How to Find your Lost or Stolen Digital Camera Online

What would you do if you lost your digital camera? Isn't it to first find a way to track it down and retrieve it? Lukastech will guide you quickly on How To Find Your Stolen or Lost Digital Camera.

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A digital camera is not like our phones which we can track by providing the police or network providers our IMEI with which they can use to block the phone from being further used.

Misplacing your digital camera is another story on its own, seeing that you might forget it at the recent place you visited but what do you do when it's been stolen by an unknown person?

And the most exciting part of the gist is that I am going to show you how to recover your lost or stolen camera with ease. You might ask, Is that even possible? and the answer is YES.

The main truth behind any digital camera is that all of them come with EXIF data which is like a unique serial number of your digital camera.

However, the tool we're about to use have a series of disadvantages and advantages just as most free tools work, disadvantages in the sense that it doesn't support all digital camera and other which we're going to highlight below:

Advantages of Stolen Digital Camera Finder

  1. Finds your camera with photos taken with it
  2. Also tracks with Serial Number
  3. Tracks your digital camera with Internal Serial Number 
  4. And tracks with Image Unique ID
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You'll need to upgrade in order to get more tracking options.

Disadvantages of Stolen Digital Camera Finder

  1. Doesn't support all digital camera versions - check supported versions here (
  2. Works well if you or the camera thief posts the pictures taken with the camera somewhere online.
  3. The camera must support EXIF records
Now, that you've seen how it works, let's recover our lost digital camera as soon as possible.

How to Find your Lost or Stolen Digital Camera 100% Working

  1. Firstly, launch your browser and navigate to the Stolen Camera Finder homepage -
  2. You'll find a box where you can select or drop and select any image taken by the digital camera
  3. Once you choose or drop a photo, Stolen Camera Finder will automatically start searching other photos on the Web based on the EXIF data. If they find anything, you will see results. 
  4. Even if you don’t find any photos, you still get to see the details of your digital camera that they are using to track down other photos that are taken with the same camera.
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One thing to remember, the photo that you drop or submit to Stolen Camera Finder must be an original, non-edited photo, this is to make sure that the EXIF data remains with the photo. Some photo editors will wipe away these details.
That's all.

In conclusion, Stolen Camera Finder has made it possible for you to track and locate your lost digital camera, but if the user never uploads a photo taken with the camera to the Internet, you will not be able to find it with this web service.

Do you have any success with this tool?/ if yes, kindly share with us via the comment box and also do well to report any kind of issues encountered during the process.

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