Reasons You Shouldn't Install the Leaked Version of  Windows 11

Microsoft is on the verge of launching its latest Windows version 11 on the 24th of June, 2021.

And as expected there've been reports of a leaked version of the Windows 11 .iso file on the spread.

Well, as tempting as it might sound to get hold of the Windows 11 update, I'll advise that you simply wait till the launch date before downloading and installing from the original Microsoft site. 

We've got testimonials from those who tried installing the leaked version into their PC and they testified the stress isn't worth it. 

In summary, The current build of Windows 11 floating around online has problems and users who've installed it end up on the neutered version of the system update. 

The build that's currently floating around online is unfinished, which also means it could have bugs. 

These bugs could lead to system crashes and other problems. It's why many have opted to run Windows 11 in a virtual machine — essentially a PC within a PC. 

But running Windows 11 through a virtual machine greatly dampers its effectiveness, as software is being used to emulate hardware. At the moment you can't download Windows 11 from Microsoft directly. 

That means having to search for the unofficial ISO online. And of course, whenever there's a large download frenzy, there are bad actors ready to infect downloads with potentially malicious software. 

For this reason alone, we definitely do not recommend installing Windows 11, especially not on the main computer or a machine connected to your network.

If these warnings don't stop you, you should at least use a secondary machine for this particular copy of Windows 11. Make sure the test machine is completely wiped and does not have any sensitive information; you'll also want to make sure it's not connected to your network. 

As stated above, the Windows 11 copy will likely need to be run inside a virtual machine giving it limited capabilities. 

Although, various tests have found the windows 11 update to be snappy and responsive. There were some odd UI quirks in the upcoming build, like a change in how right-clicking works, but other than that, things seemed to run smoothly. Even gaming was fast and responsive. From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Red Dead Redemption 2, Nvidia drivers are installed without any issues. 

That's it.
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