How to Hide your WhatsApp DP from Contacts

Is it necessary to hide your profile picture from certain users on your contact list? Or to visitors who looked up your display picture randomly? Well, let's see why and how to hide your Whatsapp profile picture from everyone or your contacts only.

WhatsApp has grown to over 100B+ Users in the past years, and as thus; users privacy is a thing of concern as any little mistake could jeopardise it. For this reason, users must also take heed by monitoring the kind of content they put up.

That aside, We'll see how to hide your WhatsApp DP from your contacts and as most of us know; WhatsApp is been used for personal and business purposes, and there are times when we want to use display pictures that are not meant for everyone to see.

Why Hide WhatsApp DP?

There are many reasons as to why it is necessary to hide your DP from certain contacts or everyone that might come across your page, let's highlight them...

  • WhatsApp DP can be saved by taking a screenshot of it, and it wouldn't be cool for everyone to access it especially when it's your picture.
  • It might be used to track you as it is now possible to get a user location via Whatsapp
  • You can also decide to set it up as an extra privacy measure, so anyone who ain't family or friends can't see nor save your Whatsapp DP.

How to Hide your Profile Picture on Whatsapp

Also, bear in mind that there's no option to hide your profile picture from certain contacts or users. However, you can decide to remove those contacts from your list and then set the privacy to contacts only.

Having that in mind, let's proceed...

  1. Launch WhatsApp and navigate to settings > Account > Click on Privacy
  2. Now, navigate to "Profile Photo" on the list
  3. You'll notice "Everyone" as the default settings
  4. Click on it and change it to either,

1. My Contacts: Allow only users on your contact list to view your Whatsapp profile picture.

2. Nobody: This option totally hides your display picture from both family, friends and enemies on Whatsapp.

Once your DP is hidden, everyone that falls in the selected preference will only see a grey avatar as your DP.

That's it.

As I said earlier, it is impossible to hide your DP for specific contacts but you can decide to allow those on your contact list to view it, also, refrain from saving contacts you need for one-time purposes e.g a delivery guy...

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