your account.

Also, it’s advised not to try liking another video during the waiting period so as not to extend the review time.

2. Make sure you’re logged into Tiktok

Another thing to check is if you’re currently logged into your TikTok account.

TikTok will often respond with a prompt asking you to create an account or sign in if you try to like a video without being signed in.

3. Connect to a stable Internet connection

If your internet connection isn’t stable you’ll find it difficult trying to like other uses of video.

Try switching to a better connection and try it again.

4. Check your device date and time

TikTok may not allow you to like videos if the date and time on your device are incorrect.

5. Tiktok account has reached the daily limit

TikTok limits users to a certain number of likes per day to prevent abuse. If you’ve reached your daily limit, you won’t be able to like any more videos until the next day.

6. Clear App Cache

You can clear your TikTok cache from the app settings and see if the problem is fixed.

  • Go to your TikTok profile > Security and Privacy
  • Scroll down to the “Cache and Cellular” option then select “Free up space”.

7. Log out and log back into the account

If you’ve multiple accounts on a particular device then I’ll advise you to log out of the accounts and re-login again.

If none of these steps work, you may want to contact TikTok’s customer support team for further assistance.


Why does TikTok stop me from liking videos?

If TikTok stops you from liking videos then it’s because you’re probably performing the like action too fast.

You should wait for 24 hours for the issue to be fixed automatically.

Is there a like limit on TikTok?

TikTok has a preset limit of 500 likes per day on a single account.

How long does a liking ban on TikTok last?

The liking ban usually lasts between 24 hours to a month depending on how you respond to the previous warning.

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