ATT Email to Text – Configuration and Troubleshooting

AT&T Wireless has a feature that allows users to send emails-to-text or text-to-email between themselves. This feature has worked fine over the years, but a few users may encounter errors.

ATT email-to-text not working is famous among users. From personal experience, this is caused when your host is blacklisted, the server blocks your message because it contains a blacklisted URL or the file uploaded isn’t supported…

Also, the problem can come from your end if you don’t send the text or email using the supported format. You should receive error codes as a response if this is your case.

This can be a very frustrating experience, as I’ve seen people open a series of discussions on the forum seeking help to fix the issue to no avail.

In this article, I’ll teach you the correct way to use the email-to-text feature on your AT&T wireless and also provide troubleshooting tips you can try for every issue.

How to Send text-to-email or email-to-text messages on AT&T Wireless

If you just subscribed to an AT&T wireless service and would love to try out their email-to-text or text-to-email feature. Knowledge of this will save you from a lot of hassles.

The most beautiful part of this feature is that it allows you to send a text (SMS), picture, and video (MMS)message to other wireless users. Although standard messaging rates may apply depending on your plan.

ATT Email-to-Text

You can compose an email in the form of a text, picture, or video message and send it to a wireless number using the following formats:

  1. As a text message: write an email and enter the receiver’s 10-digit wireless number, followed by as the recipient. For example, [email protected]
  2. As Picture or Video Message: Compose a mail and use the receiver's 10-digit wireless number, followed by as the recipient. For example, [email protected]

ATT Text-to-Email

Likewise, you can also compose a message in your text box and send it to an email address. You can even reply to emails sent from email addresses.

Here's how to Send text messages from your wireless number to an email address:

  1. As text message: Compose a message and enter the receiver’s 10-digit wireless number, followed by as the recipient. For example, [email protected]
  2. As Picture or Video Message: Compose a mail and use the receiver's 10-digit wireless number, followed by as the recipient. For example, [email protected]
Your email will display as [email protected] for SMS and [email protected]t for MMS (Pictures and Videos), respectively.

Also, ensure there are no dashes or spaces in between the numbers, else you’ll get error codes as feedback. Remember, standard photos, videos, and text message charges may apply. Data rates will also apply to the use of emails.

When you see 10101 at the start of a message, it means you have received an email from someone's personal email account. **

Without the above guide, you should be able to use the AT&T emails-to-text and text-to-email features without any problem.

Att Email to Text Not Working

Here are some troubleshooting guides you can implement if your att email to text stops working suddenly.

1. Longer text or unsupported documents

When sending an email to text message, it’s important to ensure your text is within 160 words (or image/video attachment 1 MB max), or it may not go through. Also, don’t attach any files other than pictures or videos.

You can get an error message if you try sending a document file that isn’t supported on the remote server.

2. Blacklisted URLs in Content

Also, the server can block your message if they contain blacklisted links. The system may sometimes even send your message while leaving the links behind.

You can remove the links and send them through a different source.

3. Invalid format

When composing a new email, ensure the wireless number is formatted correctly in the recipient box. You can do this by entering the 10-digit wireless number followed by or respectively.

4. Use the Address

If you’ve been trying to send a text using the address and it’s giving errors, try using the MMS counterpart.

The .txt address puts the message into SMS (Short Message Service) mode, i.e., text only; meanwhile, the .mms address puts the message into MMS (Multi-Media Service) mode, i.e., with possible attachments including photo (such as .jpg or .png); or audio (such as .mp3).

5. Blocked Host

If you feel the AT&T server has blocked your host due to spam and you feel it was wrong. You can appeal by sending them an email at ([email protected]).

6. Turn off ActiveArmor

AT&T ActiveAmor is a product that helps send calls from unknown callers to voice mail. You should check if the service is active on your subscription and disable it.

7. Turn on the Data connection.

I saw a suggestion on AT&T forums that said the data connection between the sender and the recipient has to be active, and I agree with it.

Even AT&T states on its website that standard data fees may apply for this process to be successful. Try turning on your data connection and see how it goes.

8. Reset your network connection

Your network may get congested, leaving text messages undelivered or pending. Resetting your network will reset your Bluetooth, wifi, and other connections to default.

Depending on your device, the procedure for resetting your network connection may be different. You can reach out to your manufacturer for this guide.

However, Samsung users can learn how to reset their network connection here.

9. Try sending it to other Numbers.

You can email or text a different service provider besides AT&T, e.g., Verizon or T-Mobile.

This will help decipher if the issue is an internal issue or a general one. Also, you can send it to another active wireless AT & TSamsung users can learn how to reset their network connection here number.

10. Change your Sim

If you’re using a 3G SIM, you may need to upgrade your SIM to get the emails-to-text or text-to-email feature.

11. Speak with an AT&T Representative

I’ve also read on a support forum that customer support manually enabled these features from their end. Do well to speak with the support about this issue and see if they can help you.

12. Create a Support Ticket

Every AT&T user should have an account on the forum to easily create tickets and chat with representatives online.

You can do this by logging into and signing up with a valid email address and password.

That’s all.

We’ll update this article with relevant guides for occasionally troubleshooting your AT&T emails-to-text or text-to-email features.


How do I text from my email to my T mobile phone?

To send a text-to-email on your T-Mobile phone, compose a message and send it to the recipient using this format: [email protected]. The phone number owner should get the mail if both internet connections are active.

How much is AT&T's text message?

ATT charges $0.20 for SMS (text messages) and $0.30 for MMS (photos and videos). Data Usage, including web browsing, is up to $2 per MB.

How can I send an SMS from Gmail?

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