What is October 1st on TikTok?

You start getting more of October 1st trends on your TikTok fyp, and you’re wondering what’s happening that day? I discovered it, which I will tell you in this article.

TikTok has a vast user base, and most entrepreneurs use it as a medium for promoting their crafts, i.e., music, comedy, art, etc. Luckily, this video sometimes turns into a trend, generating multiple reposts and attention for some time before it dies.

With the above explanation, I tell you that the October 1st trend on TikTok is garnered from the song – ‘We fell in love in October’ by Girl in Red.

This isn’t new, as the same thing happened with “August 27” in 2020, which was all about cryptic videos, and “December 3” in 2021, a lyric from Conan Grey’s music – ‘Heather.’

However, other meanings may be associated with the October 1st trends; continue reading to find out.

What is October 1st Trend on TikTok?

I went through the TikTok videos about the October 1st trend, and most of the videos are associated with the song by Girl in Red titled “We Fell in Love in October.”

The sound was used mainly by couples to talk about their relationship anniversary or by boyfriends to show off their girlfriends  (sort of a girlfriend day post); meanwhile, others use the sound to lament because they’re single. Similarly, few people use the sound to celebrate their birthdays.

@ma.deline._ann._ 🥰🥰#greenscreenvideo #EndlessJourney #MadeWithKeurigContest #trending #viral #fypシ #4upage #4u #foru #foryoupage #fypage #foruyou #forupage #relatable #boyfriend #loveofmylife💍 #foryou #couplestiktok #october1st ♬ original sound - Aslak

However, other videos were simply talking about October 1 because of Halloween. These people are excited that the holiday is coming, and they can’t wait to post Halloween-themed content to their followers.

@ruthless.for.fun #october #fall #michaelmyers #fyp #halloween #foryou #trending #dance #pumpkinseason #october1st #viral #TGIF#fypシ #xyzbca #BillboardNXT #f ♬ original sound - SPANKY YNVS

You can explore all the October 1st trends by tapping the image below.

That’s all you need to know.

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