How to Effectively Remove Stickers from your Laptop

Removing stickers from a laptop can turn out bad if you don’t follow due process as you might leave your laptop casing in mess.

Stickers are placed on a laptop device for many reasons such as remembrance of an event, or brand and most times some companies advertise the processor and graphics card inside the computer using stickers.

Most persons might think there's not much stress in removing a sticker from a PC but I bet you if you don't know how to do that effectively; you might end up making your PC look rough or worst of all peel off some of its parts.

Well, there are many reasons a person might want to get rid of stickers on the laptop, which include;

  1. Giving the laptop a cleaner look
  2. Stickers are outdated or worn out
  3. Re-selling out the laptop e.t.c

Irrespective of the reason for sticker removal, it is recommended to leave the stickers that come with the laptop to serve as proof during reselling or for warranty purposes.

Now, let’s see how to quickly remove stickers from our PC without any scratch.

Removing Sticker from PC by Hand Peeling

This works better if you had recently placed the sticker(s) on the laptop.

Just try getting hold of the sticker by lifting it from one end and dragging it slowly; doing it too fast might spoil the process leaving some parts of the sticker behind.

Make sure you are able to lift it up to a point where you want to grab it before dragging it, if you try it and you notice part of the sticker has been left behind then you should let the sticker be.

You can now try removing it by trying the next method which works for removing old stickers from laptops.

Removing Old Stickers from Laptop

This method is peculiar to stubborn stickers which either come with the laptop or have been on the laptop for over a year as they usually prove difficult to get rid of.

While removing these stickers might be difficult, it’s still possible just that it requires some tools.

The most effective way of removal is by applying heat to the sticker in other to warm it up from its base.

You can use a blow dryer at its minimum heat setting to achieve this, heating up the sticker for at least 30mins then try peeling off the sticker using your fingernails.

You can also use a piece of plastic or broom to push up the paper gently to avoid scratching your computer.

Also bear in mind that exposing your laptop to too much heat can cause damage to it, so reduce the amount of heat you apply to your laptop.

Removing Leftover Gum from PC

Depending on how long the sticker has been on the laptop, you might notice leftover adhesive or gum on the PC after sticker removal, this can be removed using a soft alcoholic swab, avoid using any abrasive cloths, paper towels, or anything similar.

Using your microfiber cloth apply little pressure to the spot rubbing to and fro, eventually, the adhesive will be removed.

Once the sticker and adhesive are completely removed, you’ll still see an outline of where the sticker was. There’s nothing to be done about this, unfortunately.

Your laptop is now sticker and adhesive-free, but don’t stop there. Regardless of whether you’re selling your laptop or not, general maintenance is important.

That’s all.

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