How to Hack Google Chrome Dinosaur Game {100% Working}

If you want to hack the google chrome dino game to enjoy several hidden advantages like making your dinosaur invincible, increasing the speed and jump height e.t.c, then here's how... 

The Chrome Dinosaur game isn't new to most of us as it is designed to keep chrome users entertained when they lose internet connection. It involves guiding a T(Tyrannosaurus) Rex across a side-scrolling landscape, doing well to avoid obstacles such as birds and cacti; once it gets hit by any of these then it's game over. 

Fortunately, the chrome dinosaur came can now be enjoyed without necessarily losing your internet connection, we'll discuss all these below. 

Without further hesitation, let's see how to hack the google chrome dinosaur game...                 

How to Play the Google chrome Dinosaur Game (Offline and Online) 

Also, I noticed this game isn't supported on just any browser, it's meant specifically for google chrome browser, attempting the below procedure on browsers such as opera mini, firefox and the rest might get you little or no result. 

Firstly, If you've got no internet connection, simply enter any URL or keyword into the Google Chrome address bar and you'll see the dino game right before you. Tap on the T-rex (mobile) or press the space bar (PC) to start playing. 

Lastly, if you've got a data connection on your device and would like to access the game without cutting the data connection, then Type Chrome://dino in the chrome address bar, this should take you to the game also. 

That's it. 

Once you've made your way to the screen then Tap on the T-rex (mobile) or press the space bar (PC) to start running. Do well to avoid obstacles on your way to avoid the game over. 

How to Hack the Chrome Dinosaur Game: Make the Dino Invincible 

Hacking the dino game makes the T-rex invincible allowing it to glide through obstacles without fear of the game over alert. 
  • Once you're on the game, right-click anywhere on the screen and select "Inspect" from the menu
  • A chrome Devtools at the right-hand side > Click on the "Console" Tab or Ctrl+shift+I to launch the console tab. 
  • Now, paste the following command in the console and hit the "Enter" key.
var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver
  • Next, enter this command
Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}
You'll see an f () {} response after hitting the enter key to the second command. 

Now, test it out. Close the DevTools and press the space bar to start playing the game. 

You'll notice the T-rex dinosaur unaffected by the cacti or flying birds. Cool right? 

Now, if you wish to stop the game to default to save a high score or something, then you can call the normal gameOver function in the original variable. Simply type
Runner.prototype.gameOver = original
That's it. 

How to Change the Jump Height and Speed on the Chrome Dino Game 

This additional tip explains how to make the dinosaur jump higher or lower, and also make the T-rex run at a faster speed. 

To adjust the running speed; 

Navigate to the Console tab (Ctrl+shift+I) and type the following code,
You can decide to change the "700" in the above command to any prefered speed. 

To adjust the Jump height of the T-rex; 

Navigate to the Console tab (Ctrl+shift+I) and type the following code
You can decide to change the "25" in the above command to any prefered speed. 

That's it. 

This is one of the best ways to pass time, and it's always fun trying to beat your own high score using the above dino hack. 

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