How to Post a Blank WhatsApp Status on iPhone & Android

Do you know you can post an empty text status on Whatsapp? Leaving your friends to wonder how it came about.

Setting an empty WhatsApp status isn’t relevant tho but at times it’s necessary to show your friends you know how to go about the messenger app than them.

In this post, we’ll not only learn how to set a blank status on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android devices but also how to set an empty “about” us on our Whatsapp profile.

Let’s continue.

How to Post a Blank Status on WhatsApp messenger

Before you find yourself on this page, I’m sure you must have tried adding multiple spaces to post but it doesn’t work out.

Don’t bother, we’ve got you on this with a simple trick below.
  1. First, copy the spaces between these two brackets {             }
  2. Open your WhatsApp > move to the STATUS tab
  3. Click on the Pencil-like Icon to post a text
  4. Hold any part of your screen to PASTE the spaces you copied on step 1 above.
  5. You can change the colour of the background by hitting the third icon at the bottom
  6. Finally, you can click on SEND to make your blank status go live.
That’s it.
blank status on whatsapp
You can also download an alternative app called empty text from the play store which allows you to copy empty texts and paste them into your WhatsApp status for free.

How to Set an Empty About on your WhatsApp profile

I know you’d be perplexed on how could it be possible to leave you about section on your WhatsApp profile empty, but it’s very possible.

Since, the default about on WhatsApp is “Hey, I’m using WhatsApp”( if I’m not mistaken) they won’t allow you to leave your status empty for any reason even if it’s a dot.

But we’ll show you a quick trick on setting an empty WhatsApp about on your profile.
  1. Firstly, copy these characters in the box [ ⇨ ຸ }
  2. Now, open your WhatsApp > Settings
  3. Click on Profile > About
  4. Click on the pencil-like icon to edit your about > Clear any text written there before now.
  5. Paste the text you copied in step 1 into the field.
  6. Next, REMOVE the [ ] from what you just pasted leaving you with the other character.
  7. Finally, click on the SAVE button to implement.
That’s it.

If you’ve followed the above steps without deviating then you should have a blank about me on your WhatsApp profile.

Bonus Tips

How to Send empty messages on WhatsApp Chats.

  1. Copy the spaces from the first tutorial on how to set an empty status on Whatsapp messenger.
  2. Open any chat and PASTE the text, then hit the SEND button.
  3. Your sender should see an empty space without understanding the trick except he/she has been on this page.
That’s all.

I hope with these few points you should be able to:
  • Set a blank status on Whatsapp
  • Set a blank about me on WhatsApp
  • Send empty messages on WhatsApp messenger.

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