How to Delete Gmail Account Safely Without Deleting Your Google Account

There are many reasons why you would like to delete your Gmail account and retain only your Google account for the purpose of saving files only.

Gmail, on the other hand, attracts spammers and hackers; although it has its own use in our day-to-day doings, in case you don't need it; here's how to delete your Gmail account permanently without removing your google account.

Recall that Gmail is only used to receive and send e-mails which if you follow the step on this page to delete will clear all your mails (important/spams) within two working days.

So, I'll advise that if you're deleting your main Gmail account; you should make sure you've updated your credentials on all-important accounts (i.e banks, logins e.t.c) because you won't be able to recover your password with a deleted mail.

Don't worry, you can still access your google account with the help of an alternative email address which you're going to provide along the Gmail deletion process.

However, do well to visit Google Takeout to download all your data from Gmail, this might take some time although depending on the amount of file contained.

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How to Remove Your Gmail Account Safely Without Deleting Your Google Account

  • Firstly, log in to the Gmail account that you want to delete,
  • Click on the menu icon at the top right hand and select "Account",
  • You'll be redirected to your google management dashboard,
  • Click on "Data and Personalization" from the menu,
  • Scroll down and select "Delete a service or account", if you're yet to download a copy of your google data then you can do that before clicking on that option.
  • Next, click. "Delete a service",
  • Input your password to verify it's you,
  • Now, on the "Delete a google service" page, click the delete icon next to Gmail label,
  • After this, you'll be asked to input a new email account that will serve as a new backup and login option for the rest of your Google account (not a Gmail account).
  • After you've provided the mail, click on "Send Verification Email"
  • A pop up will come up, click on "Got it"
  • Now, open the backup mail you provided and check for "Gmail Deletion Confirmation." title and click on it,
  • After clicking on it, you should see a confirmation screen for deleting your Gmail account, take time to read through it if you want to.
  • Next, tick the box to confirm the permanent deletion, and then click "Delete Gmail",
  • Lastly, click "DONE" to complete the process.
That's all.

Your Gmail account should be deleted in a few seconds if you followed the above steps correctly, meaning that from now you won't be able to access your Gmail account from Google or Gmail using the same address; rather you'll use the new mail you provided for backup.

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